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Probably most of you know that we are german twins who are obsessed with british things. And also we are obsessed with everything about London, so here we go with our favorite London sights, yay! 

To be considered:

  • mbf coeptum (Hannah) & ancienne (Laura) (we’ll check, so better don’t lie)
  • REBLOG this post ONCE (likes won’t count but go for it)
  • Check out our verticals: videte (Hannah) & solitudas (Laura)

Our favorite London Sights (two for each category):

  • London Eye (best theme)
  • Tower Bridge (best vintage)
  • Big Ben (best light vintage)
  • Buckingham Palace (best color-coded)
  • Tower of London (best vertical/ dark vintage)
  • Abbey Road Studios (best personality)
  • Picadally Circus (best overall)
  • Westminster Abbey (best background image)
  • St Paul’s Cathedral (Laura’s personal favorites)
  • Covent Garden (Hannah’s personal favorites)

You’ll be promoted on both of our blogs of course! Please let this reach a decent amount of notes and we’ll take everyone of you through a sightseeing tour through London, yay, so just start reblogging! If you have any questions just feel free to ask us either here or here. *throws british sparkle & sweets on everyone of you*

*think twice if you’ll delete the text, i mean i couldn’t live without chocolate for the rest of my life, and you won’t see the text on your blog anyways*

The idea of my favorite chocolate flavors is easy because you all know that I love chocolate (not as much as british sweets but huh). It’s basically like a golden list or however you want to call it. It won’t replace my favorites, it’s a new list on my blog and it’s something special, that’s why I’ll only choose a small amount of blogs to be part of it (even though I am bad at making decisions, I accepted this challenge).

To be considered:

What you’ll get:

  • a follow from if not already
  • a spot on ancienne’s favorite chocolate flavors list
  • promos (also on demand!)
  • a fansign
  • lots of chocolate
  • a new friend (be careful I might throw chocolate on you)

I’ll choose maximal ten blogs to be my favorite chocolate flavors. Everyone will get a link on my favorite chocolate flavors page but not with their blog name/ url, i’ll insert my favorite chocolate flavors instead because you are one of them, hihi. Oh and I’ll make sure that everyone has the same chances and my tumblr friends won’t have any better chances because It’s about the blogs.

Please let this reach a decent amount of notes otherwise chocolate will never make me happy again. I am not quite sure when i’ll choose but i’ll let you know. If you have any questions feel free to ask me here. Happy Reblogging and CHOCOLATE AND FOR EVERYONE!

*don’t delete the text or you’ll break those beautiful hearts* (girly image, i know, hehe)

I decided to do another Blog of the Week and because it’s already Saturday, it’s a little late but not too late at all. The banner is full with hearts because it’s supposed to spread some love on here, hihi.

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What you’ll get:

  • a follow from me if not already
  • a link on my blog for a week
  • a spot in my Hall of Fame forever
  • tons of promos, yay
  • a new (and annoying) friend (aka me, Laura, hehe)
  • a fansign
  • what about a double promo?
  • new followers 
  • tons of my love and chocolate, hihi

There will be no poll! I’ll handpick my runners-up and if I can’t decide I’ll put them in a randomniser! Also I’ll promote the runners-up with tinyurl solos! I’ll choose either tomorrow (Sunday) or Monday! If you have any questions left or just want some love feel free to message me here. Everyone stay lovely please and remember you’re beautiful!

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Aloha my lovelies! It’s finally summer time and I thought it would be a nice opportunity to look for my summer favorites. So we could have cocktail-, pool-, and barbecue parties together! I am sure it’s going to be fun for everyone, yay!

To be considered:

  • mbf ancienne
  • reblogthis post at least once (likes won’t count but it won’t hurt either)
  • be any kind of vintage (green, light, dark, blue,…), pale or personal
  • Check out: my botm (anteik)grenius & scripotio

What you’ll get: 

  • a follow from me (if not already)
  • a link on ancienne’s summer favorites page until the beginning of September
  • the link to this page will be mentioned in my promos
  • a fansign; solo promos and other kinds
  • help with anything (polls, advice, …)
  • a new friend (yay, that’s me)

I’ll choose about 15-20 blogs to be part of my summer favorites. If I can’t decide on this amount i’ll put all my favorites into a randomizer. Also, I’ll decide just by looking on your blog (an about page might increase your chances) and not on our relation, so it’s fair for everyone. I’ll choose some time next week, so you’ll have a few day time to reblog.

This should reach at least 50+ notes (it’s unlimited) otherwise I have to cancel my summer favorites which would make my summer less good. If you have any questions feel free to ask me here. I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and enough ice cream! Happy Reblogging!

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What the network will be about:

The book-and-tea network will be a vintage network. We’ll talk about anything and it’s basically about get to know new people and share our interests. So if you’re interested to join our tea-party and get to know new people read the following.

To be considered for the book-and-tea network:

  • mbf winter-foxes (Darko) and ancienne (Laura)
  • reblog this post at least once (likes won’t count)
  • tell us a little bit about yourself and why you want to be part of the network here or here
  • be any kind of vintage (light, dark, blue, green, …)
  • be an active blogger
  • have fun to get to know new people

Tea flavors (what we’ll do):

  • get to know each other
  • help each other (polls, advice, anything)
  • having tea-partys
  • and so much more

We will choose about ten blogs to be in our network in August! Happy Reblogging and we’re looking forward to the opening of the book-and-tea network!

*I guess you know what I am talking about if I say that you shouldn’t delete the text because it won’t be able to see on your blog*

After my first Blog Of The Week (BOTW) went so well, I decided to do my second BOTW because it’s also fun for me! And there actually won’t be a poll!

To be considered:

  • mbf ancienne
  • REBLOG this post at least once (likes won’t count but you can do it anyways)
  • be any kind of vintage: dark, light, green, blue, what ever :-)
  • Check out my first BOTW!

What my BOTW will get:

  • a link on my blog for a week (17th to 27th June)
  • a follow back if not already
  • daily promos (solos, a screenie, mentioned in promos, …) and promos on demand
  • a fansign made by ancienne
  • a link on my previous BOTW page forever
  • a new friend (yep, that’s me) but only if you want 
  • help with anything (polls,…)

I am gonna handpick my favourites and put them in a randomnizer if I can’t decide. My BOTW will be my BOTW for ten and not for seven days! I’ll also promote all the runners-up with solos! I’ll choose on Sunday 16th June!

Please let this reach a decent amount of notes (35+) otherwise I am really, really, really sad! Happy Reblogging my lovelies!

*Spread some love* - The Fruition Network

As some of you may know that The Fruition Network has a mission to cheer others up and make others happy. We just want to spread some love and hope to make people feel better and loved. It’s not that easy to do that all by our own. So, if you know anyone who is going through a hard time, doesn’t feel good or just deserves some lovely words, please let us know here. You can just let us their url know and maybe tell what’s going wrong, so it’s easier to spread some love. Feel free to do that on anon or not, we won’t publish any of those messages. It’s just important for us to let you know that someone is there who cares. Thanks a lot!

The Fruition Network is a group filled with people who want to spread some love and just care about others. It’s important to every single one of the members that people on here are feeling loved and if you think that no one cares, we do.

But also if you’re not part of the network you can help us to spread love and to show people that we care about them, Basically, we want you to message ushere the url of the person who is maybe going through a hard time, just deserves some love and need some cheering words. Feel free to do that anon or not, we won’t publish any of those messages though. Also you might tell us why we should send some love there, just so we know what’s going on. It might just take two seconds but it could make someones day brighter!

And also if you need someone to talk to, you’ll always find someone here or just check out our network page to find people who care.