Solving problems using astrology

Sometimes if you are having trouble in particular aspects of your life, your birth chart can help you figure out either what is going on or what you can do to fix it. Below is a list of some common issues and what houses to look in to try to solve them. You may also want to check where the planetary ruler of the sign on the cusp of the house is.

Self-image issues? Look to the 1st house

Self-worth issues? Look to the 2nd house

Communication issues? Look to the 3rd house

Family difficulties? Look to the 4th house

Creative blocks? Look to the 5th house

Work or health issues? Look to the 6th house

Relationship troubles? Look to the 7th house

Concerns regarding sex or death? Look to the 8th house

Personal belief system confusion? Look to the 9th house

Career or reputation issues? Look to the 10th house

Friendship troubles? Look to the 11th house

Nightmares or spirituality issues? Look to the 12th house

You may want to check the placements of Saturn and Chiron, as they represent issues that we will suffer from but also learn from.

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uranus in the first house: a popped bubble of electric delight. the portrait of everything obscure, intriguing, and wonderful. his outfit is sky blue and his eyes are turquoise. his house has a lot of satellites
uranus in the second house: the rogue accountant. uses electronic money. builds wealth from a wicked blog. she wears accessories and experimentation makeup because she likes to spend her money on something cool and creative
uranus in the third house: black framed glasses, holding a pile of uneven books with topics stemming from politics to near death experiences, knee high socks and cute creepers. a genius that captures you with her imagination. has a chemistry set on the kitchen table
uranus in the fourth house:
a bohemian flair and artistic dress sense. she is a spirit that cannot settle. she keeps changing her name and address. she wears bracelets and zodiac charms and flowers in her hair
uranus in the fifth house: the mad artist, he wears a penguin suit and top hat, and his spotlight flashes neon rainbows.there is a baby who hangs off his back giggling.
uranus in the sixth house: she drinks green tea 74 times a day and works freelance. her home is vintage neat and expresses a lot of nervous energy. she wears cat eye glasses and likes to use a typewriter
uranus in the seventh house: she wears purple lipstick with a black and bright pink outfit. the photo of her boyfriend is the lock picture on her phone because she likes to spend a bit of time away. she is wanted by all for her etheric charm, she is a galactical sweetheart
uranus in the eighth house: he is a magician who pulls all sorts of intuitive sorcery from his hat. his eyes are purple and his hair is dark, he seems like a visitor from the afterlife, one who makes magic crackle from the cauldron of his mind
uranus in the ninth house: she wears crystals around her neck and watches videos of alien conspiracies and zeitgeist. she lights soy candles on top of her giant bookshelf and takes many paths of study at university
uranus in the tenth house: she carries a blue scepter and she wears a short stylish business suit with a blue bow in her hair. she carries a galaxy case with her laptop and wears purple heels. her earpiece looks professional but she is receiving transmissions from aliens
uranus in the eleventh house: lives off the grid and has never paid taxes. does not vote and styles long salty locks. he dresses in singlets with witty slogans and smells of tea tree and organic body wash. he doesn’t hang around long
uranus in the twelfth house: her room is darkened and lit with glow in the dark planets. there is a ring around hear head like an electric halo and she is dressed in black and purple. she seems like a mythological goddess

Fourth house-Tenth house Axis: The Family Portrait

We have Capricorn’s tenth house representing the ‘dominant parent’, and  Cancer’s fourth house relating to the ‘sub dominant’ parent. Cancer’s ruler, the Moon facilitates the preparation for pregnancy in the 28 day cycles, the waxing and waning symbolizing the swelling of the belly in pregnancy, and the supernal maternal instinct. Capricorn sends us out into the world with our skills and talents at best, while Cancer welcomes us home with gentle arms. The dominant parent provides the structural support, and the subdominant parent expresses emotional support. The tenth house and the fourth house can indicate conditions around the parents and the upbringing. These will be the perception of the child, rather than what may be observable by others.

Aries in the 4th house/Libra 10th house - Experiences with the mother may have been fun and exciting but also challenging and full of conflict. She could have been the commanding force in the home. There is loyalty but tension. Maybe there is a lot of doting on the father. It may have been him that taught love

Taurus 4th house/Scorpio 10th house - Dominant parent is quite powerful, commanding, and socially present. But there may also be an absence, a sense of neglect, physical or otherwise. The mother may be known for her beauty and sense of style. Maybe she was gentle but martyred

Gemini 4th house/Sagittarius 10th house - Educative and open household. Subdominant parent may have been impractical, disorganized but clever. Father can be moral and worldly, but there can be a pang of distance, emotional or otherwise, from each. The individual lives in their own world

Cancer 4th house/Capricorn 10th house - The individual is highly sensitive to the emotions of the mother. There may have been a lot of early movement. The father could be the disciplinarian while the mother is the emotional recluse, a cradle of safety. The father was a hard and sacrificial worker. A lot of love

Leo 4th house/Aquarius 10th house - The father may have only been present erratically. Maybe he is unusual, talented, but impractical. The dominant parent taught the need for independence. The mother was likely highly present and influential. The individual was the light and star of her life.

Virgo 4th house/Pisces 10th house - The dominant parent may be very creative, unusual, and spiritual, but also or rather mentally ill, substance abusing, and emotionally and physically weak. The subdominant parent could have encouraged the individual to read and become educated. The household is communicative. Mother may have trouble with nerves

Libra 4th house/Aries 10th house - The dominant parent is inspiring but also dominant and possibly interfering. Independence will be instilled in the child. The relationship with the mother may have been sweet and friendly, while the relationship with the father could be full of challenge and conflict

Scorpio 4th house/Taurus 10th house - One of the parents may have been threatening or pedantic with the child. There could be fears of abandonment. Powerful and inexplicable bond with the mother. The dominant parent can be creative, solid, and reliable. Maybe the public has a rosy perception of the home that is untrue

Sagittarius 4th house/Gemini 10th house - One or both of the parents distributes high wisdom. Education is encouraged. The household is liberal and communicative. Subdominant parent is meditative and spiritual. Dominant parent is vocal and highly influences the way the individual thinks. They could think identically. Nomadic upbringing

Capricorn 4th house/Cancer 10th house - The mother can be the provider. Home ownership will be important. Father may have been the emotional nourishment. Mother influences professional decisions. Strict and regulated childhood. May have felt unwanted

Aquarius 4th house/Leo 10th house - The dominant parent may project unlived desires through the child. Both parents tend to be very proud of the individual, but fail to express this to to the child itself. Subdominant parent may have been frequently absent. The father strongly present and there could be high expectation. A lot of movement. Freedom of expression was likely encouraged. Searches for father figure if denied one

Pisces 4th house/Virgo 10th house - The subdominant parent may be a creative visionary, compassionate, mystical, and powerful, but may have also been dependent, unrealistic, suffer mental illness or addiction. Dominant parent may have been humble but concerned with routine and wrapped up in anxieties. The relationship with the mother is ill defined

These can be varied depending on the presence of planets in the fourth or tenth houses, the aspects made to these planets, and the planets by degree also ruling the cusp.


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