4th of july make up


“Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings:  Swearing, Long read (I don’t really like how the ending turned out, sorry)

Prompt:  Reader and Loki get in a huge fight after he tries to protect her.  They both feel bad after it, so as her favorite day of the year, the 4th of July, approached, Loki decides to make it up to her.  (Y/F/S) is your favorite show, (Y/F/B) is your favorite book, and as always, (Y/N) is your name.  (( Yes, I used telekinesis again for a power, sorry :/ ))


“I’m sorry”

“Wait, no, please!!!”  

   Before you knew it, you were back in front of the Avengers tower.  Thor and Loki where fighting with Sif in Washington, while you were stuck here.  Yeah, the rest of the Avengers were here, but you still could’ve fought with them;  Your powers, although almost identical to Wanda’s, were quite useful in battle.  You tired out easy, but you were working on that.  Loki worried too much anyway.  He knew what you were capable of and that you were very independent, but ever since you somehow fell in love with that mischievous man (or god, however you wanna put it) he was protective over you, putting you before himself in almost every situation. 

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  • Conservatives 51 weeks a year: we're going to hell in a hand basket!!!!! god has condemned our rotten liberal land!!!!! the gays and non-whites have taken over!!!!! no one wants to shove a gun up their ass in the name of testosterone!!! why can't we shoot things in peace!! women want jobs!! how dare people tell us to start being nice to everyone!! the world has ended!!! our country has been stolen!!! the rapture is coming!!!
  • Conservatives the week of July 4th: god!!! bless!!! america!!! land!!! that!!! we!!! love!!!