The Man Who Looked Down

Before you read or listen to this, make sure you are alone. If you are in a room, close the door. If you are by a window, look outside and make sure there is no one there. The only way others should know about this story is by reading it, or listening to it themselves. Do not repeat this out loud to anyone, he will hear you.

But you are able to read it to yourself or record yourself. Right now, these are the only two exceptions I know about. Once you think you’re alone, look at the screen, and do not take your eyes off of it until you are finished reading or listening to a recording. He will know if you look away.

It started on Sunday, November 4th, 2012. I’m in my senior year of high school and I have…well, had a wonderful girlfriend. We were at my house, mourning about school the next day and terribly bored. She came over so I could help her with a project that just had to be due the next day. I had hoped we would be able to fool around a little, but she needed this A or she would fail the marking period. We finished around 8 o’clock and she didn’t need to leave until 10.

So we still had 2 hours with each other and the only other person who was home was my little 8 year old sister whom I had to baby sit. My parents were at some dinner meeting until 10, but I knew them too well. They would be home around midnight but I wanted to play it safe because they don’t allow my girlfriend over past 8. They were afraid I would get her pregnant or something. We went on the internet because there was nothing else to do. She wasn’t in the mood to fool around and I couldn’t stand another homework assignment. The internet was the only means of escaping these dull hours.

We watched videos on YouTube for a while, looking up the newest popular videos until we ended up watching some creepypastas. We both have been watching creepypastas before we were dating, so we knew what to expect and we had a hard time becoming truly scared of them like we used too. We kept trying to find some that would scare us, but the videos we watched weren’t as scary as we had hoped. By now it was almost 9:30 and we were upset that none of the videos we watched were creeping us out. We were about to give up on searching until I saw this unusual thumb tag. All it showed was a man standing with his head looking down and hair covering his face.

What was strange about the thumb tag was that there was no time limit and no author just a title that read, “The Man who looked down.”

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