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i was looking through your blog (which is great btw,) but i don't get what it takes to be put in your 4thflooradventures tag. are these people you know or is it just a nickname for people who's work you like? jc


4thflooradventures is just a tag I use for my friends here at school - we all live on the 4th floor in our dorm, so we’re just like…the 4th floor collective. Or something. Variants on this include 4thfloorstuck and 4thfloorbros and others I probably don’t know about

4thflooradventures folk are as follows (and you should have a look at their work if you haven’t already, because yes, I do like all of it)

and honorary 4thfloor-ers

I had my Marvel portfolio review today at NYCC with Emily, and it was awesome! Hopefully good things will come of that in the future, though I think I will wait until summer or next fall to apply for one of their internships due to thesis this year. 

Speaking of thesis, I am currently drowning in thesis books due to Real Life being a thing that exists beyond NYCC, oops. But they are about cool things like REGENCY COSTUMING and MARY SHELLEY so I mean it’s not all bad