4th of july bowl

Dieting for Summer

So if you piled on the weight over Christmas and New Year so you want to get slimmer for the summer?….guess what….its not worth it!

Think about it….

First you have Super Bowl Sunday when most people across the world watch the Super Bowl and eat lots of food

Then you have Valentines day to come where your loved ones may buy you chocolates. If your single just treat yourself to some valentines candy and have a Netflix and chill night for one. 

After that you have Easter, where you get chocolate eggs.  

Plus there is Euro 2016 where people will be drinking beer n watching soccer.

Oh and the 4th of July where people drink beer and eat lots of food while attending parties

Honestly trying to lose weight for the summer is pointless because most people eat stuff like ice cream and drink lots of soda pop which puts on weight.

Oh and if people say stuff like “ you look disgusting in a bikini “ ect….They have a problem, not you!

So igor them or give them the middle finger! 

So dieting for the summer does not work because most people just end up putting it back on 

And whats wrong with being fat anyways?