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A (vague) Riverdale Timeline

with hardly any set dates or times and just a whole lot of guessing basically

WARNING: If you have not yet watched episode 7, go and watch that before reading this because it contains SPOILERS!

Alright, have fun with my DIY timeline for Jason Blossom’s life leading up to July 4th and the murder investigation following.


  • Jason and Polly start dating and sleep together. The “Playbook” is updated with the entry “Jason | 2 | Polly Cooper (9) - shy reserved girl | 1 |”
  • (The entries seem to have been written out like “Team Member | some form of identifying number? (Jason was 2, Moose was 3, Reggie was 4, etc.) | Girl (points she’s worth) | no. of girls involved | possibly dates?”)
  • Jason and Polly continue to date. From what we can see the “Playbook” is updated with the entry “Jason | 2 | Polly… again bro? (-2) for feelings”.
  • (Presumably the full entry goes something like “Jason | 2| Polly… again bro? (-2) for feelings. (7) | 1 | possibly a date.”)
  • According to Trev Brown, Jason and Polly had been dating a few weeks when Jason’s behaviour changed. He apparently became secretive, stopped hanging out with Trev, and stopped returning his calls. Trev says that Jason began selling all of his stuff for cash, then he heard that Jason was dealing drugs (”…weed, pills, whatever. I don’t know for sure because by then he stopped talking to me.” - Trev Brown about Jason Blossom, Episode 5.)
  • Jason and Polly get engaged, either before Jason starts acting strange or after. Polly is given an engagement ring that’s been in the Blossom family for generations (but was not given to Penelope when she married Cliff Blossom for some reason).
  • The Cooper parents are vehemently against the engagement (Hal Cooper tells Betty he hates the Blossom family for an old blood feud, and that he wouldn’t let a Blossom “steal” his daughter).
  • According to Polly, the Blossom parents forced Jason to break up with Polly.
  • Polly tells Jason that she’s pregnant with his child, they make a plan together to run away and start a new life.
  • JULY 4TH ROUGHLY 6AM-7AM Jason and Cheryl go to Sweetwater River to fake his accidental death. Polly attempts to leave the Cooper residence with her luggage but is intercepted and forcibly taken to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy home for “troubled youths”.
  • JULY 11TH Jason Blossom is shot in the head after having been held captive for a week (ligature marks on his wrists tell us that he was bound prior to his death).
  • Jason’s body contained “hints of cryo-nectrotic preservation.” Perhaps his body was stored in a freezer until his killer/s decided they’d had enough time to cover their tracks.
  • Riverdale High School recommences after summer break (ROUGHLY EARLY SEPTEMBER) and hosts a back to school dance, after which (presumably between the hours of 12AM and 6AM) Kevin Keller and Moose Mason discover Jason’s body washed up on the bank of Sweetwater River, wearing the same clothes he was wearing on the 4th of July and with a bullet wound in his head.
  • That morning (presumably roughly 6AM) the police take Jason’s body away, watched by the Coopers (minus Polly), the Blossoms, Archie and Fred Andrews, Reggie Mantle, Kevin Keller, Veronica and Hermione Lodge, Jughead Jones, presumably Moose Mason, and other unnamed town members.
  • on Monday the autopsy on Jason’s body would take place” = the autopsy reveals marbling of the veins (I believe this is a normal in the decomposition process), signs of scavenger activity (likely due to fish from Sweetwater River), and more interestingly, ligature marks on Jason’s wrists as well as hints of cry-necrotic preservation (AKA: Jason’s wrists were bound prior to his death, and after his death his body was frozen). In episode 3 Penelope Blossom says “he [Jason] was tortured and shot and thrown in the river like a piece of garbage.
  • on Tuesday, halfway through 5th period, the first arrest would be made” = Cheryl Blossom is taken in for questioning halfway through 5th period on Tuesday to explain why she told the police Jason had drowned on the 4th of July.
  • Archie comes forward about having heard a gunshot on the morning Jason disappeared; however, that gunshot was coincidental and had nothing to do with Jason.
  • Several things are revealed about Grundy. Grundy arrived in Riverdale the year before the events of series one, when she arrived she worked on individual studies with two students, one of them being Jason. Betty searches for Grundy online and only finds an elderly woman named Geraldine Grundy who died 7 years prior, all of Grundy’s social media accounts were made the year she came to Riverdale. Betty and Veronica discover a Minnesota drivers license for Jennifer Gibson and a gun in Grundy’s car. Grundy claims to be hiding from an abusive ex-husband, before she is kicked out of town by Alice Cooper.
  • The Keller residence is broken into. Sheriff Keller’s murder wall is torn down, evidence, background checks, and taped interviews are all stolen.
  • Kevin Keller recreates the Sheriff’s murder wall from memory in the Riverdale High news room with Betty and Jughead.
  • Betty goes on a date with Trev Brown to gather information about Jason (Trev sees the gang’s DIY murder wall). Trev tells Betty about the change he saw in Jason after he started dating Polly, and about the rumours of Jason selling drugs.
  • Jason’s funeral commences. Rose Blossom, Jason’s grandmother, reveals to Betty and Jughead that Polly and Jason were engaged to be married. Rose also reveals that she had given Polly her ring (presumably her engagement ring), which had been in the Blossom family for generations (for some reason Penelope never got the ring).
  • Betty confronts her father Hal about Polly and Jason’s engagement, it’s revealed that Hal knew and severely disapproved. Hal claims that Cheryl and Jason’s great grandfather killed Betty and Polly’s great grandfather, that the Blossom family stole the Coopers profit and that he would die before letting them “steal” his daughter. It is revealed that Hal Cooper was the one who broke into the Keller residence and stole evidence.
  • Betty and Jughead discover where Polly has been sent to live, the Sisters of Quiet Mercy home for troubled youths. The pair goes there, and Betty discovers that Polly is pregnant with Jason’s child. Betty hears the story of how Jason’s parents forced him to break up with her, but that she and Jason had a plan to run away. Polly tells Betty that Jason had stashed a car on Route 40 nearby a welcome sign to Maple Town, under the impression that Jason is still alive and knows that her parents sent her to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. Betty tells Polly that Jason isn’t okay and Polly connects the dots. Alice Cooper then arrives to take Betty home.
  • Betty and Jughead find the car Jason had stashed. Inside the car is suitcases, Jason’s letter man jacket, and a substantial amount of drugs. The pair take photographs of the evidence and then leave to tell Sheriff Keller about the find. When Sheriff Keller arrives at the car however, the vehicle is ablaze, having been set on fire between the time when Betty and Jughead left the car and the time when they came back with Keller in tow.


  • Polly runs away from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy and hides in the attic of the Cooper residence.
  • A town manhunt ensues for Polly Cooper, in which Penelope Blossom and Alice Cooper clash.
  • The Coopers reveal the truth about Polly’s pregnancy to the press in order to disqualify suspicions that Polly murdered Jason and set the car alight.
  • Betty finds Polly in the attic and vows to help her find a safe place to stay and money for medical care.
  • Jason’s parents and Cheryl come to Betty offering monetary and emotional support for Polly. Betty arranges a meeting with the Blossoms and Polly at Pop’s, until Cheryl arrives alone and tells Polly that the Blossoms want to get rid of her.
  • Jughead gets arrested on circumstantial evidence and questioned for an alibi he refuses to give. Fred Andrews provides Keller with a false alibi for Jughead claiming that he was working for him during the week of the 11th of July. Fred and Archie forge documents to back up this claim.
  • It is revealed that Jughead’s dad FP Jones has Jason’s letter man jacket (likely from the Route 40 car? Unless Jason had multiple letter man jackets) in his closet.

And that’s pretty much it until Episode 8 airs.

(I’ve purposefully excluded most of the characters personal drama unless I thought it related to Jason Blossom’s murder. I included the stuff about Grundy’s fake identity and stuff because she’s a pretty strong suspect in my eyes (I have my theories about her). I may have neglected to include some stuff purely by accident though so there’s that.)

Have fun driving yourself crazy with a fictional murder guys, I know I will!

some positive stuff:

- i went to my first group therapy session, only 2 more until they assign me a therapist for myself and then only 2 weeks till i get to see a psychiatrist for my meds

- i have a second interview at the apple store on friday

- a recruiter called and put me in the running for one contract UX job and another at an agency (fingers crossed)

- tomorrow i’m gonna go check out another apartment complex w my roomie, it’s a lot cheaper and it’s brand new

- i’m gonna go visit my mom after 4th of july

- got some new shirts today bc all of my clothes are super old


For those of you wondering, Derrick Bateman didn’t make the list of patriotic wrestling gear posted earlier because the man currently known as Ethan Carter III was the most American wrestler of all time. This is what happens when you mess with Derrick Bateman. This is what happens when you mess with his America(n flag pants). Completely reasonable. See you never.

Weeb War II

My first year of high school was my best, weeb story included. We’ll call the weeaboo “Mariku,” which is the name he gave himself. To give you an idea, he’s black with glasses, cornrows, and a slightly chubby face. He would make fun of black culture and its stereotypes, despite being black. He also despised America and everything within it. The 4th of July was a day of ruin. 

He often wore dark, baggy clothing that was affiliated with anime in some way. He was a big fan of Naruto, specifically Sasuke. He had a sketchbook where he would practice manga style drawing and spoke of his dream to move to Japan to become a famous manga artist.

The year before this story took place, he had an obsession with a girl who watched anime, but was not a weeb. When she rejected him, he took drastic measures. I remember sitting in algebra class when someone burst in from the science room next door and shouted “Mariku’s trying to kill himself with a pencil!” We all laughed.

Now, the real story. My grade went on a field trip to a plane museum. The students were split into smaller groups and assigned tour guides. One of my friends and Mariku just so happened to be put into my group. I think my group wasn’t particularly interested in the planes, but I would listen to my guide every so often. Once we had reached the World War II section, Mariku was huffing ahead of everyone with his messenger bag bouncing away at his side. My tour guide was trying to call him back. Once Mariku was united with us again, an intriguing conversation happened between him and the tour guide. I will try to write it to the best of my memory, with M being Mariku and TG being the guide.

M: Why exactly did America bomb Japan?

TG: What do you mean?

M: Well, they did nothing wrong.

TG: Are you serious? Pearl Harbor?

M: America deserved it.

TG: …I’m not having this conversation with you right now.

The tour guide was old and patriotic so I imagine she was very offended. My friend says she experienced second hand embarrassment. I, on the other hand, was in a state of being where I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Every time I think about it, I cringe. I hope someday Mariku can be cured.


Tell Me Im Your National Anthem 

I went to Atlanta for the 4th of July and I didnt want to be covered in clothing. So, I wore less as possible. My jersey was very light weight and perfect for that day. Also, my high waisted shorts and kds.

Jersey-  Forever21

Shorts- Urban Outfitters

Shoes (KDs) - Finish Line