4th of july make up

to calm my anxiety I’m thinking about Yuuri and Vik in their early 50s, running a Youtube channel where they sit at their kitchen table in front of a backdrop of family photos, reviewing junk food on videos recorded with their cell phones. 

Yurio gets so mad like, “you have 20k followers. It’s not a lot but you at least owe them a fucking mic and a nice camera.” But they’re like, “…nah.” *ceiling fan going and fucking up the overhead lighting while they review 4th of July cosmic brownies*

NANA Week - Day 4:  Cake

Evolve in a nutshell:

I Don’t Know Why: just Dan screaming about someone’s love being dangerous and electronic sounds in the background. You can either love or hate this song there’s no in between.

Whatever It Takes: Dan rapping, cowbell. It somehow has something to do with horses and whIP WHIP RUN ME LIKE A RACE HORSE HOLD ME LIKE A RIP CHORD *inhales* BREAK ME DOWN AND BUILD ME UP.

Believer: awesome drumming and Dan screaming agaPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNN.

Walking The Wire: such beautiful vocals!! and instrumentals!! and screaming!! can I just marry it!!

Rise Up: motivational but the chorus sounds like the “I get no sleep cause of y’all” meme. Again americans mentioning the 4th of July because why not.

I’ll Make It Up To You: a kinda 80s song. just. beautiful. definetly needs more appreciation tho. can we just talk about how amazing the bass sounds in this one.

Yesterday: some say it sounds like Queen, some like The Beatles, some like Speak to Me EP. Some deep shit about remembering the past because you are who you are thanks to it but also forgetting it and focusing in the future?? what @ Danny Rey.


Thunder: thunder thunder thun thunder thu thu thunder thunder thunder.

Start Over: a really happy song from ID + amazing drumming? you’ve come to the right place if you wanna dance and cry at the same time. so proud of my boys.

Dancing In The Dark: you either love this one or hate it too. Weird but it sounds super cool? V deep tho.

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Morning of July 4th you get up super early to make Steve birthday breakfast in bed when you get back to your room you wake Steve up with a kiss on the cheek and a, "Good morning Cap'n." He got home from a mission yesterday so he's groggy and just puts his pillow over his face. You whisper, "Common birthday boy you need to wake up." He just groans so you place his breakfast down and start kissing down his face, then your kisses start to dip down to his jaw line, slowly but surly you make- 1/?

Your way down his body until you reach his thick cock. You pepper his thighs with teasing kisses until you have him moaning with wanton, “Doll it’s my birthday, no teasing be a good girl and suck my cock.” You cave and move your mouth up to the head of his cock. You start swirling your younger around the head until you hear him chastise with a threatening tone, “Doll you want a punishment later?” “Sorry Cap'n” you take his thick length in his mouth and start sucking until you feel 2/3

Hot ribbons of cum shoot down your throat which you swallow greedily. “Good morning Stevie.” You whisper in his ear with a grin. His hands start to wander down to the dip of your waist until you regretfully push him away. “Baby you know I would love to stay here and just spend your birthday in bed, but you have lunch with the boys in 2 hours-” you were cut off by steve kissing you. “I’ll cancel, I’ll tell them that whatever they’re eating for lunch can’t be better than what I’m having.” 3/?

He whispers in your ear. You blush and before you can comprehend what’s happen Steve has you pinned underneath him and you know that you’re in for one hell of a day. 4/4 AHH this is my first time writing anything please tell me what you think. I love your blog

omg I love thisss!! Steve deserves a birthday blowjob! - Gen 

Sin for Steve™

-eagle screeches in background-


“Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings:  Swearing, Long read (I don’t really like how the ending turned out, sorry)

Prompt:  Reader and Loki get in a huge fight after he tries to protect her.  They both feel bad after it, so as her favorite day of the year, the 4th of July, approached, Loki decides to make it up to her.  (Y/F/S) is your favorite show, (Y/F/B) is your favorite book, and as always, (Y/N) is your name.  (( Yes, I used telekinesis again for a power, sorry :/ ))


“I’m sorry”

“Wait, no, please!!!”  

   Before you knew it, you were back in front of the Avengers tower.  Thor and Loki where fighting with Sif in Washington, while you were stuck here.  Yeah, the rest of the Avengers were here, but you still could’ve fought with them;  Your powers, although almost identical to Wanda’s, were quite useful in battle.  You tired out easy, but you were working on that.  Loki worried too much anyway.  He knew what you were capable of and that you were very independent, but ever since you somehow fell in love with that mischievous man (or god, however you wanna put it) he was protective over you, putting you before himself in almost every situation. 

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By any chance do you have a master list?


How He Is With Your Kids 

Your Wedding Dress

His Weird Turn On

How He Asks You To Be His Girlfriend

What You Wear To Meet His Family

Cute Text Messages

His Phone Background

Your First Born

You Tell Him You’re Pregnant

What You Wear On Your First Date

Your First Date

Sweet Moments

The Bathing Suit He Buys You

They Type of Boyfriend He is

Wedding Theme


  • Cameron


Let’s Give Them A Show

That Blade Shouldn’t Control You

  • Nash

Your Brother’s Friend

You’ve Got A Visitor


4th of July

  • Taylor

Fight and Make up

Missing Daddy xx


  • Matt


Playing House


  • Jack J.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag

Welcome Home

  • Jack G.

Let’s Take a Trip


Admit It

Frat Parties and Fights

  • Jacob

It’s You

  • Sam Wilkinson

Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag

Run Away 

Oblivion (smut)

  • Shawn

Body Shots (smut)

  • Aaron


  • Sam Boggs

Terrible Things

Run Away

I’m Sorry (smut)

You’re so Nervous


Jack Gilinsky

Sam Wilkinson


  • Empty Arenas



  • Videos

Jack G x x

Jack J. x

Shawn x

Matt x

Cam x

  • Pictures

Tour Poster

Punk Edits

Fan Fictions

Our Next Chapter (Jack G.) 

Sequel (The Last Chapter)

Girl Like Me (Nash)