Photo by Leading Aircraftman Rodney Welch

Australian Special Forces performing a building clearance part of their demonstration at Holsworthy Barracks.

Special Operations Command – Australia demonstrated its counter-terrorist capabilities to 150 Australian and overseas delegates attending the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Australia 2007 Security Conference at Holsworthy on December 13th, 2006. Operators from the 4RAR (Cdo) Tactical Assault Group - East and the Incident Response Regiment provided static and dynamic displays of enhanced capabilities available to State security agencies should they require assistance in resolving a terrorist incident. APEC 2007 involves 100 days of meetings throughout Australia prior to the APEC Leaders meeting in Sydney. The display was part of a larger day-long activity that included demonstrations by the NSW Police and the Australian Federal Police.

jimmysaxon asked:

Hey, I really like what you are doing but I am a New Zealander who was recently studying the Vietnam war and was wondering if you could get some pictures of New Zealanders in Vietnam?

New Zealand Soldiers with Vietcong

New zeland soldier with a vietnamese child

Sergeant F. C. Nathan demonstrates the use of the M-16 assault rifle to Cambodian soldiers at Dong Ba Thin, Vietnam. By the end of 1971 New Zealand had withdrawn its combat troops and military medical personnel from Vietnam. New Zealand committed two training teams to Vietnam, following the withdrawal of its main units.

In November 1971, the Australian 4RAR and Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment flags at Nui Dat base were lowered for the last time by New Zealand Regimental Policeman Private Tai Whatu and Australian Regimental Policeman Private John Skennar of Grafton, NSW.

New Zealand soldiers with North Vietnamese flag

New Zealand rifleman from 3 Platoon, W3 Company aboard Centurion tanks of the Australian 1st Armoured Regiment, Vietnam, September 1970.

Vietnam ANZACz Australian & New Zealand Troops in Vietnam 1962–72

Soldiers from 3 Platoon, W3 Company on patrol in Vietnam, circa 1969-1970.

W3 soldiers aboard APC

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