4th celebrations

Just a reminder:

Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote In the Heights to prove that Latinos aren’t knife wielding criminals.

Lin-Manuel Miranda didn’t want to focus on the guy selling drugs on the corner, he wanted to focus on the guy who owns the corner store.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wanted to show Latinos in college.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wanted to show Latinos wishing to change the world.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wanted to show Latino business owners.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wanted to show even though Latino culture is different, we are still legitimate Americans.

Lin-Manuel Miranda set In the Heights happen during July 3rd to July 5th.

Lin-Manuel Miranda shows the barrio celebrating the 4th of July.

Lin-Manuel Miranda also shows the barrio being incredibly prideful of their country of origin.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is saying being proud of one country does not invalidate the love for another.

In the Heights is as much of an American Musical as Hamilton

Famous People Who Share Your Solar and Lunar Houses: Part One, 1st House Suns
  • 1st House Moon: Mindy Kaling, Kate Winslet, Rosa Parks, Lucy Lawless, Georgia O'Keefe, Bill Kaulitz, Zooey Deschanel
  • 2nd House Moon: Aaron Burr, Julie Andrews, Brad Pitt, Blake Lively, Paul Newman, Ozzy Osbourne, Sarah Silverman, Francis Bacon
  • 3rd House Moon: 14th Dalai Lama, Heath Ledger, John Mayer, Caitlyn Jenner, Louis Garrell, Andrew Carnegie, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, Daisy Fuentes, Alfred Nobel
  • 4th House Moon: Evanna Lynch, Penelope Cruz, Matthew Perry, Wassily Kandinsky, Eva Peron, Steve Martin, Gianni Versace, North West, Joe Dimaggio
  • 5th House Moon: Freddie Mercury, Arthur Miller, Grace Kelly, Barbara Streisand, Lisa Kudrow, Mark Twain, Augustus, George Lopez, Thomas Hobbes
  • 6th House Moon: Alyssa Milano, Michael Phelps, Catherine de' Medici, Clark Gable, Vladimir Nabokov, Clemence Poesy, Cesare Borgia, Anne of Brittany, Barbara Schulz, Edward the III of England
  • 7th House Moon: Gillan Anderson, Tom Selleck, Kathy Griffin, James Joyce, Margaret Cho, Lady Bird Johnson
  • 8th House Moon: Nero, Rachel McAdams, Rob Kardashian, Azelma Banks, Joe Frazier, Robert Duvall, World War II, Petrarch
  • 9th House Moon: Andy Warhol, Elijah Wood, Matt LeBlanc, Lauren Conrad, Frank Zappa, Gene Wilder, Johannes Brahms, Hozier, Sophia Brahe, Joanna of Castille
  • 10th House Moon: Lafayette, Nicolas Cage, Jude Law, Bradley Cooper, David Cameron, George Lucas, Olivia Newton John, Alan Cumming, Casey Kasem
  • 11th House Moon: Bruce Lee, Keanu Reeves, Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, Claude Debussy, Machine Gun Kelly, Robert Burns
  • 12th House Moon: Abraham Lincoln, Bjork, Scarlett Johansson, Bach, Cate Blanchett, Alexander Skarsgard, Nina Simone, Amanda Bynes, Jerry Seinfeld, Stephen Fry, Arietty, Henry the III of England

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It’s funny, this whole thing of sexism, because it was more prominent in the 40s. It was more on the surface. So now looking back on it we can identify moments of misogyny or sexism. We can see them happening. Nowadays it’s a lot more subtle like, if a woman is in a high position, she finds herself being called a bitch or accused of being difficult. I think it’s much harder these days to identify moments of sexism, because they just have very sophisticated ways of hiding themselves.

Why are white single people so dramatic like all my social media is littered w people complaining about bein alone for valentines like, ,, i’m literally alone for everything?? sometimes holidays are just not your time to celebrate?? time literally is a made up concept literally just celebrate valentines next time you have someone??

ROTG Month: Hope

On instagram a few artists in the ROTG fandom put together a thank you project for William Joyce to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the movie. Here’s my entry.

“Bill Joyce, your stories about a Tsar and his knight have brought me more joy than I know how to tell you. Much like the Golden Age, you and the Guardians have opened up a world for me in which there is hope and happiness and dreams can come true. Thank you so much!”

Silly Mc76 headcanon where McCree and Morrison celebrate the 4th of July by buying a massive amount of fireworks and nearly killing themselves when they set them all off at once, much to Mercy’s dismay.