4th a paris

First American Troops in France. American soldiers arrived in Paris for the Independence Day celebration. Photo shows them marching from the Gare d'Austerlitz to the Barracks at Rouilly.  July 4, 1917.

File Unit: Ceremonies - Independence Day, 1917, 1917 - 1918Series: American Unofficial Collection of World War I Photographs, 1917 - 1918Record Group 165: Records of the War Department General and Special Staffs, 1860 - 1952

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PARIS _Feb 10th~ 16th
BERLIN_Feb 17th~23th
LONDON_ Feb 25th,27th,28th and Mar 1st~4th


Kristen Stewart interview at Gabrielle Chanel Party.

Kristen Stewart being shown around at the Gabrielle Chanel exhibition by Olivier Polge, the creator of the perfume.

Thomas Du Pre de Saint Maur giving some hints “it’s about freedom…” about the Gabrielle Chanel movie commercial coming up starring Kristen.

4th July 2017, Paris.

~ Gabrielle Chanel will be available in the market on 1st Sept 2017.

Here we are on the first page of the 8th Chapter of the Book 2017. And we  Welcome 🌻 August with a bang. K pics and gracing the cover of Marie Claire as well as Harper Bazar French editions. She looks regal. I love the soft colors they used on her for this new photoshoot. And this comes on the heals of the closing of the 7th chapter where it took 744 hours, 44,640 minutes, and 2,678,400 seconds to fill up those 31 pages.

As we said

just about 12 hours ago est, this is what we got,

••.҉☆ Mr. Handsome at a Dior show in Paris on the 3rd.

••.҉☆ DEAN was with him as his bodyguard again! (YES!!)

••.҉☆ Rob at a Dior event in the evening for a 70 year celebration of Dior. 

••.҉☆ Kristen an a Chanel show during the day of the 4th in Paris. 

••.҉☆ Chanel debut the Gabrielle cologne with an evening event in Paris on the 4th as K will be the face of this and it comes out in September.

••.҉☆ K had interviews and such through Thursday, 6th.

••.҉☆ RK flew back on the same plane arrived back in LA on the 7th. 

••.҉☆ Both walking the pap gauntlet on their way to their waiting vehicles.

••.҉☆ We get some new bts of Good Time.

••.҉☆ K filming her new movie in Canada.

••.҉☆ Then, bam! We get Promo Rob for Good Time.

••.҉☆ NY: 25th & 26th HS show, interviews, Lincoln Center,Q & A,  filmed something that we will hopefully find out soon what that was for when he was there.

••.҉☆ Canada next! Interviews, a screening, and a Q & A.

••.҉☆ Ended with another Q&A/Screening in San Francisco, CA.

He’s still not done with Good Time promotion. He has a screening in LA at the Arclight Hollywood as well as being a presenter at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s annual grants banquet. Aug. 2nd, 

There is a special screening with a Q&A with R for the SAG AFTRA Founation and will be on Jimmy Kimmel on Aug. 3rd.

The Academy will have a special screening & then a Q&A with Rob on Aug. 6th.

On the 10th, he is back in NY for another screening at the Cadillac House.

Happy for him & Good Time and all the great reviews he & it is getting!!

Whew!!! Those two have just been busy busy busy!!!

Remember: Take the time to

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and when the next 30 pages have been completed in this chapter, I’ll meet you right back here for the next recap!!

So, let’s sit back and enjoy what the rest of 

has for us!!!

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les misérables + main places || (pictures are not mine)

  • la place de la bastille: square in paris where “la prison de la bastille” stood until its destruction in 1789 during the french revolution. in the novel, it’s the site of napoleon’s elephant.
  • la rue des filles du calvaire (trad. the street of the ordeal’s daughters/girls): marius’s grandfather’s house. it’s situated in the north-east of the 3rd arrondissement of paris. 
  • l’église saint-paul saint-louis: church where marius and cosette were married. situated in the marais quarter of paris (4th arrondissement). 
  • rue de la verrerie: marius & courfeyrac’s apartment. 
  • “la barricade de la liberté”: also the corinthe. situated rue mondétour and rue rambuteau. it’s where the barricade was built in the novel.
  • quai des gesvres: place where javert committed suicide. in the novel, he didn’t jump from a bridge but from an embankment. from his point of view, we can see notre-dame in the background.
  • café musain: doesn’t exist anymore. it was situated boulevard saint-michel. 
  • rue plumet: exist under another name now: “rue oudinot”. where jean valjean lived while raising cosette. number #55 doesn’t exist: the musical invented it. it’s hard to tell where valjean’s house could have been situated.