• I found my 25 minutes yesterday for 2 miles (I took your advice and was selfish Danielle
  • The lady doctor will forever make me feel nervous and judged
  • I had chili for the past 2 days because guyfriend doesn’t know how to make a small pot. I have no right to talk though, when I make chili, it comes from a can and involves a microwave. Plus his is delicious.

  • Today I did not find my 25 minutes.
  • I woke up at 1pm (which might, possibly, have to do with Skyy Vodka and Diet CranGrape) and pretty much did nothing.
  • I did want to look at Christmas lights in the neighborhood though, so I took the dog for a walk. It was more to revive my Christmas spirit than for her.
  • Guyfriend’s mom stopped by. I hid in the laundry room. Well, not so much hid as was folding towels and was unsure of how to nonchalantly come around the corner and meet her for the first time ever, or if I was supposed to, so I wussed out. I kind of feel like an asshole now.
  • More and more everyday I realize how terrible I am at domestication.
  • …I might attempt to make pigs in a blanket

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I was tagged by im-your-huckleberry and keepgoinggreen, I’m tagging 4rmher2me, arunnnersjog, runningforbiscuits, deanaisfindinghergroove, allgutsnotglory..  Do it if you like!

Thanks lovey!

I bow down to you, King! I never thought to increase my water/electrolyte intake.  You. Are. So. Smart. …. except you forgot the coffee.

I know, right! Never again!  Thank you!  Hope you’re training is going well!

Thank you, Lauren! 

Uh, Amberrrrr! I already had the flu last week.  I don’t need no strep.  Hope you’re feeling better!