4th time uploading this


Under the cut are 159 gifs of Sasha Pieterse. You will find various small/medium gifs here, from interviews to her playing different characters. There are no repeats, and shouldn’t be any grey boxes or frozen gifs. I take no credit for the making of these gifs. Like or reblog if you found this useful, thanks!!

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1 There are some pictures up there of the three male hairs I have in my drafts :3 They’ll be up probably after exams (4th November) because uploading and stuff is actually weirdly time consuming! I don’t know where you can get other hairs because I only use my own recolours.

2 I wouldn’t think so, but thank you!

3 Thank you! <3

4 Uh, sorry, but I’m going to have to say no. I make CC for myself mostly - sharing is just a benefit - and that’s the way I like to organise it.

5 I usually use this one by @plumblobs, but @pyxiidis has a gorgeous set too!


my fatesona inspired by the lovely @krazehkai !! wow i feel cool now :’o

my self insert was a myrm/swordmaster in awakening, and i couldnt really see myself as samurai in fates (nor a tiddy ninja bc they’re way too cool) so ofc i settled for the furry. gdi lilly. now i gotta make a whole backstory

also my hair is permed now?? so i cant use my old design anymore LOL rip