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“I get asked often whether my solo promotions this time would have a different feeling.  They talk like 4minute is completely gone, which is upsetting.  I want my promotions this time to feel like an extension to 4minute.  Before there was HyunA, we all moved together as a community. Before the disbandment, the members talked. We ran together for seven years.  Now we have to follow the dreams that we each can accomplish.  I also worry that this could become harmful to all the love 4minute received. From the beginning, I didn’t think of my solo comeback as starting something new but just extending our promotions. I cannot say for sure.  Trouble Maker was a project that we worked on and prepared whenever a song that matched our concept came in.  We haven’t made plans for promotions, but I am very ambitious when it comes to performing, so I want to promote as Trouble Maker, too.- Hyuna


Thank you 4minute, my queens! You worked hard like crazy for all 7 years!  Thank you for all memories, I’ll miss you, love you, support you forever! Thank you to all 4nias from all the world! Let’s don’t stop it here and make it big on 4minute’s 7th anniversary! #ThankYou4minute #ThankYou4nias


“I was cautious about speaking on this on KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Together 3,’ because it wasn’t a production I appeared in and there’s a lot of interest in 'The Wailing.' Firstly, for the mere fact they had an interest in me, it never crossed my mind to turn them down. Director Na Hong Jin personally came to me.  He talked about my appearing in 'The Wailing.’  I was also curious about why they wanted to cast me.  He told me he had seen my energy on stage on a big screen.  He told me, 'I want to bring about a new image apart from that one.’  I was grateful that he viewed me in that way. However, I respectfully declined.  It was an area I didn’t think I had a right to approach. I do have a lot of fears, but I also have a lot of ambitions for the stage.  Until I am 100% satisfied with my performances, I will not try different areas.  I have no intention to act right now.” - Hyuna


are we just gonna forget that time 4minute did a beautiful cover of beast’s fiction, this is so important


I Do Keep Track Of Who’s Who. I Get Energy By Watching Them. I Like The Groups That Make Me Feel, ‘Oh, They’re Cute & Pretty.’ [My Sexy Diva] Title Was Formed Due To The Interest Of People Around Us. Rather Than Saying Stuff Like, ‘Oh, No One Compares To Me’, It All Depends On What I Do. I Believe Hyosung, Seolhyun, & Yura Are Really Sexy.” - Hyuna