4th lake


If Ben & Sophie did a car commercial together, pt 2 (pt 1)

4th on the Lake


“Imagine: Jack could be my boyfriend and he got jealouos of something…!? Surprise me please”
“Will you relax baby?” I press my hands lightly on Jack’s chest. “You are smart, sweet and handsome. My mother will love you and my dad has seen worse, so take a deep breath” We just landed and are waiting for my best friend growing up, Hunter, to pick us from the airport. Jack is all adorable and nervous because he hasn’t met my parents before because they hate flying and Jack’s parents get upset if he isn’t in Omaha for the holidays. We finally caught a free week in the year we’ve been dating, so here we are in New England. “I can show you where I grew up and there are the cutest little buildings around the lake. I am so glad we finally made it out here” I hold his hand in mine and rub it, my go to move when Jack is nervous.

“You two looking for a third for the night? I’m cheap!” A loud voice says as a truck pulls up the to the curve with the windows rolled down.

“Hunter!” I run to the window and throw my arms around my giant best friend as he steps out of the car.
He picks me up, “Hey beautiful” he turns to look at Jack. “You must be the, and I quote "most incredible, cute, fucking sexy guy she’s ever met.” Hunter holds out his hand and does a bro hug with Jack. Jack smiles nervously, but we both blush over the comment and smile at each other.
“He’s a little nervous about meeting my parents.” I explain.
“Eric and Nancy are the sweetest, and from what I hear you’re perfect. So, don’t sweat it bud” Hunter opens the car door for us and we slide in next to each other. “Off to the Lake Castle” he smiles and blasts country music from the radio. “Welcome to New Hampshire, Jack”
We arrive to the lake house quickly. My mom has gone all out for the Fourth. There are blue and red flowers and streamers everywhere. We pull up next to the open garage and I can see my dad has collected his usual conglomerate of fireworks. I hop out of the car. I haven’t been home in almost a year, because I spent this past Christmas and Thanksgiving with Jack. I take a deep breath. Nothing smells like the air by a clear mountain lake. Jack slowly gets out of the car, amazed. “This is incredible babe. Why did you ever move to LA?” He puts an arm around me and I am about to retort about the lack of recording space around here, when I hear a clambering from the kitchen and the front door flies open.
“My girl is home!” My mom wraps her arms around me. “Eric!!! Your daughter, Jack and Hunter are here!” She turns back towards the three of us. “Now this handsome man I recognize from pictures. You must be Jack. She doesn’t shut up about you on the phone, Mr.” My mom pulls my boyfriend in for a hug. “And he smells nice too. How did my girl ever find such a catch?”

“Mom!” I smirk and put my hand on Jack’s back.

“Nancy, no one is too good for my girl, you know that” My dad comes bounding up the stairs from the lake. He hugs me for a it then pulls away and faces Hunter. “Thanks for fixing up that engine; Hunter. The pontoon is back up and running”

“Glad to here it Ric” Hunter says.

“Now where is this fancy LA, music producer?” My dad whips around and faces Jack.

Jack nervously puts his hand out. “Nice to meet you Mr. Y/L/N. Jack Gilinsky, sir”

“So are you ready to spend a weekend with real men rather than those LA fairies you’re used to, Jack? Hunter here and I spend most of this weekend outside cooking steak, driving boats and blowing crap up with my sons, who I believe you met when they went to Y/N’s concert”

“Yes, Kevin and Mike. They’re both great.” Jack nods and looks at his feet.

“Jack’s actually from Nebraska, Dad, not LALA Land. He loves being outside. Our second date he took me out to Joshua tree for a hike” I say, trying to get my dad to relax.

“Do you remember all those crazy camping trips we used to go on? We would ride the canoes out to an island on the lake and stay up all night, telling stories and taking turns jumping in the lake” Hunter says and I laugh, thinking about some of the weird stuff we did.

“Of course I remember!” I say and smile. “Jack, Hunter always kept me on my toes”

“Awesome” Jack says and half smiles.

My dad goes inside with my mom to help with dinner and later, Hunter, Jack and I, and Mike and Kevin are all hanging out on our huge front porch overlooking the lake. We are all laughing over old memories. Mike pipes up.
“Do you remember when you and Hunter got drunk at that Grad party here and made out? I think I’m sitting in the chair.”
Kevin chimes in" You had the biggest crush on him Bud" I burry your face and giggle.
“I did, ah god that was embarrassing”
“Hey!” Hunter laughs.
“Just kidding Hunts. you know I love you.” I pat his leg.
Jack looks over at you and his phone rings. “I’m going to take this.” He says and seems annoyed. The boys go off in the canoe and I decide to go check on my boyfriend. I catch him right as he is getting off the phone.

“Are you okay, Bunny?” He looks up, leaning on the railing.

“Are you happier here? Without your shiny, well groomed LA boyfriend who doesn’t fit in?” He meets my eyes.

“No baby! Not at all. I love you” I run over and put my arms around him. “What’s bugging you?”

“This place is you. Your family loves you, you should be closer to home. The pine and the cool water smell like you. You’re breathing better. And don’t even get me started on all the things you have with Hunter” he looks out over the Lake.

“Babe. I had this, this was my childhood. This place will always have shaped me, my family and friends from growing up will always be a part of me and I will always love them. But, you, Jack you’re my future. You’re part of my dream that I get to live everyday. That is even more a part of me.” I rub his back and kiss his cheek. “You also shouldn’t worry about Hunter” I smile. “I only have eyes for you.”

“But you guys have so much history, so much in common. You used to have a crush on him for Pete’s sake!” He exclaims, still frustrated.

“Jack. Hunter could not be more gay” I laugh.
“Even if I wanted something to happen, I would need a few renovations to be his type”

Jack raises an eyebrow. “Oh, really? My bad” he chuckles. I nod and grab his hand.

“Don’t worry about it, it clearly took me some time to figure out too.” I shake my head. “Now let’s relax and you can show my Dad that you can cook a damn steak because you’re from Nebraska and bbq is a pastime all over the mid-west.” I grab his arm and we walk down to the porch where my dad is grilling. Jack kisses me softly.
“I love you. Thank you for bringing me to such a beautiful part of yourself”

“Thank you for being a beautiful part of myself, sexy” I smirk and we get grilling as my dad emerges from the boat.
“So he can cook!” He sounds shocked.
“Jack is full of surprises” I say and tug on his arm.
Things started out funny, but I have a feeling this is going to be an amazing weekend.

Historical Cryptid Headlines of Wisconsin

Racine Daily Journal
August 4th, 1899

“Lake Mendota Sea Serpent”
It Bobs Up Again To Frighten A Camping Party Of Women.

Madison- The Lake Mendota sea serpent has again appeared. It was seen this time by two women, instead of fisherman, as has always been the case in past years. Mrs. E. Grove and Mrs. J.J. Pecher and several other women who belong to the camping party on the lake saw the serpent while they were out in a boat. They saw a long, snake-like monster with a head ten inches across, and a tail which had horns. They started for shore and the serpent, apparently as much frightened as they, plunged, they say, into the depths of the lake, making a great deal of foam. The tradition that there is a big sea serpent in Lake Mendota has existed for many years, and every once in a while someone is reported to have seen the monster. 

“Historical Cryptid Headlines of Wisconsin” showcases actual articles involving cryptids that were published within Wisconsin newspapers back in the 1800’s-1900’s. These articles are posted here exactly as they appeared during their original publishing date.

-The Pine Barrens Institute