4x02 infected

A list of Bethyl (and related) moments in Season 4

This is just a list of the scenes and moments from Season 4 that I personally deem relevant in some way to Bethyl. While I have included the ‘three episode arc’, I have glossed over it because those particular episodes are obvious. This list focuses moreso on the little moments scattered throughout the rest of the season. 

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The Walking Dead - Season 4

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 4x01 - 30 Days Without an Accident

 4x02 - Infected

 4x03 - Isolation

 4x04 - Indifference

 4x05 - Internment 

 4x06 - Live Bait 

 4x07 - Dead Weight

 4x08 - Too Far Gone

 4x09- After

 4x10- Inmates

 4x11- Claimed

 4x12- Still

 4x13- Alone

 4x14- The Grove

 4x15- Us

 4x16 - A

    Other Seasons

Daryl Dixon: Eye Smolder (Part II)

If you are reading Part II, then I truly hope you enjoyed Part I, and I can promise that Bethylers will be much more pleased with the Eye Smolder in this installment! ♥ If you haven’t read Part I, and would like to, you may find it here. I do warn you that my analyses are thorough and lengthy. Make some popcorn, crack open a beer (or a soda, for you minors), and enjoy.

“Inmates,” “Alone,” and “Still” are exceptionally long segments, because it’s 100% Daryl and Beth and about 90% of their interactions are eye contact. I promise, had Daryl been with Carol in these episodes instead, I would have given just as much analysis. Just so you know.

Daryl Eye Smolder: When Daryl Dixon intensely conveys his thoughts or emotions through his eyes, with or without the use of dialogue.

You know the drill. Follow the ‘Read More,’ my lovelies! ♥

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anonymous asked:

could you name your top richonne episodes if you don't mind?? im gonna watch them all so my soul can once again ascend

This started as my own personal list but then it transformed into an episode guide pretty quickly so… Here’s an episode guide to all the Richonne moments with a brief overview/opinion of each episode that no one asked for. Under the cut because it’s long and includes everything up to 6x10.

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