“Is this room exactly as it was then?”
“The curtains were drawn, sir. And the electric light was on.”

Houses in Astrology
  • 1st House/Ascendant: Represents appearance, leadership, fresh starts and beginnings.
  • 2nd House: Represents immediate material and physical possessions as well as income, money, and self-esteem.
  • 3rd House: Represents communication, siblings, neighborhoods, libraries, schools, teachers and the community.
  • 4th House/Imum Coeli: Represents home, privacy, your security, your parents, motherhood, children, your mothering abilities, and your basic foundations.
  • 5th house: Represents children, creativity, attention, romance, fun and play.
  • 6th house: Represents health, organization, routines, fitness, diet/exercise, healthy living and helping others.
  • 7th house/Descendant: Represents partnerships (both business and personal), contracts, marriage, and business deals.
  • 8th house: Represents birth, death, sex, transformation, bonding (at a deep level).
  • 9th house: Represents the higher mind, international/long-distance travel, foreign languages, universities/higher education, religion, philosophy, morals/ethics and adventure.
  • 10th house/Midheaven: Represents career, corporations, tradition, public image, fame, reputation, achievements, rules, discipline, and authority.
  • 11th house: Represents teams, friendships, groups, society, networking, social justice, rebellion, originality and humanitarianism.
  • 12th house: Represents endings, surrender, isolation, institutions/hospitals/jails, hidden agendas, secret enemies, imagination, creativity and the subconscious.

concept: don’t tell abuse victims they talk too much about their abuse. don’t tell abuse victims that they’re too open about their abuse. don’t tell abuse victims they’re being a downer by talking about their abuse. don’t tell abuse victims nobody cares to hear about their abuse. don’t tell abuse victims it’s inappropriate to vent about their abuse. don’t tell abuse victims to get over their abuse and forgive their abusers because it’s the “right” thing to do.

abuse victims have every right to be angry and bitter and furious as long as they need to be about it, they have every right to vent about it and be as loud as they want about it, they have every right to be angry towards their abusers all their lives if they want.

Silly Mc76 headcanon where McCree and Morrison celebrate the 4th of July by buying a massive amount of fireworks and nearly killing themselves when they set them all off at once, much to Mercy’s dismay.

Be careful with all of those sparklers Chara!


As many of you might already know, the original Saints Row game came out on 29th August of 2006. This year will mark 10 years since that day and 10 years since the start of this wonderful series and the root of this wonderful fandom.

So as a small sign of appreciation toward the series and the fandom, I have decided that we should have a little week to appreciate all the wonders the series has brought to us, starting 29th August, Saints Row 1′s release date, and spanning all the way to the end of the week, 4th of September. Of course, aside from the regular appreciation, every day of the week will have a small theme for which we could make drabbles, graphics, art and everything else you come up with.

The themes are:

  • 29th August - 10 years of Saints Row series.
  • 30th August - Boss Appreciation Day.
  • 31st August - Homies/Saints Appreciation Day.
  • 1st September - Rivals Appreciation Day.
  • 2nd September - Mourning of those we Lost.
  • 3rd September - Headcanon Sharing Day.
  • 4th September - Developer/Fandom Appreciation Day.

It’s our time now, let’s get this shit started!

“It’s not fair!! I’m the best first mate you’re ever gonna get! I don’t understand, Foxy! I’m a great pirate, right? Right??”

Just a very rough 5 minute sketch of Violet and Foxy trying to… have an accord. I really wanna look at their stories more with some drawings I may do later! :)

Awkward question

Yesterday my dad saw how i watch “gallavich club kiss moment” and after that when we had late dinner he asked me “who on the top? Carrot boy or angry boy?

my reaction was something between




After small talk about Gallavich
When my mom gave us ice cream he looked at me and said
“You know. Shit happens. But i think that everything with them will be okay”

Beautiful Gallavich for all Gallavich fans and for my awesome pa!

and of course happy 4th July!

Périple IKEA 2/6

The tour of IKEA 2/6

- I say you that we need 4 drawers and 3 shelves!

- NO! NO! NO! We need 3 drawers and 4 shelves!

(At any time, the IKEA Restaurant offers its Swedish meatballs in a warm and relaxed atmosphere)

- Now, it only remains to collect all the pieces.

- So, first, alley 124, location 96.

Much much later …

- That’s good, my Roudoudou! you found all of the pieces! Now, you only have to assemble everything,… once you have managed to fit everything in the car and that all elements will be at home, on the 4th floor, of course!

To be continued…

By Moluk

Retrouvez le début de l’histoire ici (find the beginning of the story here):


Best Part of The 4th of July:




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Captain America?

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Every 4th of July SyFy (formerly Sci-Fi) runs a “Twilight Zone” marathon that interested me to the show and that my family keeps on in the background during the day. Recording our favorite ones, watching what’s on, skipping the super creepy ones because we scare easily, “The Twilight Zone” will always be that strange tradition I have for the 4th.

That, and of course, watching Independence Day after everyone’s asleep.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Since it's the 4th I'd like to share my great grandma's story

My bubby was born in Ukraine right about the beginning of the Russian revolution and so they had to leave due to religious persecution
They left for America (since that’s what you did) and they got in on the 4th, so of course Ellis Island was closed.
And of course fireworks were going off.
And since they were mostly red everyone thought the Russians followed them and were blowing up America.
My bubby said that everyone was terrified and crying but the crew was completely calm so her dad went up to them and yelled like “WHY ARE WE NOT GETTING OUT OF HERE WE ARE GONNA DIE” and the crews all “oh no this is normal we do this every year on the 4th”
So of course she thought “what the fuck”
And that’s why when the 4th came around she’d yell into the sky “sometimes I wish it WAS the Reds!”


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