John Scalzi and Tor Books sign 13 book, 10 year, $3.4M deal

A decade after Tor published his first novel, Scalzi’s committed to writing 10 adult and 3 young adult novels for Tor over the next ten years.

Included in the deal are a new series, as well as sequels to Lock-In and Old Man’s War.

This. Is. Great.

Gooooooooo SCALZI!

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real__pcy 150524 Instagram Update: 오 잉????? 이상한 영상 올리고있다가 보니깐 벌써 팔로워가 400만이나 되었네요!! 그냥 많은 사람들과 소통하고 가깝게 다가가고자 해서 만든 SNS였는데.. 사실 아직도 많이 조심스럽지만!! 그래도 많이 가까워지고 재밌게 놀수있는것 같아서 뿌듯합니다!! 앞으로도 많이 사랑해주세요!! 감사합니다😆
(trans) Oing????? As I was uploading weird videos, I realized that I already reached 4M followers!! I made this SNS account just so that I can communicate and get closer to people.. Although I’m still very careful now!! Even so, I’m proud because it seems like we got closer and player well together!! Please continue to give me lots of love in future!! Thank you

Kpop idols instagram accounts with most followers


  1. BIGBANG G-Dragon: 4.4M
  2. EXO Chanyeol: 3.9M
  3. EXO Sehun: 3.7M
  4. EXO Baekhyun: 3.4M
  5. EXO Tao: 3.2M
  6. SUJU Donghae: 2.5M
  7. EXO Lay: 2.4M
  8. BIGBANG Taeyang: 2.4M
  9. SUJU Heechul: 2.3M
  10. SHINee Key: 1.9M


  1. SNSD Taeyeon: 4M
  2. 2NE1 Dara: 2.5M
  3. 2NE1 CL: 2.2M
  4. SNSD Yuri: 2.2M
  5. 4MINUTE Hyuna: 2.1M
  6. SNSD Sunny: 2.1M
  7. F(x) Amber: 2M
  8. SNSD Hyoyeon: 2M
  9. SNSD Sooyoung: 1.9M
  10. SNSD Tiffany: 1.8M

CONTROL. Brooklyn’s new modular synthesizer boutique and record store.

Driphouse’s Daren Ho and Jonas Asher have just opened New York’s premier synthesizer boutique. If you’re on the east coast you no longer have to wait for modules to arrive from California, just visit CONTROL in Williamsburg.

You can test drive modules there. They have two 9U portable cases in their two listening stations. Modules such as Make Noise, 4MS, Synthesis Technology, Pittsburgh Modular, Malekko/Wiard, Blue Lantern, and more.

In addition to synthesizers they also have a nice selection of Synth-centric LPs and cassettes. Including new releases by Editions Mego, Bureau B, Spectrum Spools and many other forward leaning independent electronic labels.

Control will definitely be a destination whenever I’m in NY.

416 Lorimer St. Brooklyn, New York. 11206.

Robotspeak’s 2014 Bay Area Synth Meet - 4ms Rig - Buchla/Eurorack hybrid w #4ms Modular Rows. Photo: Steve Taormina @robotspeak


Module Showcase of 4MS RCD + QPLOF + RCD + VCA Matrix, HexInverter Mutant Drums, Makenoise Erbe-Verb + Mysteron and many others


clock dividers are fun! #4ms

The new 4MS Quad Clock Distributor is in! The QCD is 4 CV-controlled clock dividers/multipliers with many features and options for expansion.This is an excellent way to get complex rhythms rolling through your modular system. Also re-upped on the VCA Matrix, Shuffling Clock Multipliers, and the infamous Pingable Envelope Generator (PEG). www.switchedonaustin.com

#4ms #modular #eurorack #quadclockdistributor #synth