Dan’s Liveshow // 3.14.17

“Hi, I’m Dan”

“You look young”

The AmazingPhil hit 4m YouTube subscribers

“Thanks. For him?”

Tb to the subbydingdongs tweet

Him and Phil went to get sushi with some old pals

He got a dessert that looked like a zen garden

Tiny wooden rake

He turned off the heating today

Taking sherbet 

Phil’s new video

He said “we” joined the gym so perhaps he did also?

When Phil got home he was literally green poor guy

“Promoing my pal aside”

He was really angry when Phil told him what happened 

New danisnotonfire video either tomorrow or day after

A lot of cat gifs and peer pressure

The video is something he made for himself (?)


Curls r cool

Japan trip tips

He loves long chatty videos 

“’What do you think about kickthepj?’ I don’t know who that is but he sounds like a dick with no talent”

“Don’t be hard on yourself”

He prefers understated clothing

“’You look tired’ Always”

Him and Phil will be attending Playlist Live in Florida 

He loves bumblebees

Fuck wasps though 

RIP bumblebee 

Queen on my vagina

He hasn’t seen Logan yet

He may change the title of his piano teacher video to not be in all caps

“Is love a social construct?” discussion 

He loves Lorde 

Steven Universe 

He preferred stoic Garnet 

Haru who? 

Recent dapg videos

“He sheer panic Phil was exuding trying not to die… it was funny.”

He’s been listening to Swedish electro pop

New Frank Ocean song discussion or something 

Yuri on Ice saved us all, so season 2 will come when we need it most

Kinkshaming (perhaps relating to the new video?)

Expect nothing from the new dinof video


“Phil is a weirdo magnet.”

The mess in Phil’s bedroom is a shoe and a plastic bag

He wants to see Get Out

Tb to when Phil fell off of the stage at TATINOF Playlist

They’re excited to go back to Australia 

Appaz him and Phil discuss rodents 

No one knows if the trainer was named Kyle or Leon

Sparkling water

“The background of my mind”

“Dan talk about the grandma vagina”

They will be asking for new ideas for the 7sc app soon

He doesn’t like people but nature is cool

Hello to everyone in Chile

New Sims and DannyFire videos soon

“Hydrate, meditate, contemplate, try to get a mate”

“I’ll see you next time, internet buddies”

Mentions of Phil: ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| |||| 

Identity of 17th Century shipwreck revealed as The Fame

The identity of a 17th Century ship wrecked off the Dorset coast has been revealed.

The so-called Swash Channel Wreck was discovered in a sand and shingle bank outside Poole Harbour.

Experts believe it to be a Dutch merchant vessel named The Fame which foundered in a storm in March 1631.

The name was revealed at an event to mark its rudder - raised from the seabed in 2013 - going on public display at Poole Museum.

The 8.4m (28ft) rudder, with a moustachioed face carved into it, was lifted on to Poole Quay by Bournemouth University marine archaeologists in 2013 after almost a decade of investigation and excavation work. Read more.

Monsta X mv views 23/03

Trespass: 10.841.974 = 22.424 views more

Rush: GOAL REACHED! (10.290.046 = 28.672 more)

Hero: GOAL REACHED! (30.260.965 = 89.218 more )

All In: 8.931.049 = 35.298 views more (Close to 9M ^^)

Stuck: GOAL REACHED! (10.312.924 = 34.092 more)

Fighter: 3.848.684 = 27.888 views more (Let’s get 4M soon!!)

Beautiful: 2.252.444 = 600.801 views more :3

Beautiful (1thek) = 476.489 views 

Beautiful (M!Countdown) = 276.923 views 

Ready Or Not (M!Countdown) = 109.968 Views

GO GO GO MONBEBE, Continue streaming <3

dan’s livestream 3.14.17

- first topic he brought up was Phil hitting 4M subs & thanked us for it

- “i love bumblebees.” 

- 1 on 1 meditation time


- “i was really mad, i was so angry when he told me” when phil told him about the gym story

- “promoting my pal’s new video aside, go watch it if you’re having a bad day.”

- “4 years ago…no one would have liked my curly hair.”

- “we can all change what we like, who we are, and that’s ok.”


- i need to get hiking shoes

- “this has just been fun, i didn’t even realize an hour had passed.”

- “cya next time, internet buddies.”

Disney’s ‘Moana’ Sailing Past $600M At Worldwide Box Office Today

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ plucky Polynesian navigator is set to sail across the $600M global box office mark today. The Ron Clements/John Musker-helmed Moana is pushing past the milestone following a strong $6.3M No.1 opening in Japan last frame. The domestic gross is $247.6M and the international box office is $351.8M through Wednesday.

Moana, which stars newcomer Auli’i Cravalho and Dwayne Johnson, debuted domestically on November 23 last year with $82M over five days to become the No. 2 biggest Thanksgiving holiday opening of all time behind only Frozen. Internationally, it had a staggered release with France leading at $35.4M through last Sunday, followed by China with $32.7M, the UK at $24.6M, Brazil’s $22.3M and Australia’s $18.9M.

(Moana has also made $5M in New Zealand. That’s as much as Rogue One.)


hey yooooo i wish you a happy birthday and all the best for the rest of your life too because you deserve all the best and talking about deserving all the best i’m sorry that you get a not so great edit from me. kinda antithetic isnt it :D i had another idea but it didn’t work out so that’s all you get i’m sorry xd have a wonderful life jinny <3

AHHHH WHAT THIS IS SO CUTE ???  what do u mean not so great i’m gonna treasure this foreveR i can’t believe you took the time to make it for me!!!  i’m so touched tbh, thank you so much and thank you for sending such kind words as well!!  you’ve absolutely made my day.