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“Looting and Rioting”

First, people need to understand something about the “riots” in Ferguson: I get the feeling that a lot of White people are somehow thinking “Wow, those Black people just stood up in their living rooms and basically set fires to their own residences”

Not the way it works…

You know what neighborhood businesses typically get burned? The ones that aren’t Black owned. You’ve seen them — the pawn shops, the quick-marts, the pay-day loan stores, the liquor stores, the third tier rent-to-own stores…you know, the kind of stores you rarely see on every other corner in middle class White neighborhoods. In short, all the businesses endemic of profiteering and structural poverty…the same businesses that like to follow innocent Black people around in stores for no reason. The businesses that won’t hire many of the Black people living in the neighborhoods they’re profiting off of. The businesses that charge twice as much for the same goods & services that are half as expensive in White neighborhoods

THOSE are the businesses that typically get burned in impoverished neighborhoods. Now, while I’m not necessarily advocating riots, I will repeat the words of Martin Luther King Jr, I think that we’ve got to see that a riot is the language of the unheard

Second, Other than corporate media outlets repeating what the police are telling them, I haven’t seen much hard evidence of honest to God unprovoked “rioting”…but what I have seen is lots of white police firing tear gas and rubber bullets at peaceful protesters. I’ve seen militarized police aim guns, tanks and sound cannons at unarmed civilians in their own neighborhoods. I’ve seen police not interviewing, but arresting key witnesses. I’ve seen people getting gassed in their homes—THEIR HOMES—for committing the crime of what, being Black at home?

The media goes on and on about “looting and rioting” without focusing too much on the police’s strong-arm tactics, they’re complicit in furthering the ratings meme of “unreasonably angry Black people” 

False media narratives: do the words match the facts?

The Gender Gap in Election 2012 Media Sourcing

A new infographic by the 4th Estate illustrates how significantly underrepresented women are in 2012 election coverage. 

via 4thestate:

In our analysis of news stories and transcripts from the past 6 months, men are much more likely to be quoted on their subjective insight in newspapers and on television. This pattern holds true across all major news outlets, as well as on issues specifically concerning women. For example, in front page articles about the 2012 election that mention abortion or birth control, men are 4 to 7 times more likely to be cited than women. This gender gap undermines the media’s credibility.

How they did it:

The 4th Estate collects data from a sampling of news stories from US national print outlets, TV broadcast and radio transcripts covering the 2012 election. These stories are contextually analyzed and broken down by topic, sentiment and newsmaker. The data for this graphic includes quotes and statements from newsmakers who provide subjective insight. Statements from candidates are not counted. The 4th Estate’s sister company, Global News Intelligence, provides similar proprietary services for government and Fortune 500 companies.


This. Is. Amazing. A must-watch. Beautiful stop-motion video of what a world made of books might look like. 

Say hello to Sancho Panza, a new character in the universe of Hobo Lobo.

He has existed for a year and then some (Christmas 2010 is when most of the story has been written, mark the date future editors of my Wikipedia page) but hasn’t had a visage to go with the name. Until a couple of days ago, when I started sketching.

New panel—or three—coming soon.

so I decided to re-watch The Newsroom from the beginning tonight. I’ve LOVED this show since the first episode. Here’s a bit of dialog that helped to initially get me hooked. 

“You know what you left out of your sermon? That America is the only country on the planet that, since its birth, has said over and over and over that we can do better. It’s part of our DNA.
People will want the news if you give it to them with integrity. Not everybody, not even a lot of people— 5%. And 5% more of anything is what makes the difference in this country. So we can do better.
Now I’d like you to listen to these words which were written by Don Miguel de Cervantes: “Hear me now, O thou bleak and unbearable world. Thou art base and debauched as can be. But a knight with his banners all bravely unfurled now hurls down his gauntlet to thee!” That was Don Quixote.

Those words were written by the lyricist for “Man of La Mancha”. You want me in the same shouting match as everybody else?

I want you to not apologize for saying something— - All right! You got yourself in the shouting match when you took vertigo meds and I’d have you winning it.

And what does winning look like to you?

Reclaiming the Fourth Estate. Reclaiming journalism as an honorable profession. A nightly newscast that informs a debate worthy of a great nation. Civility, respect, and a return to what’s important. The death of bitchiness, the death of gossip and voyeurism. Speaking truth to stupid. No demographic sweet spot. A place where we all come together. We’re coming to a tipping point. I know you know that. There’s gonna be a huge conversation. Is government an instrument of good or is it every man for himself? Is there something bigger we want to reach for or is self-interest our basic resting pulse? You and I have a chance to be among the few people who can frame that debate. That’s— It’s - Quixotic?”


This Is Where We Live (by 4th Estate)

Currently: listening to Yeasayer and drafting support letters for The Fourth Estate. My parents were kind enough to lend me the registration fee until I can pay them back, but I don’t want to make them wait forever, you know? And even with working, I have bills to pay being in school, so I’m already doing recycling at my brother’s complex, which gets me about a hundred dollars a month, so I’ll be saving that, but I’m going to need more between paying my parents back and having money for my plane tickets. I need to sit down with my brother and go over this letter and make a list of who I should send it out too, he’s really good at that. And I’m not really sure who to send it too, because most of my family will be hesitant because it’s not a missions trip, and whatever, but we’ll see. I can’t believe this is actually happening. I’m beyond excited…