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i will be doing an art raffle, as promised! i will also do one for 50 followers, if we ever get to that!

anyways here’s the good shit!

 art raffle, thank you for 30+ followers!

  • 1st prize : a detailed piece, 2 chara max
  • 2nd prize : doodles, 3 chara max
  • 3rd prize : icons, 4 chara max (ik it says 5, but i realized i cant to 5… sorry if you really want 5, i could do it)
  • 4th prize : lineart, 4 characters max!


  1. i cant do mecha or 16+ content, pastel gore and others are fine.
  2. reblogs counts, and likes count too. if you reblog and like, you will get 2 counts.
  3. also you have to follow me to enter, its not too late!

once again, thank y’all for 30 followers!

i forgot to mention, if you do follow me for the art raffle, please dont unfollow after! its a bit upsetting to me… !

ends at 28th of august! 10 days left from now!


How to properly introduce M. Hercule Poirot

D&D 5E NPC - Betty Sindall - Hound Master

Art By: Maria Panfilova

Name: Betty Sindall 
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 7’ / 1.70m
Age: 27
Class: Ranger (Hound Master)

Level: 3

AC 14 (Leather Armour), Hp 24 (3d6 Hit Die), Proficiency+2, Speed 30ft,

Alignment: Neutral 

languages: Common, Halfling,

Ability Scores:
Str 14 (+2) Dex 17 (+3) Con 16 (+3) Int 14 (+2) Wis 17 (+3) Cha 14 (+2)

Attacks: Longbow (+7 to hit, 1d8+3 Piercing damage) or Handaxe (+4 to hit, 1d6+2 Slashing damage)

Spellcasting: 3rd level Ranger, spellcasting ability is Wisdom (spell save DC 13, to hit with spell attacks +5)

1st level (3 slots): Beast Bond, Cure Wounds, Speak with Animals,

Skills: Animal Handling, Nature, Perception, Stealth, Survival,

Equipment: Leather Armour, Handaxe, Dagger, An Explorer’s pack, a Longbow, 20 arrows,

Class Features: Favoured Enemy (Beasts), Natural Explorer (Grassland), Fighting Style (Archery), Ranger Archetype (Beast Master),


Betty Sindall is a strong person who prefers the company of dogs over people. She rarely socializes but is considered charming by those she spends time with.

Ideal: Hounds are just like people, but more loyal.

Bond: When I was young my farther had to sell the family farm due to heavy taxes. One day I’ll buy it back to honour his memory.

Flaw: I find it hard to trust people but when I do I’m ferociously loyal.


“Neat where others were sloppy, organized where they were confused, sure of himself while they floundered, he cut a swath through England’s murderers that left the police far behind.
Unimpressed by titles, unfazed by difficulties, untiring in his labours, Hercule Poirot stood as a bulwark protecting English society from legions of lady poisoners, gentlemen stranglers, and murderers of all sorts and persuasions who, without his efforts, would have escaped justice.
Though he occasionally berated himself for his few mistakes and miscalculations, he knew his own worth well enough. Spurning false modesty, he allowed as how he was ‘the greatest mind in Europe.’”

- ‘Hercule Poirot, The Man and the Myth’ by Jerry Keucher, from The Bedside, Bathtub & Armchair Companion to Agatha Christie by Dick Riley and Pam McAllister

200+ followers ART RAFFLE HERE WE GOOOOO!!!! >:3

sorry I’ve been busy this days, so I couldn’t draw the pics,SORRY!!!

DEADLINE WILL BE AT SEPTEMBER 6!!(yup, sorry again ;////;)



  1ST PRIZE (1 WINNERS) GIF animation: Full body+colored+shade+background(1 character.

  2ND PRIZE (1 WINNERS) DRAWINGS: Full body+colored+shade+background  (1~2 characters.

  3RD PRIZE (2 WINNERS) DRAWINGS: Half body+colored+background(1~2 characters.



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3. I WILL DRAW———– furries, OC’s, Undertale, BATIM, FNAF……others fandoms.

 I WON’T DRAW———– NSFW, Complicated mechanices, Realism.

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“ The Princess Of The Castle “

HAPPY 4th!!!!!! From me and my princess Haley. I hope you guys have a great holiday! I had to post these because it was my last kiss from her before I left to Portland early in the morning to go to meet babe’s family. I’ll be back in Ny this week tho before Friday for her birthday, so y'all don’t get no cook out plates and don’t save me none. 😂😂💀

Speacial s/o to my babies! @helloitskeetz @inbrooklynnitsnow @cherishdrubio @crown-queen-bambee @jai-ts4 @sade and more I didn’t forget the rest just can’t tag you all 😂😂