Happy America Day, to all ya'll Americans.

I normally wouldn’t do this, but I ’ve got a feeling that the majority of my followers are American, so…
This also gives me an excuse to reblog a photo of Tom with an eagle.

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Now, I know that’s not a bald eagle but what the fuck guys, LOOK AT HOW TIGHT THOSE JEANS ARE.


Every year the Rimkunas family does a different version of a reading of the Declaration of Independence during our family party. Usually we read the text using a theme (Sci-Fi Movies, famous musicals, etc ) and some kind of a script written by one of us. Last year we were each recorded reading it so that we could share it with the rest of the world.

Red, White, and Bland? - Here are Some Simple Tips to have a Not So Simple Independence Day Party
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Independence Day is not only a celebration of the U.S departing from the Kingdom of Great Britain, its a day to enjoy the summer, cheat on your diet and have a couple hot dogs and burgers, while watching the sky light up as well. So you want to relive those moments, but as a young adult without the blue table sheets that never seem to tape down and you rather pass on the potato salad. Well, we got you covered. 

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  • Parents:You need to get out more
  • Me:no
  • Me:You don't understand
  • Me:I thrive in my room. All alone. Away from distractions and noisy people. Among my paints and canvases, my books and dolls. Smelling the toxic fumes of my oils and clogging my lungs with pastel chalk. On my creaky bed and single light, forever damaging my eyes as I draw. It's who I am and who I have been destined to be. A nutty artist with my own world at my feet.
  • Parents:
  • Parents (to one another):HOLD HER, I'LL GET THE ROPE!