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Hey as lame as this is gonna sound, where do you get your fashion tips or ideas from, your attire is pretty badass man

First of all thanks for the compliment, it means a lot.

Secondly I really just try n put shit I like together.

Although if you’re lookin for straight forward advice etc howtotalktogirlsatparties is always a good page to look at.

Schlossman is a true influencer, and his whole 4pins NYC Crew are always lookin at the next big thing.

But tbh its all about finding your own style and making it work for you. Dressing nice, and wearing expensive clothes are one thing. But looking good and having confidence pull everything together.

My advice is to find your nitch, what you find cool or whatev, and just make it work for you, make it natural.

You can’t force true steez.

The second before and the eternity after

the smile that split the horizon from ear to ear,

the kiss that scorched the desert dunes to glass

and sealed the sun in its frozen amber.

Eyelids are gone, along with memories

of times when the without could be withheld

from the within ; when atoms kept their sanctity

and matter meant. Should I have ducked and covered ?

Instead of watching oases leap into steam,

matchwood ranches blown out like flames,

and listening to livestock scream and char

in test pens on the rim of the blast.

I might have painted myself white, or built a fallout room

full of cans and bottled water but it’s clear

you’d have passed between cracks, under doors,

through keyholes and down the steps to my cellar

to set me wrapping and tagging my dead.

So I must be happy your cells have been flung through mine

and your fingers are plaiting my DNA ;

my chromosomes whisper you’re here to stay.

~Simon Barraclough <Los Alamos Mon Amour>

love the coat, but i still don’t get top knots like either do an undercut, grow ya hair long or just shave ya head, or get a good fade but come on.