Hey guys! I came home and the dogs were intrigued by something under the house, low and behold found this little guy! I did see a cat scurry away, I will try and trap her and get her fixed, haven’t seen her since. This guy looks to be 4wks old, takes formula well, has some scrapes and scabs on his feet, tail, and nose- was probably being chewed up by rats or something.

Anyways, I have enough on my plate with my own three cats and my ADHD puppy, so I’m looking for a home for this guy! He’s gray and white, fluffy, so may be a medium or long haired kitty? Still has blue eyes. If you want to wait until he’s weaned I can do that! He will come with food and whatever I’ve done to him until then. Please PM me if you’re interested! I am located in the Jacksonville Florida area!


4wks 4days

I’ve been quiet for a while…

I saw 2 pink lines on May 7th and I’ve been cautiously excited ever since. My two beta tests have had good numbers. Last Tuesday my HCG was 205, and yesterday it was 7188. Not many symptoms except sore boobs, bloating, and exhaustion so far.

Now the long stretch of waiting until 7 weeks to actually see our little Fleur de Sel!!


So I just hit 5,000 followers so I thought I would do a follow forever, yay.

and I am really sorry because I am bound to miss some people out so I am so sorry.

thanks to everyone who has followed me and reblogged my posts, I apprectiate it a lot xx

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