EDIT: after several interested people fell though and the shelters were full, I have decided to keep Hank. He gets along well with my group way better than expected and helps keep the peace a bit :)

Hey guys! I came home and the dogs were intrigued by something under the house, low and behold found this little guy! I did see a cat scurry away, I will try and trap her and get her fixed, haven’t seen her since. This guy looks to be 4wks old, takes formula well, has some scrapes and scabs on his feet, tail, and nose- was probably being chewed up by rats or something.

Anyways, I have enough on my plate with my own three cats and my ADHD puppy, so I’m looking for a home for this guy! He’s gray and white, fluffy, so may be a medium or long haired kitty? Still has blue eyes. If you want to wait until he’s weaned I can do that! He will come with food and whatever I’ve done to him until then. Please PM me if you’re interested! I am located in the Jacksonville Florida area!


I’m posting this because literally *every* litter I get people telling me Syrians need to be separate and how cruel I am keeping them together.

These pups are 17 days old. That means their eyes just opened, they’re still nursing quite a lot, and they are dependent and mum and each other for physical, cognitive and behavioural development.

Part of this development, and by virtue of being a baby, is play fighting. This is how pups learn how to bite gently and not chomp each other, and therefore humans. This behaviour is absolutely normal and yes, they’re noisy about it.

I all too often see people being told to split their Syrian pups due to play fighting, and people listening to this, perhaps well intentioned but overall extremely harmful, advice. You put the pups at a huge disadvantage and you’re harming them by splitting far too early.

Syrian pups stay with their mum until 4wks. Then they split into same sex groups. The longer they can stay together, the better, as this time is so important for development. Don’t rob a solitary species of the one time they can live communally. The benefits are huge.

That being said, there will be a time when they need to be split. As a breeder, Hamdad and I have learned to tell the difference between these play squeaks and actual “that hurts” fighting squeaks.

Advice is great, but if you’re not an expert on the subject matter, consider researching before unintentionally causing damage. #Nescafe #Nacho #ToasterPups #N17

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