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Kim Shin Young: I think HyunA has become too much of an adult. I wish she returned to the immature HyunA a little bit. I feel bad that she had to grow up so much.

HyunAWhy haven’t you answered my calls? When I like someone, I get really obsessed and clingy with them. I called unni, but her manager answered and said it wasn’t her number. I said it was HyunA in a text, and then unni called me back.


Thank you 4minute, my queens! You worked hard like crazy for all 7 years!  Thank you for all memories, I’ll miss you, love you, support you forever! Thank you to all 4nias from all the world! Let’s don’t stop it here and make it big on 4minute’s 7th anniversary! #ThankYou4minute #ThankYou4nias

“I think it’s my role to head the creative process for my own album. I’ve grown to dislike how something is made forcefully. I take pleasure in sharing my personal tastes with my fans. Not everyone can favor my music style. I also try to work the colors of music that I enjoy listening to at the time into my next release. Pineapples. For the past 2 years, I’ve been obsessed with things with pineapples drawn on them. From lights, interior decorations, tees, underwear, socks, and more, I have a ton of stuff with pineapples on them. I go to the gym 5 times a week and switch back and forth between weights and aerobics. If I don’t have time, I try to work out in the practice room. I actually prefer not doing anything rather than being active. I work out because I have to, not necessarily because I like to. My body’s balance has been off because I’ve been working out a lot, so these days, I’m trying to eat foods that are good for me. A while ago, I went in for an examination and got results back saying I lack a lot of essential nutrients, so I’ve been taking vitamins and drinking water. I try to walk whenever I have the time.” - Hyuna