The latest recount drama

Okay, I honestly thought Stein’s recount effort would find nothing, and Trump would go on his merry way as President.

However, this week, forces are starting to roll out against the recount in a significant way, and that? That has me thinking that maybe there is something to find after all.

  • The mainstream media has finally settled on a story, and it’s that Stein’s a loony crackpot for wanting a recount. I’m not linking to this as a quick Google will get you lots of stories of this ilk.
  • Wisconsin keep increasing the cost of the re-count. It’s now at around $4M (x). That is a lot more than expected. They are refusing to do a hand-count too, which I understand, but given the concern is potential computer hacking, there is a real issue to wanting a hand-count, and the computer people say the same thing (x).
  • Trump’s team have launched a “defense fund” which kind of implies they think there’s going to be something to defend (x).

Still no smoking guns here, but it’s all pretty shady. What’s the big deal with a recount if there’s nothing to find? I had naively thought Stein would pay the money and a week or so later there’d be the breaking news of a few minor irregularities, but nothing to write home about.

This doesn’t sound like that narrative. Something else is rolling out here, and it’s ugly.

If you’re American, and you are interested in the recount, Stein needs more money because of the Wisconsin fee hike. So far, lots of people have done their best to cast doubt on her using this money for the recount, but the evidence I’ve linked to above says she is using it as promised – it’s also easy to Google if you want to check.

You can donate here: https://jillstein.nationbuilder.com/recount

She also needs volunteers in Pennsylvania in particular to apply for the recount: http://www.jill2016.com/recountpa 

As well as volunteers to help with the recount in general: http://www.jill2016.com/2016recounts


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