4th theme

hI SCHool is coming for me and im transferring to a Very Expensive School and also i’m too lazy to do commissions so i’m making adoptables instead


  • $33 each
  • no holds
  • i only accept paypal!!
  • do not resell these
  • first come first serve
  • send me an ask if interested!
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ʚ 4th feb 2017 ɞ

yellowish theme for today ft. gudetama pen & lip balm which my cutie bff bought from tokyo♡ so here’s my thai literature note as always lol it’s my fav subject tbh, bc it associated with history (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎

there’re accounting and chinese test next week and loads of work to send ;-; anyway, hope you guys having an amazing week! 


BELLAMY BLAKE ♚ APPRECIATION WEEK: Day 3 | Favorite Relationship
       → Bellamy & Clarke  ✿ ٩( ♡ •́‿•̀。)۶

HAPPY MAY THE 4TH!! ・゚✧*:。

I’m opening up a little commission sale to celebrate!! $10 for a colored full body sketch of any Star Wars character!! I’ll probably take some liberties with the outfit, as I’ve done with my girl Ahsoka here.

E-mail at [glitterhobo@icloud.com] or IM.

Payment is thru paypal invoices.

10 slots are open, sale ends 5/14/17.


Happy 4th of July, everybody! Here are the drawings from our 4th of July themed pchat. Aren’t they cute? Since posting all of the art together is the method winning in the preference poll, it has been posted this way. The poll will be open up until our next event, so if you haven’t voted yet and want to have a say, just go to that link (please only vote once).

Starting at the top row and going from left to right:

First and second pictures: @usuccc

Third picture: @ixiethepixiedraws

Fourth picture: @irunekagi

Fifth picture: @captainjellyroll

Sixth picture: @alfiefjones

Seventh picture: @mollytheangel

 Eighth picture: @katie-hime


Epcot - Heartbeat of Freedom by Jeff Krause


       → Season 1 Episode 9 - Grounder princess looks pissed. Our princess has that effect.


#pokeaniweek is here to celebrate the anime’s 20th anniversary! Thanks to people in the fandom voting, the final prompts have been decided. 

Rules for participation can be found here. The prompts for each day are:

  • Day 1 – April 1st – Favorite Saga
  • Day 2 – April 2nd – Favorite Character
  • Day 3 – April 3rd – Favorite Traveling Companion*
  • Day 4 – April 4th – Favorite Rival*
  • Day 5 – April 5th – Favorite Relationship 
  • Day 6 – April 6th – Favorite Movie
  • Day 7 – April 7th – Free Day*

The asterisk (*) means there is a multiple choice. Some people are worried that the third or fourth day might overlap with their answer for day two, “favorite character”, hence why there will be substitutes for those whose, for instance, favorite rival is also their favorite character so that they will be able to participate daily if they wish to. The substitutes are:

  • Day 3 – April 3rd – Favorite Pokemon owned by Ash
  • Day 4 – April 4th – Favorite Theme Song (OP or ED, JP or ENG, doesn’t matter!)

If your favorite character isn’t a traveling companion or rival, you can still make content for the substitutes instead.

Day 7 is a FREE DAY, meaning you can create any content related to the Pokemon anime. If you wish, you can create content for the prompts that didn’t make the final 7 which you can find here.

As a side note, please make sure that your entries for each day have #pokeaniweek within the first five tags, this is very important as the event tag is tracked and if the tag isn’t within the first five, I will be unable to find it. You can also mention (@) this blog or submit your entries instead!

Have fun everyone! I look forward to seeing all your talent and creations.

Niamh’s Super Fluffy Lance Headcanons

(Because I love her so much and she needs fluffy Lance right now. :3)

-Lance loves date nights. He is obsessed with ‘Aesthetically Pleasing’ evenings, doing something Romantic.

-He also loves Photo Booth’s and Photo Strips. He has a photo strip of the two of you in his wallet.

-Running your hands through his tufts of hair. He find’s it relaxing.

-At the same time, he loves playing with your hair. He knows how to style it because he styles his gymnasts hair.

-He literally has some of his biggest sex fantasies with you. As long as he make sure you are the one who comes first.

-Having each other saved as cute contacts. You’re saved as ‘My Princess’ and he is saved as ‘Mr Fantastic’ (Because he’s flexible.)

-Pulling him closer to you by his jacket so you can kiss him more.

-You are his number one Photographer. You can take photo’s for his Instagram all the time which are always fitting for his theme.

-Celebrating 4th July all the time! He turns it into a huge party which you both run together and it’s just so fun.

-Making a pillow fort together. He would quite happily hide under there with popcorn and a good book which you could read to him.

-Sitting on his lap whenever you’re cuddling. He loves wrapping his arms around you and protecting you.

-Neck kisses. He loves to tease you there.

-The best fantasy he ever had was when you came into the bedroom wearing a red bra and lacy panties, his USA Jackets and his medal. He wanted to do you there and then.

-Lance is also a bit of a bookworm. He would always read with you whenever you guys were at one of his tournaments. 

-His terrible music taste. Whenever you go driving together, it’s on loud, and although it’s bad, he is shouting along.

-He loves baking with you. Brownies are one of his favourite things to cook. And then he always makes sure you get the first one.

-He is Snapchat obsessed! His username is @TuckersGold. Just like his Twitter. 

-You make a common appearance on his Snapchat. He loves doing videos where you explain what you’re doing. Or where you record him doing Gymnastics.

-Whenever you come to see him at the Gym, he persuades you to come on the trampolines with him and you jump around together like five year olds.

-Standing on the Balance Beam, and him holding your waist from behind. 

-Watching random YouTube Video’s together. He does not get Meme’s in anyway and calls them ‘Me-Me’s?’

-Doing Press-Up’s over you, so every time he comes under you he gets a kiss.

-Picking you up from Lectures. He’s sitting by his car, pretending he looks so cool. Truly, he dosen’t.

-Lance is obsessed with Old School arcade games. He loves them nights when you go to arcades on the Penny Machines and Grab Machines and it brings back nostalgia for him.

-He text’s you at least one compliment a day, because you’re his, and you are just beautiful.

-His backscreen is a photo of you and him that his friend took. You were standing on the edge of a pier and kissing. It’s his perfect backscreen.

-He got a print of that photo and he hung it up in his house. It’s his reminder when you’re not around.

-Shopping trips with you. He would always make it into a day out. Because he loves the look on your face when he gets you something cute.

-Kissing his cheek and reminding he dosen’t have to. But he does anyway.

-Trips to New York together! Lance loves a good West End musical, and despite his horrible music taste, has the ‘Wicked’ and ‘Hamilton’ 

-Going for a walk around New York anyway. He loves to go in the Winter so you can Ice-Skate together and be all cute and fluffy.

-Staying in the Hotel Looking over the Ball Drop in Times Square and kissing him at New Year.

-Watching the fireworks together, as he realises how much he loves you.

meet chittaphon leechaiyapornkul aka nct’s ten.

ten was born on february 27, 1996. he is nct u’s rapper and main dancer (but tbh his voice is really good too ;A;). he is from the tropical country of thailand. 

he has two parents (ofc) and a little sister named tern kulisara leechaiyapornkul.

ten and tern are the best of friends. they tease each other a lot and get along well. it may seem like they hate each other’s guts but, really, ten loves his sister so much and vice versa.

his height is approximately 1.72 m.

ten studied in shrewsbury international school where he studied art.

ten has always been a talented child. he learned dancing, gymnastics, guitar playing, singing and designing even before entering sm. and if you dig deep enough, you’ll find videos of young ten doing embarrassing things. (exhibit a)

in 2011, he joined the show teen superstar thailand and won the title ‘teen popstar’ which also helped him in entering sm entertainment.

ten is the first and only thai trainee that was introduced through the predebut team smrookies; and, so far, the only thai member of nct.

ten debuted in april 2016 through nct u with the single 7th sense alongside taeyong, jaehyun, doyoung and mark.

if ten wasn’t an idol, he’d probably be an architect/designer.

ten likes to drink americano but taeyong tries to stop him because “it has too much caffeine in it.”

taeyong said in an interview that he thought ten was cute when he first met him. he also said in a fanmeeting that ten told him to call him ‘mr. chittaphon.’

ten is closest to doyoung out of all of them. they are sometimes called the ‘tom and jerry couple’ because they always bicker. they won the ‘best harmony’ award in the first episode of victory with red velvet and nct.

ten likes to dance next to yuta.

if he had to choose someone, he said he’d let mark meet his sister (they’re the same age).

ten is very thankful to johnny because he helped him in learning korean when they were trainees.

ten likes to play with the ‘kids’ (nct dream).

he participated in the show ‘hit the stage’ where he won 4th place in ‘devil theme’, 8th in ‘this love’ theme, 1st in ‘uniform’ theme, 3rd in ‘the fight match’ and 5th in the final. (he, u-kwon and chungha came in 4th-6th place. if you add 4 + 5 + 6 then divide it by 3, you’ll get 5 so he’s in fifth place.)

so, in short, ten is very talented and a total cutie pie.

(to be updated in the future)

(sorry for my bad english)

(and credits to the rightful owners of the photos, videos and info that i used)