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So this is like my second post and I've decided to list a few of my favorite hacks and tips. They're probably basic and stuff but I’m new and in need of guiding. It would mean the world to me if you liked this or even said hi or even went to my ask and dropped a tip for me or anything really. I really want to make friends but I'm even shy on the internet so if you want a new friend, I'm here. :)

Tip 1

There's this app my friend introduced me to a while ago called My Study Life it really helps keep everything organized from exam dates, tasks, and homework.

Tip 2

I'm suuupppeerr bad at spelling and Grammarly is a really good editing software, I have the free version and it still works fine but you could even get the premium which goes even further.

Tip 3

While studies have shown music helps productivity while studying it can be a person preference. I work better listening to music and I have a playlist specifically for studying which you can check out here

Tip 4

School, is very important but sometimes it just gets to be too much. You feel like you have so much to do with so little time and you just want to give up, set out a day a week where you do a little more work than your usual amount and get as much as you can out of the way. At my school, we have an extended day program so every day except Monday all teachers are required to stay 30 minutes later and you can go to them and help or just get homework done.

Tip 5

Don't let school stress you out to to much. Most of us have or will be stressed 24/7 for the next four years but sometimes you just need to take a breath and calm down. Your mental health is so important. You got this be positive.

I got my photo in my banner from mediamilitia and the font is Badhead

Last July's Gaza massacre committed by Israel in numbers:

Israeli soldiers killed: 64
Israeli civilians killed: 6
Israeli children killed: 1
Total Palestinians killed: 2,139
Palestinian soldiers killed: 677
Palestine civillians killed: 1,462
Palestinian children killed: 494
Palestinian women killed: 253
Palestinians wounded: 11,000
Palestinian children wounded: 3,000
Palestinian children permanently disabled: +1000
Homes destroyed in Gaza: 20,000
Homes with severe damages: 5,066
Homes with major damages: 4,085
Homes with minor damages: 124,782
Palestinian residents displaced: Up to 500,000 (30% of population)
Health Facilities: 34
Mosques: 181
Churches: 1
Banks: 4
Schools: 279
Universities: 6

Each number is a story. Each number is a scar.
Long Live Gaza. Long Live Palestine.