4th grade crush

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  1. umm most of my crushes weren’t really crushes?? everyone had crushes tho so each school i’d just pick some random guy (once a girl) that seemed cool and emo and say that they were my crush. i think i’ve only had one real actual crush and it was on my ex best friend so and we’re mutuals so hopefully she doesn’t see this even tho she already knows
  2. speaking of, i had 3 first crushes and like now ik i’m a lesbian so idk who even counts but whatever. they were: 1) luke skywalker (first crush ever/first guy crush i guess) 2) elizabeth swann/keira knightley (first girl crush… i used to buy magazines and shit just bc she was on it and i was obsessed with her lol) and 3) my best friend in 4th grade (first real life crush.. probably just compulsive heterosexuality looking back on it. i had a “crush” on him for the most part of 4 years)
  3. one of my fav movies is starstruck which yeah i know it’s lame af and cheesy but in 6th grade i was like?? that’s the dream?? but then i realised that if it happened to me i’d fall in love with justin bieber and nah no thanks also now every time i see danielle i remember she “dated” louis and what a mess babygate and all of that is rip protect him

for every ‘⭐️’ i get, i will post a fact about myself!


Feels Like Heart Ache

Part 2  Part 2 (Isaac)

Isaac Lahey X Reader X Stiles Stilinski

Warning: Some cursing and violence. A little angsty.

Request: Hello love! I have a request for you. Y/n has been secretly in love with Isaac for ages, but has always been too afraid to tell him, too afraid it would ruin their friendship. It breaks her heart when he starts dating another. She gets reckless and gets injured during a fight. One of the other pack members ( male of choice) helps her and she accidentally let’s it slip about her crush on Isaac. And in turn (male of choice) admits to his feelings for her.

Author’s note: I chose Stiles because Stiles is kind of becoming my default for these things. Well, he’s easier to write in some of these situations and I know him well. I hope that’s okay.

I went back to season 2 for this one because I’ve always been pretty interested in the kanima and yeah. I wasn’t sure who you wanted her to end up with so I hope this is good. It’s a pretty open ending if you want a part 2.

Sorry if there are any mistakes.


For: hitchhikingartist


I’m in class, sitting behind my friend, Isaac. I throw a small paper ball at him and he shakes his head trying to get it out of his hair.

He scoots his chair back until it’s pressed against the edge of my desk.

He keeps scooting until my desk is being pushed up against me. He leans back and twists his head so he can look at me and smirk with a little wink to go with it.

“You little shit, quit it” I giggle, pushing his chair at the legs, causing the chair to fall.

I start laughing uncontrollably as soon as I hear him grunt.

“Ms.Y/L/N! Mr.LAHEY!”

“Sorry Ms. It was an accident. Won’t happen again, promise” Isaac apologizes, getting up.

He turns to give me a spiteful look but I see him smile as he turns back to face the board.

I smile to myself as well. I’ve always had a huge crush on Isaac but I could never say it.

When Derek offered to give him the bite, Isaac told me about it and I myself was bitten with him.

I was madly in love with that boy and he couldn’t see it.

How could he not see the red in my cheeks when he’s near?

How could he not hear the way my heart skips a beat when he speaks to me?

Does he even know what he does to me?

Him and his stupid smile and bright blue eyes. Oh and let’s not forget his curly hair that just makes you want to run your fingers through it and all those muscles built from playing lacrosse and- ugh! How annoying!

“What’re thinking about?” I hear Stiles ask, next to me.

“Nothing” I answer quickly, feeling my cheeks turning red.

———————————— A month later ——————————————–

It’s not easy finding out the guy you’ve been in love with since 4th grade has a crush on someone else. It’s even harder to see him get with her.

I just found out that Isaac and Erica are dating. Isaac told me almost as soon as I entered his house to study. He smiled at me with that huge grin of his and I swear I felt my heart break into a million pieces.

Erica was a this hot chick in his pack. He obviously found her hot. Every guy does.

I was so torn up but I couldn’t show it. I’m his best friend, so instead I smiled and said “That’s great”

Then it got worse because Erica was there. They were all over each other. We barely got any work done with all of their touching and kissing. The best I could do was try to ignore it and play off my pain with lame jokes.

That night when I drove home, it took all I had not to cry.

I blasted my music and tried to flood my mind with positive thoughts about myself and negative things about Isaac.

If he doesn’t want you, he doesn’t deserve you

You’re better than this

He’s a werewolf now, it would be so complicated anyway

It doesn’t matter

I thought all these things to myself but the moment I parked my car in the driveway, I broke down and began crying. I hated to admit it, even to myself but it really hurt to see him with someone else.

I took a ton of deep breaths before I wiped my eyes with my sleeves and checked the mirror to make sure I looked presentable- Or at least like I wasn’t crying.

Then I went inside, pretending everything was alright even though my chest wouldn’t stop hurting.


Narrator P.O.V.

Derek and his pack were now inside Scott’s house where Lydia, Allison, and Stiles were hiding.

Derek was positive Lydia was the kanima but it would be a cold day in hell before her friends let them take her.

Y/N didn’t agree with what Isaac was helping Derek do but no matter what she said he kept defending him. She felt herself growing farther from him each day, while he was getting closer with Erica and the rest of his pack. She would join their pack but she didn’t agree with all of what Derek was doing. He turned her but after she found out what he planned to do to Lydia she left them, much to Isaac’s disappointment.

The cops were on their way. Everyone was outside the house now but Erica and Isaac were paralyzed by the Kanima’s poison.

Everyone turns their heads when they hear a sound. That’s when they see the Kanima crawling on the roof and they watch as it disappears, escaping them once again.

“Get them out of here” Derek says to Boyd, who immediately listens to his alpha, helping to get Isaac and Erica out of there.

Scott then turns to the others and whispers to them “Allison, Stiles, you should stay with Lydia. I’ll track the Kanima”

“No man I’m going with you, even though I would prefer not to be killed by a werelizard, you’re gonna need some help” Stiles argues.

“And I’ll come too” Allison speaks.

“No Allison….Someone’s gotta stay with Lydia” Scott tells her.

Allison nods, begrudgingly.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

I’m out on a walk contemplating basically everything. I still feel that feeling in my chest. Where it feels so tight I feel like it’s going to burst.

I’m walking along the road surrounded by the forest, which was in hindsight a bad idea.

It’s creepy and for good reason. With all the werewolves and the Kanima crawling around town it’s not very safe to be out at night even for a werewolf.

Suddenly I heard a rustling the grass. I stopped in my tracks and turned my head. I saw a pair of glowing yellow eyes, coming towards me.

“Isaac? Scott? This isn’t funny, you know” I stutter, taking multiple steps back until my feet touch the grass at the other end of the street.

The Kanima stepped out of the shadows and I felt my entire body seize up.

I took another step back, petrified by the creature.

I make a split second decision and decide it best to fight.

There’s no other way out of this. I unsheath my claws and lean down to come eye to eye with the Kanima.

I wolf out, quickly, feeling my life is at stake and I snarl at the Kanima.

The Kanima stalks towards me, hissing and baring it’s teeth.

I am the first one to jump, grabbing it by the shoulders. I dig my claws in as deep as they’ll go and it roars in pain.

“Y/N!” I hear another voice scream at me.

I turn my head to see Stiles and Scott running towards me.

While I’m distracted the Kanima pushes up and bites me in the crevice between my neck and my shoulder.

I howl out in pain and push myself off, violently, tearing up the skin even more.

Scott jumps on the Kanima, clawing at it’s chest, getting scratched up in the process.

I grab my wound, feeling the blood trickle down my  chest. I can feel the muscle, where skin used to be.

I feel dizzy and suddenly I fall over, unable to move.

I feel a two hands under me, lifting me up. I look and see Stiles holding me, looking worried.

“Scott! She’s hurt!” He exclaims.

“Get her out of here! I’ll hold the Kanima off”

Stiles nods and starts running with me limp in his arms.

“Shit, you’re bleeding a lot. Why isn’t it healing faster!?” Stiles all but whimpered.

I gasp, finding it harder to breathe.

We’re farther from the Kanima now and I can move a little better but I feel weak.

Stiles sets me down, sitting as well so that my head can rest on his lap.

He takes off his plaid over shirt and bunches it up, placing it on my neck to slow the bleeding.

“I-It’s healing, Stiles”

“Thank god” He sighs, smiling.

“Still hurts like a bitch though” I giggle a little.

“Yeah I bet” He chuckles, looking down at me.

“So, where’s Isaac?” I ask him.

His smile fades a bit but he still answers me “I don’t know. Him and Erican were paralyzed and Boyd and Derek took them”

I nod, disappointed.

“D-Do You like Isaac?” Stiles questions, seeming unsure of whether or not he should ask.

“I-uh- Yeah. I do but he’s with Erica now”

“I get it. It hurts to see someone you love, love someone else”

“What do you mean Stiles?” I implored.

“Well…I probably shouldn’t even say this. I DEFINITELY shouldn’t say this but I watch as you pine after Isaac all the time”

“Stiles…You mean-?”

“Yeah, I’m in love with you and you’re in love with Isaac”

“Stiles, I’m sorry, I-” I try to sit up but my body still hasn’t completely recovered from the venom yet.

“It’s fine. We’re in the same boat you and I”

“Do you feel the same ache in your chest?”

“Yeah. Feels a little bit like heart ache doesn’t it?”

I nod, a single tear rolling down my cheek. He brushes it away with his thumb and gently kisses my forehead.

“But it’s okay. It’ll heal over time even though it literally sucks” He laughs but I can see the pain in his eyes. The same pain I’m feeling.

I’m about to say something when I hear footsteps coming our way.

I turn my head and see Allison, holding Scott up.

“What kind of trouble did you guys get into?” She sassed.

“All sorts” Stiles answers her, with a smile.

you know what makes this worse

my first memory was going to toys r us with my parents to get a gameboy advanced sp. MY FIRST MEMORY

i grew up with mario. mario was the only thing i could never shut up about. in 2nd grade i created a youtube account called “TheNo1SuperMarioFan” 

in 4th grade i had a crush on a girl because she was nice and she was the only one i knew who played new super mario bros wii. i called her a real gamer. that’s you, messy-and-crazy

when i was 9 i got my bunk bed. and of course, mario was all i could ever think about. so i bought mario kart ds bedsheets and a mario kart ds comforter. the bedsheets tore, so i had to replace them. but i still have the comforter. and i’m never letting go of it now. 

my range of nintendo products include the gameboy advanced sp, ds lite, dsi, 3ds, 2 wiis because one got stolen, a wii u, and the new 3ds xl. thanks nobutsonlybodts nicksterp and unculturedswinenotallowed

that wii u is the limited edition zelda wind waker one. i got it as soon as it was released. 

i still have a picture of cartoon me as mario that i got from disneyland. 

i spent hours and hours trying to master the mario rpgs, the pokemon games…anything with nintendo, i would dedicate my life to. 

my parents still tell me that nintendo is childish and stupid and i should grow up. i never will. 

nintendo is a huge part of my life. and it will not ever be the same without the cinnamon roll that is iwata. 

rest in peace, Mr. Satoru Iwata. you brilliant man. don’t thank me for playing. thank you for making my childhood filled with upbeat music and years of unadulterated enjoyment. 

you’ll live in my heart forever. 

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My 4th grade sister has this crush on a boy and she keeps bugging me about him. She asked me two questions and I am really terrible at love advice. I told her she was too young but she still bugged me about this. First, how can I make her stop worrying about this boy? She's 10! Next, how do you know a boy likes you? (This is in case she won't listen to me and I just wanna make her stop)

1. find something else to consume your time, like drawing or uhm.. blogging

2. 5SOS says you know if a boy likes you because they will throw balls at you. But really, little teasing and eye contact are always good hints.

BTS as embarrassing shit I've done in my life
  • JIN: ate soap because it looked like candy
  • NAMJOON: spins around at a park and then falls and pees my pants
  • SUGA: attempts basketball but somehow ends up hitting myself in the face while trying to make a shot
  • J-HOPE: screamed at some Thai old man because i thought he stole my earrings when they were in my pocket
  • JIMIN: threw up on my friend after she gave me a piece of gum
  • TAEHYUNG: followed my 4th grade crush home just to give him a football and tell his mom hi
  • JUNGKOOK: farted on my crush and blamed it on him

“Back in 4th grade, I had a crush on someone who looked and acted like Sasuke. I always thought that I would be his Sakura but I guess not since we stopped talking for 8 years now even though we’re in the same university and I’m in a happy relationship now. I hope he finds his Sakura and I hope she does look and act like Sakura as well. :)”