4th runner up

Okay spoilers. Read if you want.

I’m here to voice some damn opinions.

We’re at the top six now and can I just say that only HALF of them ACTUALLY deserve to be here at this point. And that is Shea, Trinity and Sasha. They are amazing and deserve to be the top three.

Now. The others. Peppermint, Nina, and Alexis… I can stand any of them. Peppermint is my least hated out of the three but like. I feel nothing with her. Alexis and Nina are annoying shit starters. Nina isn’t that polished and Alexis is forgettable. I’m so angry that they have made it this far. Like, honestly. It’s top six and standards have not been met.

If I had to pick an order of elimination, it would be:

6th: Nina
5th: Alexis
4th: Peppermint
Runners-up: Trinity/Sasha
Winner: Shea.

This season… there’s something about it that I don’t like… idk.

Yay, INDIE Awards!

Friends, I’m very happy to tell you my first novel, SWEET (pen name Alysia Constantine), was just named 4th place winner (runner-up) in the LGBT category of the Forward INDIE Awards for 2016!

Two other books from Interlude Press won awards–LUCHADOR by Erin Finnegan (gold medal, Romance) and IN THE PRESENT TENSE by Carrie Pack (bronze medal, science fiction).

While I liked the finale cause drama, it kind of made me feel like the competition was pointless because doing well doesn’t matter if someone does clever reveals and emotes to some songs. I’m not gonna front like I didn’t like how Sasha performed or how I felt Shea underperformed but I still think out of the top 4 Sasha was the 4th runner up just by mathematics.


63rd Miss Universe Winners:

Miss Universe 2014, Paulina Vega (Colombia)

1st Runner-Up, Nia Sanchez (USA)

2nd Runner-Up, Diana Harkusha (Ukraine)

3rd Runner-Up, Yasmin Verheijen (Netherlands)

4th Runner-Up, Kaci Fennell (Jamaica)

Miss Congeniality, Queen Celestine (Nigeria)

Miss Photogenic, Gabriela Berrios (Puerto Rico)

Best National Costume, Elvira Devinamira (Indonesia)

wow, miss jamaica got 4th runner up and the crowd went insane with booing their choice. the one black girl who had the best dress, the best look, stage presence, answered better than most got the fourth runner up. that is why the crowd booed, they know it is bullshit. I am not even being bias either. And of  course to my none surprise, Colombia wins. 


Snail Keeping Pokémon Giveaway!

What the hell does Pokémon have to do with snails? Absolutely nothing, but I have a Shiny Relicanth and eight other Pokémon I don’t want. Because Pokébank sucks and isn’t out yet, I sadly can’t do my Arceus/shiny legendaries/etc. giveaway.

1st place: Shiny Relicanth + A perfect Noibat OR a perfect Pokémon in the DRAGON or MONSTER egg group AVAILABLE IN XY.

2nd, 3rd, 4th Runners up: A choice of two Pokémon from the list below:

  • M Timid Protean Froakie (Breeding)
  • M Modest Torrent Frogadier (Friend Safari IV’s)
  • M Relaxed Intimidate Gyarados (Friend Safari IV’s)
  • M Timid Simple Bibarel (Friend Safari IV’s)
  • F Naive Flame Body Lampent (Friend Safari IV’s)
  • F Mild Sand Veil Gabite (Friend Safari IV’s)
  • F Gentle Oblivious Lickilicky (Horde)
  • Docile Shedinja
  • + An optional Garden forme Vivillon each.

I know it’s not very impressive, but you’ll just have to wait for Pokébank to come out before I can start flinging legendaries, events and shinies around. Better start making those summoning circles.

How to enter:

Reblog and/or like this once. It doesn’t matter if you follow me or not, not everyone wants snails on their dash.


19th of January. I will start tallying notes at 6pm Greenwich time. You’ll get your Pokémon when you’re online at the same time as me, which isn’t difficult because I’m online day and night. You don’t have to keep my FC if you don’t want it afterwards for Friend Safari. The bonus 1st place Pokémon will have to be bred, but I have access to flawless parents, so you won’t have to wait long.

Sometimes I’m busy with family or my pets, or I’m just not home, if you start bugging me you’ll end up at the bottom of the queue for receiving your Pokémon.

This is my first run at this, so hopefully it’ll go well and I can do something much bigger when Pokébank comes out, so keep an eye out for that giveaway.