4x02: hair today goon tomorrow

So…did Riley “turn into Maya” in GM Rah Rah or nah? I mean, the girls kicked the EXACT same pair of pants back and forth in S2, and listing the differences in their behavior when they wore them would take all night…so tell me again why anyone is falling for the ludicrous idea that two super-close best friends wearing similar outfits in one episode is even remotely a piece of “proof” that one of them has “turned into” the other?

Same for the sparkly black suspenders Riley wore in GMtNT and Maya wore in GMC&T. You cannot seriously tell me that Maya “was Riley” in C&T of all episodes. Just watch the scene with the clown again. Also, ya gotta wonder how Josh would explain Maya’s reaction to Lucas grabbing her. Maybe something like, “Oh my goodness, Maya must have worked so hard to have a physical response and a confused reaction to the feeling she got when Lucas grabbed her, the mental gymnastics must have been grueling. Maya loves Riley so much she forced herself to react physically to Lucas just to make sure Riley would be safe with him!”

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Anyway. A whollllllle lot of people need to rewatch GM Smackle. Or listen to Farkle at the end of GM Yearbook. Or rewatch BMW 4x02 ‘Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow’ for that matter. Just because the girls forgot their lessons doesn’t mean the audience should…

And as for what Maya’s newer wardrobe actually represented costuming-wise, all you gotta do is rewatch GM Hurricane and GM Money. Those new clothes were a visual representation of hope + growth.