That one line...

Since @the-7-percent-solution has already brought our eyes onto the title of the final problem (Read this first!), I decided to read some parts of it again and managed to make some conclusions.

I know a lot of you didnt like Mary’s voiceover at the end and maybe this will make it a bit better:
In the original Story, when Watson thinks Holmes is dead, he describes him as “the best and wisest man I have ever known.”
Thats where they took this line from.

At that point I noticed something else.
In TeH (3x01), John thinks they are gonna die and therefore confesses that Sherlock was, yes thats right, “the best and the wisest man I have ever known.“ 
This is, obviously, connected to the Reichenbach Fall, but I guess they put it in the following episode for dramatic reasons or whatsoever.

Now, this leads me to the possibility that Moffat and Gatiss would have liked to choose the Reichenbach Fall as “their” Final Problem, just like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did.
However, they already played that card (twice actually) so they needed to come up with something else to, not kill off Sherlock Holmes, but to kill off their show.

However, they kept that one line, because it made clear it was (one) of their kinds of the Reichenbach Fall.

One last point I got for you is that, just like the original story included Holmes and Dr. Moriarty falling down the waterfall, every episode that I connected with each other in this post, includes falling in some way.

Obviously, the Reichenbach Fall itself (2x03) 

Then of course, the Abdominale Bride (3x04).

And, after all, the plane constantly falling in The Final Problem (4x03).

This gives me hope, guys! If this was their personal Reichenbach, and they intend to do it like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this could prove they will return!

anonymous asked:

I was thinking about the similarities between season 4 Cas and John Winchester. Both characters seem to want to inhabit a black and white morality, were soldiers that fought in wars (which I would argue is different from hunting), and were willing to make almost any sacrifice in the name of the mission. The difference between them of course being that these aspects of Cas are systematically broken down. I was just wondering if you thought Cas' character in any way functions as a (1/2)

a sort of mirror version of John’s character?

Yes! I think you basically lay out everything in miniature, but I would like to offer some visual evidence to go with it, from right at the start of Cas’s arc:

(screencaps from HotN)

There’s just something really neat about him chasing after John and finding Cas instead, when it comes to almost showing Cas in John’s place or something with the way he can pop up like that.

I kind of think because of this initial comparison and knowing that Cas wasn’t originally meant to get super far in the show, that he would be, I guess, the representation of Heaven with God as the bad father figure who was set up to mirror John so well. Dean’s issues with Cas would be that he showed up with a bunch of orders from Heaven, but even by 4x07 the orders are to follow Dean, and Cas breaks open a little bit to talk to Dean honestly about how he has his own doubts, and that immediately takes him down from that place and puts him on Dean’s level, and it’s so early on they give Cas an obvious, well, uh, crack in the chassis, that they can’t keep using him like that because he’s now got that room for relatable character development to us, and relatable attributes for Dean to start latching onto and befriending him. Uriel is introduced in the episode as a much more hardline angel, which also takes heat off Cas even if he’s still Uriel’s superior at that point, because now we have an even clearer idea that Cas is going to move away from this.

Of course Cas keeps the issues that come with this, but then it’s more like Dean, struggling against programming to be a good little soldier, and all the issues that come with their absent fathers (which probably isn’t EVERY conversation they have in season 5 but suddenly feels like it when I look back on it :P). Since I’ve been rewatching season 6 lately… Dean acts like John sometimes (and hates it) when he’s trying to protect Lisa and Ben, and worries that he’s going to become John. In the same season, Cas is struggling to protect the people he loves (watching Dean rake leaves) and takes on extreme measures to protect him, and ends up becoming HIS father, literally. He plays out on a grand scale, Dean’s issues.

I mean never mind all the stuff with Chuck at the end of season 11, where Cas ignored him completely, and Dean took him to task so hard he got accused of projecting onto Chuck about his issues… (Thanks, Chuck :P) Anyway, huge emotional overlap there. 

I also think Dean has tried to be like John enough, back in season 1, that if you revisit season 1 episodes and look at him struggling with that, I feel like even Cas in the first couple of episodes of season 4 could be read as projecting the same facade as Dean does in season 1. We don’t know HOW long he had doubts (though we may be about to find out :P) except I suspect for basically ever because of Naomi - it’s just Dean kicked him into gear to do something about it this time.

Anyway, sorry for rambling so long :P I totally agree with you that he initially can and probably was meant to be seen as a mirror to John (especially as it seemed like he was being set up to keep popping up at random with orders for Dean and being really unpredictable/unreliable about that in the same way John in season 1 was so infuriating to get hold of but sent them random orders all the time), but Cas starts to grow and change so quickly that I definitely feel that while that continues for a while with the orders (up to 4x15 before 4x16 breaks him :P) his actually character arc starts around 4x07 and after that he’s clearly meant to be a Dean mirror instead, because the specific way of saying he has doubts about the higher powers he answers to is exactly the feeling Dean had and barely got to express while John was alive (and STILL struggles with even years later, when they stumble over stuff like 9x07)… So when it comes to Dean and Cas relating to each other and the emotional arc they were on, I definitely think it stops being like Cas is going to be a John mirror to him after 4x03.