4th grade crush

One time in like 4th grade I had a crush on a boy from a different classroom I met at a field trip to one of those science center things and he was at the microscope and I wanted to flirt but had no idea how so I stomped on his foot, said “Move bitch this is my microscope,” and shoved him. We dated for like a day but he didn’t hug me goodbye after school so I broke up with him.

BTS as embarrassing shit I've done in my life
  • JIN: ate soap because it looked like candy
  • NAMJOON: spins around at a park and then falls and pees my pants
  • SUGA: attempts basketball but somehow ends up hitting myself in the face while trying to make a shot
  • J-HOPE: screamed at some Thai old man because i thought he stole my earrings when they were in my pocket
  • JIMIN: threw up on my friend after she gave me a piece of gum
  • TAEHYUNG: followed my 4th grade crush home just to give him a football and tell his mom hi
  • JUNGKOOK: farted on my crush and blamed it on him

“Back in 4th grade, I had a crush on someone who looked and acted like Sasuke. I always thought that I would be his Sakura but I guess not since we stopped talking for 8 years now even though we’re in the same university and I’m in a happy relationship now. I hope he finds his Sakura and I hope she does look and act like Sakura as well. :)”

you know what makes this worse

my first memory was going to toys r us with my parents to get a gameboy advanced sp. MY FIRST MEMORY

i grew up with mario. mario was the only thing i could never shut up about. in 2nd grade i created a youtube account called “TheNo1SuperMarioFan” 

in 4th grade i had a crush on a girl because she was nice and she was the only one i knew who played new super mario bros wii. i called her a real gamer. that’s you, messy-and-crazy

when i was 9 i got my bunk bed. and of course, mario was all i could ever think about. so i bought mario kart ds bedsheets and a mario kart ds comforter. the bedsheets tore, so i had to replace them. but i still have the comforter. and i’m never letting go of it now. 

my range of nintendo products include the gameboy advanced sp, ds lite, dsi, 3ds, 2 wiis because one got stolen, a wii u, and the new 3ds xl. thanks nobutsonlybodts nicksterp and unculturedswinenotallowed

that wii u is the limited edition zelda wind waker one. i got it as soon as it was released. 

i still have a picture of cartoon me as mario that i got from disneyland. 

i spent hours and hours trying to master the mario rpgs, the pokemon games…anything with nintendo, i would dedicate my life to. 

my parents still tell me that nintendo is childish and stupid and i should grow up. i never will. 

nintendo is a huge part of my life. and it will not ever be the same without the cinnamon roll that is iwata. 

rest in peace, Mr. Satoru Iwata. you brilliant man. don’t thank me for playing. thank you for making my childhood filled with upbeat music and years of unadulterated enjoyment. 

you’ll live in my heart forever.