4th hour of the today show

Thank you for all of your support today. I know this is a hard one to deal with right now. I promise you, this is the hardest thing I’ve gone through in my life. The last 10 years in this band, and the unbelievable people we have met along the way, have left us with a legacy that will never die. For that, I thank you. I know I can be the worst at communicating it sometimes, but I am so grateful to every single one of you. 

This is for the ones who drove hours on end just to come see their 4th show of the same tour. The ones who waited outside the van at Croc Rock, all the way to the tour bus outside The Roxy, just to say hi for a few minutes before we went on to the next city. To the ones who remember “She’s got The Rhythm” and weekend shows at Chain Reaction. Even to the ones who only ever heard of this band because of the “Jay-z and Beyonce song from the Macy’s commercial”. You all mattered. Whether it was your first song, your last song, your 1st show, or your 100th show (I’m looking at you Madi Convey), thank you from the bottom of my broken heart. Growing up in front of you guys hasn’t always been easy, but it sure as hell has been worth it. 

I’ve always wanted to share this, but it never felt like the right time. Attached is a link to the original iPhone voice note from the night I wrote “Figure Me Out” on my parents piano in the house I grew up in. This was and will always be the most important TSS song to me. May it live with you forever and remind you of 10 years of incredible memories. Long Live.


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Ness’s Grungey Beginners’ Guide to Making it as an Artist in Artist Alley.

I’m getting ready to sell art at a small-ish local nerd convention. This is I believe the 4th con I’ve sold art at and the third one I’ve been to personally. I’m looking forward to a good time.

Something a lot of people don’t think about when it comes to Artists in Artist Alley is just how much preparation goes into showing at a con, and how much money it takes just to get there. Sure, you’ve got to actually make the pieces you’ll be selling, that counts as prep, but then you actually have to have your pieces printed. I spent about 2 hours today in and out of my universities printing service building trying to get things just right. And you gotta pay for those prints remember.

Then you get a whole big pile of them.

You gotta decide what you’re going to charge for all of them. Remember it takes money just to get them printed. Then you have to buy the booth at Artists Alley, depending on the size and prestige of the con, this can range anywhere from $20 to like hundreds of dollars. Oftentimes this can be in addition to a badge to get into the con. They’ll usually include one badge with the purchase of an artist booth, but if you’re partnering up with other artists like me, at least one of you is going to need to purchase their own badge. Then you have to take into consideration any money you’ll be spending on travel to get to the convention and hotel fees for staying there.

So let me run my numbers for you.

Today I spent $28.37 on my prints. This was only to top off my stash, I still had plenty left over, which I will count as a null expense just for simplicities sake.

I am partnering with a person who is willing to absorb most of the $30 cost of the table himself, and only asked that I pay $5.

I live in the town that this con takes place in, so I will not be spending any money on lodging, and my travel expense is negligible.

I will still be needing to purchase my badge, which is $25 (via a student discount, woot!)

Therefore, my startup costs for this weekend are $28.37 + $5 + $25 = $58.37.

I have priced most of my prints at $10. This is very much a balancing act between the technical skill of your pieces, the amount they cost to print, and what people are actually willing to pay for art. In my experience, con goers have a relatively low threshold for what they’re willing to pay for art. So sometimes its better to set the bar low to sell anything at all rather than setting it high and not selling a thing. Plenty of people would argue with me over this, but what I’ve done here is what I’m comfortable with.

In that my costs are about $60, I’m going to have to sell just about 6 prints (or another combination of my items) to *just break even*

That may not sound like much, but it can sometimes be rough.

This isn’t nearly as hard if you’re a more experience artist than I am or if you have a little more swagger to your name, but then you’re probably going to be swimming in bigger ponds than I, where a booth costs $100.

You gotta figure out ways to market yourself. If you’re smart you’ll have a business card. I’m very fresh to the world of Artist Alley booths so I don’t have a business card yet. However, I am handwriting my social media on the back of all my pieces. Yes. All of them. Handwritten.

(If I were real smart I might have a stamp made or something)

And then if you’re smart you probably want to track what you sell. Especially if you’re at a booth with other artists. You can make up something on the spot and hand write your inventory, or you can be like me and make a fancy graph.

On my graph, I have the names of the items (my prints, but I’m also selling some hats I made) a keyword on some to help my table mates identify the pieces if I’m not there, the number of individual items I started with of each, spots for tallys for each day, the tally total and the actually monetary total for each item.

And then of course you need to get a good night’s sleep before and during the con and remember and find out where to eat during the con. Enlist the help up your buddies as free (or cheap) labor to work your table so you can go have a little fun or at the very least eat.

And hopefully, the planets align in your favor and you’ll have a really fun, lucrative weekend.

Good luck at the con!

Mama Don't Make Me Put On That Dress Again - Two Birds -- Styx

AN - I promised this a while ago, and I finally got round to finishing it. This is part 1 of 7 of a fic based off Trixie’s album. It’s a Trixya fic and its going to mostly be angst to be honest. I had a lot of fun writing this, and I apologise in advance for the smut scene - I have never given a blowjob, nor do I have any interest in ever doing so, and I’m sorry if that comes across :p. Thanks to Amory A for my amazing header and for just generally being amazing (if y'all haven’t read Teach Me already, you really should :p). Anyway, thank you for reading, all feedback is very welcome.

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Tales of Festival, Sunday June 4th 2017

Oh, something I forgot about yesterday’s show. Since next year will be the REAL 10th year anniversary for Vesperia, the cast were joking about having a fancy dinner party. Where everyone (including all of us) comes to Yokohama Arena in fancy clothes and eats dinner and goes home. (The image of this absolutely cracks me up. Moving on.)

Okay, I am just going to say it, today was sooooo much better that yesterday ahaha. I enjoyed it a lot. But now I will have hell remembering everything and will probably be editing this post for the next few hours….

I will start right into the skit. 

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Baby Clothes

A/N: Hey guys, I’m going to let you know in advance that I probably won’t be able to post a fic tomorrow as tomorrow (the 23rd) is my birthday. Thanks for understanding!

Dan’s POV

“Alright, I’m going to tweet now…” I quickly tap out a witty invite tweet and toss my phone to the side. I really do enjoy these live shows as I get to spend time with my supporters. 

About 30 minutes in, a funny comment made me think of a funny thing that happened to y/n and I yesterday at the shops. 

“Oh, oh, right, so you guys know how idiotic Christmas shoppers are. Well, y/n and I were shopping, just getting more baby clothes and stuff, and you found this cute- oh shit,” the comments went crazy. “Shit shit shit,” I continue muttering, scrolling through the comments.

“Baby clothes?!?”



I nervously scratched the back of my neck and chuckled a bit. “I guess the cat’s out of the bag… we’re going to have a baby! Oh God y/n is going to be so mad at me… but I must say that I’m pretty damn excited,” I chuckled uneasily, thinking of y/n’s reaction. Well, it’s honestly too late now. 

“Yeah we were trying to get clothes, but we don’t know the gender yet or anything, so it was really hard… Names are kind of up in the air. I mean, we’ve talked about it a bit, but once we find out the gender we’ll really figure it out… I mean, I don’t really care either way if it’s a boy or a girl of course, but I have always imagined having a little girl…” 

Of course, the rest of the live show was only baby discussion. Soon enough, the hour was up and I shut my laptop after signing off. Now I have to tell y/n that the phans know. 


Man, I was hungry. This pregnancy has barely started and I already couldn’t stop eating. After having my 4th granola bar today, I pull out my phone because it started going off like crazy with twitter notifications. Confused, i opened up the app to see a repeat of the same words: congratulations, baby, pregnancy,  and Dan. 

I just laugh at them and respond to a few, happy that Dan decided to tell his viewers. Now just the fact that he hasn’t told me…

“Dan, love,” I walk into our bedroom to find him sat, biting his lip while scrolling through tumblr. His head jerked up, his eyes wide. “Y/n, hello. H-how are you?” he seemed so nervous, I couldn’t help smiling.

“Is there, uh, something you want to tell me?”

“Look,” he begins to rant. “It was an accident, okay? I didn’t mean to but I was just talking about our trip to the store yesterday and it kind of just slipped my mind and I don’t know I’m really sorry-”

“Dan!” I start laughing at his rambling, which earned me a dumbfounded expression from him. “I’m so happy! Besides, it was going to come out eventually. I am going to get bigger after all.” I cuddle up next to him, burrowing my head in the crook of his neck.

He tentatively puts his arm around me and says, “So you’re not mad?”

“No, you spork, I’m not mad,” I lift my head up to plant a soft kiss on his chapped lips. “I love you, and I love this baby.”

He finally relaxes and smiles. “I love you too. We’re going to be a wonderful family.” 

Summary of Chanyeol's V Live+ Broadcast

- took us to living room
- has two big glass cases full of his favorite manga figures
- had Beatburger’s MQ there to help him
- his studio isn’t a big room but he as all instruments there
- “I have this chair which has been covered in sweat and tears”
-has some legos, an iron man figure and one piece pirate flag as decoration
- has a song about a guy who is good with girls
- song is called “Curious” and only showed us the first verse
- pcy happily jamming to his songs
- next song he showed was called “How about it?”
- has song called “Cheer Up”
- mentioned about a group promoting a song with that title even though he wrote it before they debut (someone is salty)
-used toy pig nosie in a song for fun
-actually sounds pretty dope
- the song is called “Pig Oink Oink”
- thinks he needs to work hard in the group before he can go solo
- has a somg that reperesnts the happiness he felt in Fiji when they had free time
-has made a song because he couldn’t sleep
- “this is like a late night radio show where you can fall alseep while listening”
- pcy and mq are going to make a song while exo-l make lyrics
- apparently he’s planning on making this broadcast 4 hours long (no I gotta sleep boy)
-MQ is talking while pcy works on drum beat
- suggested lyric from comments “my savoir who came to ruin my life” (true though)
- actually coming out nice after like 10min of messing around with beats
-“chicken chicken, spicy chicken”
-so far there best idea is to make the song about chicken
- he’s added some piano and keyboard
- and its sounding realy nice too
- pcy: “Oh shit” *immediately covers mouth*
- tries to record more keyboard
- messes up and laughs
- trys again and he messed up and hits keyboard with his face
- “I’m losing it”
- most of the lyrics they have been coming up with are food related
- someone please give them food
- “large kimchi bun”
- Baekhyun doesn’t like cucumber
-pcy fell to the floor making him the 4th member today who was on his way to a mental breakdown
- have given up and are considering making this a food song
- pcy planning on showing song in the upcoming showcase
- decided they’re going to make a love song
- finally got a good lyric from the comments
- now we’re getting somewhere!
-oh no the song is starting to sound sad
- pcy: “I think I’m going to cry’
- pcy just dabbed
- the song is done after an hour
-song title: Moon
-they’ll finish the song and post it on SoundCloud
-pcy’s turn to do exoticons
- has no idea what to do
- yelled sweet potato
- is looking forward to Baekhyun’s broadcast
- ending broadcast but will stay in studio to finish song
- ended show by playing his song "Good Night”

In Conclusion:

SM what are y'all doing this boy is talented, don’t ignore his song writing.

Phil’s Livestream // 7.5.15

He’s wearing his black signs shirt

“I almost said hold onto your hats, it’s going to be a tornado of fun.”

“I’m not really sure what you do on the 4th of July. I think you watch fireworks and cook various meats on a grill and wear stars and stripes themed merch.”

Talked about bonfire night

As a child he used to line up all of the fireworks in size order

He’s been melting all week

Apparently his computer has an error message right on his nose

“And for all you fahrenheit nerds…”

He went shopping 

He might make a haul on his second channel

He talked about Amazon prime’s 2 hour shipping

“Frying pan biotch!” (he actually showed us his frying pan)

He bought a shirt just for the 4th of July

He thinks he pulled a muscle in his shoulder 

“Is bae over now? Are we seeing the end of bae?”


He loved the thunderstorm 

“I might’ve been a storm chaser in a past life.”

He turned off all of the lights and made everyone watch the lightning 


He was playing Akinator again today (apparently it found his cactus and Dil’s llama hedge)

“I don’t think they’re going to use Akinator in court.”

Planning on another Halloween baking video because he really enjoys them

Talked a bit about Formula 1

“I like Lewis Hamilton, but I like his dog more than him.”

“I saw a dog and it was amazing.”

“We should get a dog one day a week in this house.”

They don’t have a dog because they’re so busy and they couldn’t give it all of the love it should get

“Random Phil fact: I’m not wearing any socks.”

He wishes their apartment has a garden

“After we got in the last box, I stripped down to my boxers and did a starfish on the bathroom floor.” (about moving to London)

He got a haircut (it’s a little longer on the sides)

He talked about his haircut 

Apparently he has quite the hairdresser who kept saying “Does it feel fresh?”

“It’s a pretty intimate thing, a scalp massage.”

He proceeded to massage their own scalp

“I felt like I had an actual dog on my head, so I had to get a haircut.”

The next gaming video will probably be a Dil video

He might play Shelter 2

He’s probably going to watch pewdiepie’s video after the livestream 

He doesn’t think he suits denim jeans

He talked about how lovely Louise is

He talked about Janice from the shop

He told her how to make mexican food

He asked Siri what 0 divided 0 is

“I would not suit a beard. I have seen far too many edits.”

He hit himself in the nose

He can’t edit with anyone else in the room

He talked about running into Chris

They had a little bit of a catch up (he might be going to vidcon)

He’s excited to hang out with Cat at vidcon 

He talked about what would happen if Dil got married 

He talked about the firework burn video and his old video

“I would rather be a dragon so I could fly, but in this universe I would probably be shot down by the government.”

He thinks Belle is his favorite Disney princess

“If I have a tiger I wouldn’t be as sad as Jasmine.”

“Mulan is pretty badass.” (he’s never seen the end)

He talked about how some of his plants have gone brown on the ends and he’s scared for their health

Their next radio show is tomorrow night at 9pm (their time)

He gave some driving advice 

He failed his first driving test because he almost slammed into the side of a bus

He hasn’t seen Jurassic World yet

He made a ringtone for someone

“Hey Hope your phone is ringing. Answer it nnoooooooowwwww. Ooh.”

“In the future I see the number 7 and 8 dogs licking you.” (when someone said they wanted a psychic reading)

He’s excited for Lady Gaga in AHS

His fringe (pulled down) is past his nose

“Maybe for the tour I’ll just wear my fringe down in front of my face.”

He sang a bit of immortal 

“Spontaneous cat explosion.”

He left to go eat 

It wouldn’t let him leave

Mentions of Dan: ||||


okay. so lets talk about this for a second. Firstly,,,the time on the dvd thing says 2:01. Whos birthday is that? OH RIGHT FUCKING HARRY!!! 2nd thing, rbb posted this a couple hours ago (with sbb!). this obviously meant they will be together. AND WHO JUST SHOWED UP IN LA (when louis also happens to be here?!!)?!! H A R R Y!! 3rd, the HUGE thumbprint on the glasses. For some fucking strange reason, we have their fingerprints. Looking at the slants of the lines and shit, i am 110% convinced it is harrys thumb. AND 4th, i am 99.9% sure there is a reflection of a bracelet/arm in the glasses. Who also happens to be wearing a bracelet on the same arm today? H A R R Y!!!! THIS IS HUGE!!!

as of jonghyun’s show today (on october 18th) he has officially (and very successfully) finished his first solo concert series, the story by jonghyun. the series begun on october 2nd and ended today after twelve shows. as already known: jonghyun had a featured guest attend each concert and the running time for each show varied depending on the day.

october 2nd: first show, taemin as a guest / runtime: two and a half hours
october 3rd: second show, jung in as a guest / runtime: two and a half hours
october 3rd: third show, ha sang wook as a guest / runtime: two and a half hours
october 4th: fourth show, nine of dear cloud as a guest / runtime: two and a half hours
october 8th: sixth show, coffee boy as a guest / runtime: two and a half hours
october 9th: seventh show, okdal as a guest / runtime: two and a half hours
october 10th: eighth show, zion.t as a guest / runtime: two and a half hours
october 12th: seventh show, lee ji hyung as a guest / runtime: two and a half hours
october 16th: ninth show, soran as a guest / runtime: two hours and forty five minutes
october 17th: tenth show, onew as a guest / runtime: two and a half hours
october 17th: eleventh show, lim kim as a guest / runtime: two and a half hours
october 18th: twelfth show, iu as a guest / runtime: three hours

all dates had one show per day with the exception of october 3rd and 17th which had two shows each day, back to back. jonghyun’s mom, older sister, onew’s parents, key’s parents and wheesung attended his first concert. go young bae of soran and jung joon young attended his seventh. minho, jonghyun’s mom, older sister and taemin’s older brother attended his final show. the ninth show featured a special live broadcast stream via naver’s v application for three songs. to browse the tag for each respective show for fan accounts, behind the scenes access, and audio recordings / photos / videos, you can scroll through the november box fyjjong’s date page for the year 2015.