A message filled with repetitive reminders, with love, positivity, sadness, being blue, anger, madness and other indescribable feelings. A message meant to be read, cried at, laughed at and meant to comprehend its meaning. A message you can read at any time, at any moment and at any place. A message I wrote for every single beautiful soul out there; this is for you.

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Dear Taylor,

My name is Maddie and I cannot begin to thank you for the last seven years. In 2008, I became good friends with a boy in my school musical; I fell in love with him, I convinced myself that he was my everything. However, as one of my favourite people once said (aka you), “everything that falls gets broken”. Predictably and rightly so, my ‘Wildest Dreams’ did not come true, he has always picked someone else over me.

I tell you this story, as it was a pivotal moment in my life, it was the moment I discovered you.  I remember one of my friends singing ‘Teardrops on My Guitar’ in Year 7; the lyrics of that song resonated with me. From that moment forward every lyric of every song you have ever written has spoken truth, honesty and realism – in some magical way it’s like the comfort of a friend speaking to me when no one else can seem to get through.

Since then things have gotten better, but never has my support waivered from you. From ‘Fearless’, to ‘Speak Now’, to ‘Red’, as you and your music grew, I grew alongside with you. Your ‘Fearless’ Tour was the first concert I ever attended on February 12th 2010 in Adelaide. Two years later on March 4th 2012, I was so lucky to witness you again on the ‘Speak Now’ tour. I was devastated when I learnt that you weren’t coming to Adelaide for your ‘Red’ Tour in 2013. However, there was no way I was missing seeing you, so I saved up all my money to fly to Brisbane to attend the concert with my cousins on December 7th of that year! 

I haven’t ever kept quiet about my support for you Taylor, because you deserve every bit of it. I’ve certainly driven my friends mad at times! In my final year of school I sung ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’ with my friends in front of the whole school community at Choral Night, and who could forget this embarrassing adlib video when I should have been studying:


I can’t wait to see you again on Monday the 7th of December in Adelaide for the ‘1989’ Tour, we will be in the General Admission Standing East, dancing our absolute hearts out and shaking it off with our glowing “Shake It Off” inspired costumes for the night. Today we took some photos of our outfits to show you and attracted quite a crowd of tourists who wanted to take photos with us - they said they loved our cat socks!! I can’t wait to line up with my friends on Monday, and hopefully meet new friends too if they would like to come and say hello! I hope that one day I can tell you all this in person for changing my life for the better, but I’m glad it’s all down in writing!

I love you ‘Forever and Always’ @taylorswift,

Maddie xx

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