Here are nickel’s lovely quick concept sketches of notepad!! I’m still not sure how to work out their outfit. I made this last night and cannot decide if I should make them wear layers of colored clothes or just overalls or what. I want them to wear artsy clothes for sure though.
Because they are a notepad i made mine bulkier. I also gave them thin drawn in eyebrows haha because they are a notepad get it??
Other than that I got nothing.
And this was something I decided previously (not because of the shitstorm that has brewed) that I want them to not really have a specific gender. Obviously my design is a little less feminine than the one that’s going around…but that’s about as far as my design process has gone!
Any critiques?


The picture on the left is an example of a lot of the carts I saw on my way to my car.
The picture on the right is an example of most of the carts I personally stacked in their original spots.
This is more just a pet peeve of mine but if you are able to push carts don’t lazily just leave them places. It can block parking spots, roll out into traffic, or some other third thing that inconveniences other customers and quite possibly gets employees in trouble.
Now if you have trouble pushing these then I’m not really talking to you as an individual because I know some people can’t and shouldn’t try to push themselves when moving these things you guys are okay.
I’m mainly talking about those as a whole who think it’s okay to just leave carts wherever because “someone else will get it.”
Idk nickel is just weird.