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I will be doing a multistream with @h2quared and LuniDraws on picarto on May 4th and May 6th. I will post about it here when I go live too but just want to give everyone a heads up ahead of time! Make a reminder in your phone or follow me on picarto to get an email when I go live :D


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Things I learned from AP Euro this year:
  • people don’t like people who are different (Wars of Religion, Reconquista, Inquisition)
  • women can do everything men can do - and better (Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great, women in the workforce during WWI and WWII, women in the Soviet Union)
  • you can be successful and people still won’t like you (Otto von Bismarck, Wilhelm II, and the “dropping of the pilot”)
  • when you forgive someone, forgive them completely (Treaty of Versailles, The War Guilt Clause, German-French conflict)
  • stand your ground (appeasement, Munich conference, Hitler’s eventual empire)
  • teamwork is safer (North Atlantic Pact, Treaty of Rome, Common Market, Maastricht Treaty, European Union)
  • …but you should never completely trust the other person (Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact)
  • good ideals become twisted over time (Karl Marx, Marxian communism, Lenin, Stalin, socialism)
  • when things go wrong, you can always start over (French Revolution, National Assembly, Legislative Assembly, National Convention, Directory, Consulate, Empire, 2nd French Republic, 3rd French Republic, 4th French Republic, 5th French Republic)

So regardless of what score I get on the exam today, I want to acknowledge that, on the whole, I think I really loved this class.

How I got into Star Wars

(A tale of Sith lords, having too much time, and Reylo)

So Star Wars. I fell for it hard last year. Had seen the original trilogy in my youthโ€“an old VHS set, each tape cover plastered with a different-colored lightsaber. I liked the blue one best, but that was the extent to which the movies stuck with me, besides vague notions that nothing was more terrifying than being suspended upside down on the cave ceiling while a monster prepared to eat you and your lightsaber was juuust out of reach (except maybe, being pushed, bikini-clad, into the mass of Jabba the Hutt. It was very important for young me that Leia strangled him in the end).

When the prequels came around, I watched out of a sense that this was culturally important, and my geekery had otherwise emerged (anime, Harry Potter, comics). I wanted to like them. I did like Amidalaโ€™s costumes, and the notion (if not the execution) that Darth Vader arose because he was trying to save someone he loved. But I figured maybe Star Wars (like Farscape or Samurai Champloo), was fine and dandy, just not for me.

In the build-up to Episode VII, a couple of things happened (which would be as rocks sliding down a slope to rest precariously until being the first of the inevitable fall). ComicsAlliance (now gone) put out an awesome review of the Darth Vader comic, and purely by virtue of the line โ€œAll I am surrounded by is fear and dead menโ€, I picked it up. And since I was now looking up Vader on Tumblr, I went ahead and searched female Sith lords, out of academic curiosity (not at all because I, a woman in her late twenties, found an inordinate amount of fun pretending in my mind to be mired in the Dark Side of the Force). I discovered Darth Traya. Just a handful of screenshots, art, and quotes, but thanks to you, intrepid posters of Knights of the Old Republic content, defiant in the face of modern RPGs and consignment to non-canon, my curiosity in this whole Star Wars thing began to grow.

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Revan tag disappoints me, I thought this fandom was through with fighting about their canon gender. You know, I’ve seen no people wrighting repeatedly that Revan was male. Bit hella lot of “dont care revan was female/lesbian”. Seriously, I’ve seen people being happy about them not being officially canon. People that would rather erase a great character than let him be male.

So yeah, guess, I’ll be the one to stand for the canon

(even before swtor)

Araw ng Kalayaan (independence day) yo! It’s been 117 years since 1898!

fun fact: June 12 is actually our 1st independence (from Spain in 1898) but the independence day that marks us having no more colonisers is July 4th (from the US in 1946) ((fun fact within a fun fact: the US gave us our independence on July 4th because they wanted us to have the same independence day as them)) and we used to celebrate independence day on July 4th until in 1962 when the president changed it to June 12 and July 4th became republic day instead.