Self Care with the Moon (Astrology)

Nurturing, Self care and your Moon sign/placement

The moon in a natal chart represents how we nurture, how we want to be nurtured, our habits and our receptivity.

If you’re feeling tense, anxious or in need of self care and nurturing, look to your moon sign for some help as to how you can take better care of your emotional well being.

Moon in Aries/1st House/conjunct the AC from the 12th
- Express your emotions to others upfront
- Take care of your appearance
- Do jobs for yourself, you’ll feel better being independent
- Have that emotional blow up, don’t hold it in
- Don’t sit around wallowing in your emotions. Get up, and go DO something, take initiative
- You want to cry? Do it….
- Be in solitude sometimes (if your moons in the first house, you’re quite receptive to other people’s emotions. You need to get away from that from time to time)

Moon in Taurus/2nd House
- Material comforts such as good food, a soft bed, and comfy clothes will greatly help nurture you
- Having a well balanced bank account
- Write down 5 things a day that you value (about yourself, and/or what you have - not what you want). A gratitude diary would be great!
- Listening to music (or making music if you like to) will help you relax. Also painting and sculpting
- Hugs! Physically holding another will help you relax
- Nice smelling perfumes on your body or in your house
- Using Body moisturiser and beauty products

Moon in Gemini/3rd House
- Talk about your feelings
- Get out of the house and go for short trips around your neighbourhood/local area. Being in your house for too long will make you agitated
- Talk to others, In real life or online. Prolonged solitude can make you feel lonely very quickly (Facebook/Snapchat/Skype people when you can)
- Hang out with your siblings (if you have any/if your moon isn’t afflicted). If you don’t have any siblings, cousins and neighbours you’re close to is also great!
- Write things down, especially about how your feeling. You may enjoy journaling

Moon in Cancer/4th House/Conjunct the Ic (possibly from the 3rd House)
- Hugs Hugs Hugs!
- Cook/eat your favourite food
- Spend time at home (if you’re a 3rd House moon conjunct the IC, go out for short trips then come home to relax - you kinda need both)
- Be with your mother/family (if your mother is present/if your moon isn’t afflicted)
- Nurture others
- Be with children
- Cry on someone’s shoulder, it’s ok!
- Snuggle in bed

Moon in Leo/5th House
- Be generous and spread happiness to others
- Take the spotlight (but don’t be too greedy)
- Let people know how you really feel (don’t be too pushy about it)
- Express your creativity!
- Dance if you want to!
- Watch a comedy or joke around with friends
- Play games with children/Release your inner child
- Party 🎉
- Play games!
- Express your love to your lover. Give and get kisses and cuddles you deserve

Moon in Virgo/6th House
- Take care of your health. Take your medication, eat healthy and exercise
- Do yoga
- Make a ‘To-do’ list and calendars. You’re naturally emotionally stressed, make it easy for yourself by planning things
- Keep your house and environment organised and clean
- Pamper yourself by being well groomed and hygienic
- Relax in a spa bath
- Enjoy a healthy meal
- Make goals for yourself and aim to achieve them
- Help someone else out. Be of service
- If you aren’t feeling great, ask someone to do some jobs for you. It’s only fair

Moon in Libra/7th House/Conjunct the DES from the 6th
- Make art. Draw and paint
- Make yourself look beautiful. Wear your favourite outfit, get your hair/makeup done
- Listen to music
- Talk to others and close friends
- Spend time with a romantic lover
- Do something nice for someone
- Settle/balance an argument
- Weigh the pros and cons to making a decision
- Beautify your home and environment

Moon in Scorpio/8th House
- You’re emotions are so intense, you may need to seclude yourself fairly often from people. Take time out with yourself to avoid emotional strain
- Spend time 'going within’ yourself. You can do this through mediation or simply self contemplation. You have a need to know yourself.
- You need to protect your vulnerability. Find someone you can trust 100% to tell your feelings to, for you need a channeled way of release
- You can purge excess emotion and passion through sex and connecting with someone on a higher level
- Share your feelings with those you truly trust

Moon in Sagittarius/9th House
- Go for a long drive/bus/train trip. Explore your local area, or if you can, take a trip to a nearby town. Explore your sense of adventure
- You probably generally don’t like to think/talk about your emotions, and your resilience allows you to support yourself
- Enjoy the company of good friends. Laugh and have a good time
- You may enjoy watching a comedy
- Ask yourself the biggest questions of life and let your mind wander in the possibilities. It brings you ease knowing that everything happens for a reason, allowing you to maintain your optimism

Moon in Capricorn/10th House/Conjunct the MC from the 9th
- You like Scorpio moon folk, tend to prefer to keep your emotions under wraps
- You make like to literally 'work’ your problems out. Doing jobs and focusing on goals allows you to gain satisfaction of achievement
- At times, you may feel lonely and cut off from others. This is often self imposed. Don’t be afraid to open to others who you feel comfortable with
- Like Virgo moons, setting your self job lists can help give you direction, removing any feelings of being at a loss with life
- Spend sometime away from people who try to pry you open all the time as this can really stress you out

Moon in Aquarius/11th House
- You’re emotional wellbeing may not be the focus of your life, and you have great difficulty expressing your feelings to others
- You have the ability to logically analyse your emotions and fix things in your external environment that’s causing you problems
- Change things in your home/environment often to keep yourself stimulated
- Perhaps spend time partaking in humanitarian causes
- Talk to anyone and everyone. Being part of society can make you feel quite buzzed

Moon in Pisces/12th House
- Your emotions are highly sensitive and you are greatly sensitive to the emotions of others. Surround yourself with loving and supportive people or if that’s not possible, find a secluded space
- You react to emotional stimulus quite easy. Listen to happy music or watch a funny, lighthearted movie
- Never blame yourself for something you know you didn’t do. Don’t give into pieces victim mentality. Tell yourself the truth always
- Learn how to set yourself boundaries and don’t give into everyone all of the time. It’s great to be loving and generous, but you need to also take care of yourself
- Watch movies or play games that really draws you in and allows your imagination to run freely in a channeled way

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  • If you want to see your 1st house: Find a reflection and look into your eyes, look at the masks you hang on the back of your door. Reflect on the sense inside that feels wrapped around a tiny pulse, the one that has always been with you and never leaves, the one that responds to hearing your name out loud or validation of your presence. What is going on inside your mind? there is the chattering of thoughts, but who is the one listening?
  • If you want to see your 2nd house: Look at your bed and furniture, your clothes and decorations, your bank account and wish list, the book you are reading, cuisine you are enjoying. Listen to the sound of your voice, touch every soft curve and harsh angle in your body like you are reading a musical about yourself. Look at your art room and creations, your wine fridge, your garden and flowers, hold your gold, gemstones, or crystals. Look at the assets that reflect the quality of your hard work
  • If you want to see your 3rd house: Write a blog post or flick through your articles of interest, talk to your neighbour or message your sister. Look at your schoolbooks, look at the way you have arranged your immediate environment to make it stimulate and interact with you. Take a drive to your favourite cafe or the tram to your little hangout where you like to amuse yourself. Think of your first day of school, ask the first question that comes to your mind out loud
  • If you want to see your 4th house: Go to the physical place or place that your mind knows as home. See where the flow of your solitary fantasy takes you. Look at your parents and grandparents, your photo albums, old journals, and comforters you have kept hold of. Write down what you are feeling, read or start a dream journal. Imagine a golden umbilical cord that comes from inside your core and leads into space. Look at the personal touches you leave on every house you make a home. At the end of the day, what is it that truly matters? the 4th house reflects on these deeply conditioned values
  • If you want to see your 5th house: Lose yourself in your child's imagination, look at your romantic partner, look at the source of your pride and accomplishments. Think of a day that was made to celebrate you like your birthday or wedding. Let spontaneity flow through you and write a song, poem, or grand story of your life and dream. Look at your dress to impress, the things you post on your blog, your make-up, your special charm, the items that keep you amused and entertained, your school and sports awards, your unfinished grand schemes. Play with your deck of cards, enjoy a wine under solar light, make a bet with yourself
  • If you want to see your 6th house: Look at your daily planner, make an appointment, look at your your medicine box. Look around your home at all the quirky innovations and constructs that make it more personally efficient. Look at your pet, look at your obvious or irregular patterns of order, the way you left your shoes at the door, and the way you left reminders for yourself. Do something intricate with your hands. Think of something that gives you butterflies, think of the new skills you have learned on the job, get your work prepared for the next day
  • If you want to see your 7th house: Look at your partner, your loved ones, your relationships, your first love, reflect on their great value and necessity, think of that mystical rare spark or cosmic crackle that romantic encounters can ignite, think of the sister that peeps out from inside you when these people are around. If Cupid could grant your wish, what would you envision your ideal relationship and partner to be? Look in the mirror and turn off the light. Play the opposite day game.
  • If you want to see your 8th house: Look at your inheritances, photographs of your ancestors, look at your intimate partner, and look at the resources you have grown together. Think about the time you confronted one of your greatest fears or survived something you didn't think you could. Go to the place you hide things, unlock your top draw of concealed desire, open your confidential files, look at your tax return, imagine you were to go to sleep and never wake up. Reflect on the way that people would describe your energy or legacy after your spirit has gone home
  • If you want to see your 9th house: Look at your degree or certificates, look at your passport or desired travel destinations. If you could go anywhere or study anything what would it be? Look at your heavy textbooks and reading material, your holiday photos or blog, read your horoscope or mythology. Try to remember the first way you managed to think about or describe God. Reflect on an extraordinary experience, sense of joy, or oneness with nature and the world around you. Think of the one question you would ask the universe if it could give you a direct answer.
  • If you want to see your 10th house: Look at the personal success story and badges of honour you have collected for yourself, you may be looking at things like your academic credentials and awards, your children, your profession. Look at your online profiles, your resume, and your followers. Think of what you wanted to be when you grew up, and what you still want to be. Reflect on what the definition of success is to you. If you could give your 10 year old self a message or piece of advice, what would it be?
  • If you want to see your 11th house: Style your appearance like you would if you knew you were not going to be judged, labeled, or receive unwarranted attention. Reflect on the times when you have felt a life to be heaven on earth, or you have experienced an out of the ordinary position of consciousness. If you were to be accepting your dream on a stage, who would you thank for supporting you to get there? Look at your friends, your online groups, your devises around the home. Play with, or support your team. If you were a leader what would your one major political policy be?
  • If you want to see your 12th house: Hide under your blanket, lose yourself in a book, shut your eyes and go inside, read your private journals, realise the moment between sleep and awake. Listen to a song that is emotionally inspiring, hypnotising, or transporting. Meditate, pray, create or daydream. Turn your devices so you won't be disturbed, soak your feet, take a swim or bath and submerge your ears, let your imagination run wild, observe how you feel and spend your time when nobody else is home
neptunian feelings

Neptune in the 1st: your personality feels fickle, unstable, you don’t know who you are, relying on multiple personas to hide your insecurities and fears. you tend to pick up traits from the people you’re closest with.

Neptune in the 2nd: in your mind, you never have too much. you believe money can buy you a ticket out of unhappiness. luxury is a fantasy. feels like your belongings can save your life, so you cherish them with heart and soul

Neptune in the 3rd: fiction is always better than the real deal. your thinking process is frequently clouded with distractions, daydreaming is part of your nature. you’re easily hypnotized by whatever seems divine at the moment

Neptune in the 4th: you seek protection in places you won’t find it. your childhood left a void in you so you try to fill it by creating illusions of a perfect home in your mind, and trying to recreate your definition of a perfect family

Neptune in the 5th: over dramatization of love. you’re either in cloud nine, or extremely heart-broken. you idealize romance and daydream about intense affairs. glamour & art attract you for giving you a sense of pleasured escapism

Neptune in the 6th: marked by hypersensitivity and avoidance of rules, schedules, plans and routines. easily bored by daily activities, and generally comfortable among messes/disorganized spaces. work has to be inspirational.

Neptune in the 7th: codependent and easily attached, more to the ideas you fabricate about people than to them. you mirror the behaviors of others. You glamorize romantic relationships, often ignoring flaws. you want to save, or be saved by your lover.

Neptune in the 8th: overwhelming desire to understand death, the human mind and everything that is inexplicably complex. emotional wounds are very heavy on you & you dwell on them. self-destruction tendencies are familiar.

Neptune in the 9th: hopeless and delusional optimism, incessant quest to find “heaven” on earth not through physical pleasure but through existential fulfillment. you’re lured in by promises of transcending the mundane

Neptune in the 10th: you’re confused about your place in the world and can’t seem to find a purpose in life. marked by an obsession with reputation and your position in society. impressionable and unsure about career options 

Neptune in the 11th: easily influenced by friends, often unable to realize malice and evil intentions behind people’s actions. enchanted by the possibility of saving the world, but also emptied out by it.

Neptune in the 12th: you feel fragile and over-exposed so you seclude yourself, and then feel lonely. permanently unsatisfied with what life gives you, so usually feeling hopeless and lost. fantasy is better than reality.

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Solving problems using astrology

Sometimes if you are having trouble in particular aspects of your life, your birth chart can help you figure out either what is going on or what you can do to fix it. Below is a list of some common issues and what houses to look in to try to solve them. You may also want to check where the planetary ruler of the sign on the cusp of the house is.

Self-image issues? Look to the 1st house

Self-worth issues? Look to the 2nd house

Communication issues? Look to the 3rd house

Family difficulties? Look to the 4th house

Creative blocks? Look to the 5th house

Work or health issues? Look to the 6th house

Relationship troubles? Look to the 7th house

Concerns regarding sex or death? Look to the 8th house

Personal belief system confusion? Look to the 9th house

Career or reputation issues? Look to the 10th house

Friendship troubles? Look to the 11th house

Nightmares or spirituality issues? Look to the 12th house

You may want to check the placements of Saturn and Chiron, as they represent issues that we will suffer from but also learn from.

The Moon in the houses

Moon in the 1st house:

Do not think that you can hide or disguise your emotions: they are obvious to everyone. Your well-being depends strangely on your appearance and how people perceive you.

Moon in the 2nd house:

Although you have a lifetime of financial ups and downs, you become increasingly persistent and you learn to manage your money. Perhaps you do not consider yourself a materialistic person; Yet money matters.

Moon in the 3rd house:

You have a curious mind, a strong attachment to your brothers and sisters, and the ability to easily establish emotional ties. You have a sense of communication, both verbal and written.

Moon in the 4th house:

Your parents and the patrimony of the family are very important to you, and the past has a charm that you can hardly resist. You have very strong security needs. It is essential to have a home in which you feel good. In your search for the perfect home, you will most likely change residence.

Moon in the 5th house:

You are romantic, theatrical and emotional, especially with regards to heart stories. You are also creative and talented, perhaps in more than one field. Risk-taker, especially in love, you easily establish contact with children, whether yours or those of others. (That’s why you have to become professors guys)

Moon in the 6th house:

It is likely that you will often change jobs, until you find a job that really satisfies you. It is not enough to work for money; You need to be productive and realize yourself. The professions of service or health will give you great satisfaction. You also worry about your health, which may be affected by your reactions at work.

Moon in the 7th house:

Marriage and other associations play an important role for you, although you may be undecided about relationships. Once you get involved, you run the risk of becoming too dependent. In business, people are looking for you.

Moon in the 8th house:

You have emotions that fluctuate strongly, the ability to heal your emotional wounds yourself, and possibly even those of others. On the emotional level, you are courageous and ready to confront reality in the face. In the financial field, you experience ups and downs, especially through a romantic relationship.

Moon in the 9th house:

The more you push the limits of your life by looking for new experiences, the happier you are. You have an active imagination and a desire for knowledge. You may explore many religions and philosophies before finding the one that will satisfy you. Journeys soothe your soul.

Moon in the 10th house:

The peace of your mind goes hand in hand with your professional success. Career plays an essential role for you, but you may change professionally often before finding the right field. Once you have found it, you will immerse yourself in it. Your privacy suffers. Fortunately, if you like what you do, it does not matter to you.

Moon in the 11th house:

On the social level, you are popular and at ease, with a great aptitude for friendship. You possess an instinctive understanding of other people, and friends play a central role in your life. It’s possible that your goals and aspirations change often, so your circle of friends may change.

Moon in the 12th house:

It is not easy to update your secrets. You are in a changing, sensitive mood, and attracted by the secret side of life. Your mode is that of withdrawal. You prefer to conceal your emotions. You might be engaged in institutions like hospitals or prisons. Clandestine relationships may offer you a form of emotional food that you can not find elsewhere.
☽ Emotional Comfort: The Moon In The Houses
  • -☽-☽-☽ What Makes You Happy
  • Moon in the 1st House: Expressing yourself freely
  • Moon in the 2nd House: Protecting the things you value
  • Moon in the 3rd House: Sharing your ideas with others
  • Moon in the 4th House: Spending some time at home
  • Moon in the 5th House: Going out just to have fun
  • Moon in the 6th House: Feeling needed and useful
  • Moon in the 7th House: Spending time with your friends
  • Moon in the 8th House: Realizing how much you've grown
  • Moon in the 9th House: Travelling & chatting with foreigners
  • Moon in the 10th House: Being respected and admired
  • Moon in the 11th House: Feeling like you made a difference
  • Moon in the 12th House: Understanding yourself a little better

The Saturn rings symbolise the laws of karma, so obstruction with Saturn is somewhat inevitable. But Saturn also constructs internal conditions and rationalisations that result in external obstructions, and it’s most likely the prime experience we are consciously attempting to circumvent that we create. Certainly, Saturn can be the devil inside, re-enforcing to us why we deserve what we fear the most 

🖤 Saturn in the 1st - There is a consuming need to be loved, accepted, respected, and valued. But the mask can be so tightly sewn and programmed that the light is dim and people don’t have an opportunity to truly see them, the connections can therefore seem vague or unreal, but they don’t expose enough of themselves to make these relationships possible 

🖤 Saturn in the 2nd - The sense of being unworthy and void of value makes it difficult to enjoy what they have worked so hard for. They fear missing out on life to survive, but they can be so focused on surviving they forget to live, indulge, and remind themselves that they are important 

🖤 Saturn in the 3rd - Thought patterns regarding lack of intelligence and reduced sense of mental value can create paralysis in the mind. Fear of fearing an exam can become so consuming that the mind is worn down by the time pen is put to paper. They can see the work on the board and feel reduced, telling themselves over and over that they are too ‘dumb’ to learn it and missing everything the teacher says in the meantime 

🖤 Saturn in the 4th - Fear of change can bind the individual very closely to mental and physical conditions. They can lean dependently on personal routines and practices until they become self-destructive ritual and they are forced with desperation to make the substantial internal reflection and change they shy from. It can reach such a low they may be forced to change residence 

🖤 Saturn in the 5th - The sense of not being special enough to love can blind romantic opportunities when they present themselves, the individual can shut off from the person’s affections despite their need and desires, feeling that soon they will be exposed for what they are. The person may feel unworthy of a child or in desperate need for one, increasing stress on the body and physiology and obstructing its natural processes  

🖤 Saturn in the 6th - Fear of losing employment can create a nervous or vigilant nature at work that draws exactly what they attempt to avoid the most - attention. Intense self-consciousness can cause them to make unusual mistakes before superiors and act of of character, much to their detriment 

🖤 Saturn in the 7th - The image of the perfect, solid, and unproblematic relationship can be so consuming that the individual searches for a conditioned and constructed ‘spark’ or ‘feeling’ when seeking a prospective partner. It can be so tightly regulated that they ignore, deny, or evade the natural, mysterious, and evocative sensations they generate with the people who can provide what they are searching for  

🖤 Saturn in the 8th - Fear of exposure, vulnerability, and submission can occlude the flow into natural intimacy and interpersonal trust with lovers. They individual can fear the process of letting go and allowing instinct to take over, instead they can watch themselves, create pains, and fail to build into that peak of union they deeply long for 

🖤 Saturn in the 9th - There is significant desire to accredit and accomplish the mind, but feelings of intellectual invalidity can cause the individual to doubt their potential and withhold enrolling into higher education due to ‘never feeling ready’. The intense fear of failing and high expectation can create such severe nerves and mental paralysis that university is extended due to illness, underperformance, and reconfiguring the course 

🖤 Saturn in the 10th - Fear of failure or unreadiness blind successful opportunities when they present themselves, and seeming like they are making no progress only exacerbates this complex. Self-lowering beliefs can obstruct them from stepping into the world they desire to conquer 

🖤 Saturn in the 11th - There can be significant self-consciousness with friends, the taunting complex that they are disliked or purposely left out of things. It can make them quiet and withdrawn socially and threatens the substantial connections they crave because friends have a hard time knowing who this person really is 

🖤 Saturn in the 12th - There is a highly tuned instinct and a great inner knowing that the inner waters lead to the right direction. But they can feel unworthy or undeserving of intuition or helpful guidance and put it down to childishness. There can be a need to prime and perfect the intuition to such acute degree that the flow from heaven is substantially obstructed


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Venus Blessings

Wherever you may have Venus in your house(s). If it is empty, check which sign your Venus is and apply it to the house that it rules.

Venus in the 1st House: You are blessed with natural charm and attraction. You typically have a good fashion sense, dedicating a lot of time on your physical appearance. 

Venus in the 2nd House: You are blessed with money and/or spectacular taste in possessions. You typically value/attracted to: art, beauty, and luxury. 

Venus in the 3rd House: You are blessed with words and communication. Whether it’s by talking–or writing, you can flatter/compliment without even trying. 

Venus in the 4th House: You are blessed with interior design. You really know how to make a home feel and look beautiful. You can host a house party like no other.

Venus in the 5th House: You are blessed with romance, creativity, and children. You love a good party and romantic affair. Creativity comes naturally to you. You are good with and/or will have children.

Venus in the 6th House: You are blessed with pleasant co-workers, polite mannerisms, and an artistic career. You may even have others volunteer to help you out at work as well. 

Venus in the 7th House: You are blessed with long relationships. Marriage, Business, and/or friendships are often harmonic and balanced. Your partner will most likely be very attractive.

Venus in the 8th House: You are blessed with inheritance, the art of seduction, and sex. Sex is usually like a transformation for you after every experience. 

Venus in the 9th House: You are blessed with journeys/travel, foreign language/culture, and higher education. You attract exotic people with different, cultural backgrounds; possibly, marry a foreigner as well. You may be a gifted writer/publisher.

Venus in the 10th House: You are blessed with a respectable job profession. You will have an easy time developing a good relationship with authoritative figures. You could also gain a high title in an art career. 

Venus in the 11th House: You are blessed with a large group of friends. Your friends will probably have an artistic nature to them. You have a natural flow with social groups. 

Venus in the 12th House: You are blessed with a hidden/secret, creative talent. You may even hide priceless possessions from the world to see. Hidden love affairs are also quite possible. 

Mercury in the Houses

Mercury in the 1st house : You are talkative, you know your business, and always happy to share your views. You can be a story teller, the type of sociable person who becomes the heart and soul of any dinner. But even if you’re less open, you’re up to the challenge when you make a speech. Your ability to communicate is one of your strengths, it attracts people.

 Mercury in the 2nd house : You adopt a systematic approach, especially when it comes to money. You appreciate the results and like to think that you are gifted on a practical level, capable of turning an idea into a concrete advantage. Whether you are or not, it depends on other factors, but in both cases you usually think in practical terms.

 Mercury in the 3rd house : You have the chance to possess this highly admired position because it gives you a very alert and vibrant spirit, a great intellectual curiosity. You know how to handle words. Effective speaker, brilliant talker, you are also a good writer. ( 5/5 ; best position )

 Mercury in the 4th house : Strongly influenced by your parents, you transform your home into a center of activity and intellectual stimulation. You may be working from home. Family inheritance is probably somewhat complicated, and you will ultimately have to tackle it head on. In the worst cases, you may have a narrow mind. In the best cases, you are listening and very precisely aware.

 Mercury in the 5th house : You are a person who has a variety of interests, a creative thinker with a weakness for speculation, and a sentimental life that would be worth dedicating a book. In love, you are looking for someone to advance you intellectually. As a parent, you are loving, you talk about your children constantly, and you build strong and loving ties with them.

 Mercury in the 6th house : Dexterous and efficient, you tend to plunge into the work, either by easily processing the details, or because they obsess you. In the absence of something important to do, you are master in the art of inventing work, so it is essential that you find a satisfying and satisfying job. Worried, you worry about nothing, and you can become hypochondriac. To prevent this, take positive steps to maintain your health.

 Mercury in the 7th house : You are a sociable person who ardently desires animated conversations and intellectually stimulating relationships. But you may find it difficult to find the love - and the intellectual challenge - that you seek. While you’re open and easy to make contacts, you get bored just as quickly, and without realizing it, you avoid getting involved. Yet, when you have found the couple relationship you are looking for, the conversation never stops.

 Mercury in the 8th house : This position gives you a naturally intuitive mind, the ability to break through the secrets, great gifts for research and a deep intellectual commitment to the mysteries of life, including death, money (you find it Unjust to have to worry about) and the metaphysical arts.

Mercury in the 9th house : You are fortified by ideas, motivated by philosophy, stimulated by the forces of the intellect and happy to explore the world. You like to debate ideas and meet people, and teaching is therefore a natural area for you. (Other good choices: editorial law, religion) You handle great ideas with ease, but you may also be impatient for the trifles of everyday life.

 Mercury in the 10th house : With this very influential position, you are likely to develop a challenging career, usually in the writing world. Your ideal job must include a lot of variety. If this is not the case, you may change jobs frequently. You need a perpetual mental stimulation. You prefer to be in control, and you get the most success when you can pursue your own ideas.

 Mercury in the 11th house : An active social life is essential for your well-being. You make friends easily. You reflect very carefully on your ideals and aspirations, and you love the company of people who actively support them. Likewise, you find it exciting to work in a group, preferably within a project based on a belief or principle, whatever it may be.

 Mercury in the 12th house : You are mysterious, intuitive, comtemplative and secret. You can interpret dreams, use the powers of imagination, decipher secret codes and perform all kinds of mental tasks that require thinking outside the usual framework. But you need loneliness for that.

Venus in the Houses & what fills you with joy
  • Venus in the 1st House: Knowing who you are/ want to become
  • Venus in the 2nd House: Realizing how much you have
  • Venus in the 3rd House: Showing your mind to others
  • Venus in the 4th House: Finding your safe space
  • Venus in the 5th House: Letting yourself loose
  • Venus in the 6th House: Mastering your craft
  • Venus in the 7th House: People who make you feel complete
  • Venus in the 8th House: Following your guts
  • Venus in the 9th House: Reading about far away lands
  • Venus in the 10th House: Being admired and respected
  • Venus in the 11th House: Connecting with others
  • Venus in the 12th House: Daydreaming away

Pluto’s Psychic Passages 

Pluto in the 1st house: Psychic energy thrusts through the immediate matrix, the place where essence and body collide. The energy is like an x-ray that scans the immediate environment for intuitive material.  When they are alone, there is a voice that speaks, but it doesn’t use any words

Pluto in the 2nd house: The 2nd house is the voice. These people can receive psychic stimulus through voices masquerading as thought. These ‘thoughts’ have a unique voice. They may even feel like some ‘thoughts’ do not belong to them

Pluto in the 3rd house: The individual provokes the immediate environment with a striking extrasensory radar that forces psychic energy to respond. Information arrives at the pinnacle moment through any communicative medium - conversation, something overheard, through television and radio, or automatic writing 

Pluto in the 4th house: The psychological base is acutely psychic. It operates on a highly charged frequency that attracts intuitive information like a magnet. They go inside to die and spirit guides wait patiently in the twilight zone, the spirit guides are forms of protection, guidance, and warning  

Pluto in the 5th house: High flowing psychic energy conduits through the creative experience. The Gods speak through their art, performance, and self-expression. Children may bring powerfully intuitive messages to the individual. This is often the message of the inner child who is inherently and magnetically spiritual, wise, and clairvoyant because its umbilical cord remains connected to the divine 

Pluto in the 6th house: Psychic sorcery activates through the act of service. When supporting a person in crisis, ill health, or fear, the individual begins channeling powerful knowledge beyond their years, empathy, therapeutic wisdom, and counsel. The Gods use them as their soul physicians. 

Pluto in the 7th house: Psychic activity rebounds and reflects here. Intuition is passed from the heavens and through friends, partners, and loved ones. Everybody that is important to the individual becomes their personal and unknowing medium

Pluto in the 8th house: This nature is purely psychic, its very essence activates a world rather left concealed. It can stimulate every ghost, angel, and spirit from every medium. The body can be a vessel for a cacophony of intuitive explosions, the other side magnetises to them and uses them to experience or communicate absolutely anything. Also the relationships are profound, they lead lovers into the light, but first they cross through the dark, and only the courageous survive, these relationships show them how far they have come 

Pluto in the 9th house: The higher mind conduits psychic prophecy from the unconscious. Stepping into the mind of the explorer, the philosopher, and the truth seeker opens door for the inner guru, it means that symbolism, prophecy, cosmic wisdom, and spiritual law become features of their daily experience

Pluto in the 10th house: Intuition can be directive guidance in the voice or with the reverence of a parent or superior. So the psychic ‘voice’ can be almost threatening and forceful. The intuitive messenger here is their future self, the one who has transformed and accomplished their greatest aspiration 

Pluto in the 11th house: The 11th is an Aquarius house so the intuitive message is electrocuted and passed through the medium of air. It means that the individual can receive psychic revelation in the form of prophecy, knowing the future, and through visions 

Pluto in the 12th house: Intuition accompanies every social interaction and energises through universal empathy, the person can see into the soul of other people. They have visions and prophetic dreams. But they must spend a lot of time alone to reflect on the message and regenerate their psychic spirit