4th wall


here’s an important compilation of self-aware cartoons breaking the 4th wall and just not giving a shit anymore

Best parts of Moana:
-no love interest
-Moana had proportions like an actual human and wasn’t sexualized
-Disney princess set to inherit is actually depicted being trained in running her society
-no dead parents!
-bechdel test pass
-respectful depiction of source material and culture
-the music oh my god!!!!!
-Maui’s 4th wall breaks
-no actual villain
-closest thing to a villain was David Bowie crab
-Lin-Manuel Miranda
-the chicken
-only white in the cast voiced the chicken
-my giant green wife

Humans are weird: 4th wall break

Okay so the aliens finally know the concept of fictional characters and a human convinces his best alien buddy to watch deadpool with him. In the movie are a lot of 4th wall breaks. Now imagine this:
Deadpool:it’s like the studio doesn’t have enough budget for more x-men
Alien:did he just. Did he just talk to us?
Human:jup it’s a 4th wall break
Human: it basically means the character knows he’s fictional.
Alien: so they have self awareness?!?
Human: no it’s just…
Alien: they know!?! OMG will they break this 4th wall and come to our world?!? Will they attack us?!? How can we kill deadpool he’s basically immortal?!? Does this mean we could just be fictional characters too that some sick mind invented?!?
The next 5 hours are used to calm the alien down.
Like always, feel free to contribute.

Your superpower is the ability to break the 4th wall. Both heroes and villains laugh at your make-believe superpower. Little do they know you’re good friends with the narrator.