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[TRANS] 170317 IU confirmed to comeback with 4th full album on 21st April (Official)

Singer IU is confirmed to comeback with her 4th full length album on 21st April.

According to her agency Loen - Fave Entertainment, IU will be meeting fans of her music again on 21st April with her 4th full length album. Ahead of her 4th album, 2 pre-released tracks will be out on 24th March and 7th April respectively.

IU took on the role of producing and has matured musically through her 4th album. 

According to her agency, ‘Currently, we’re in the midst of finishing the final preparations on the album. IU collaborated with a variety of talented musicians and will be showcasing work from different angles for this album.’ ‘With IU’s experiments (regarding music genres) and her unique lyricism, this makes the album something to look forward to even more.’

After IU’s pre-released track on 24th March, a large-scale PRE-RELEASE project will be underway over 5 weeks, to give everyone a taste of the concept of the new album through the pre-released tracks and teasers as part of her comeback. The high quality music contents are a present that fans of IU’s music who have been waiting for her comeback will welcome.

IU’s 4th full album will be out on 21st April on Melon and other online music sites and the pre-released track will be out on 24th March.

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IU shows duality in the new teasers for her first pre-release track.

Two teaser photos dropped on March 20th KST and shows the singer sporting a short hairdo in one and a longer hairdo in the other.

Recently, she announced her official comeback to be April 21st with her 4th full length album. Several pre-release tracks will drop prior to the album. The first track “밤편지 (Night Letter)” will be out on March 23rd at 6PM KST.

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IU has released the MV teaser for “Through the Night,” an album pre-release digital single from her upcoming 4th full album.  “Through the Night” is scheduled to be released on March 24th followed by the album on April 21st.


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[News] SHINee’s Minho to Make Acting Comeback as Lead in Upcoming Drama

SHINee’s Minho has been cast as the lead role in cable channel OnStyle’s first drama “Friends 2015 (working title),” which focuses on romantic relationships between young guys and girls.

Minho especially caught the audience’s attention when he recently did some comical acting on “SNL Korea.” An affiliate of the broadcast industry claims, “Minho has the looks and a trendy kind of charm. His acting skills have improved since his debut, too. Fans can expect his growth as an actor through this drama.”

Prior to this role, Minho kicked off his acting career as the lead character in the drama “To the Beautiful You” in 2012. He focused on SHINee’s promotions afterwards, but never let go of his passion for acting nonetheless.

Meanwhile, SHINee is currently preparing their repackaged 4th full-length album.

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