Where the streets have no name.

2/4 Marines and their detection K9 hold security in an isolated village in the Nowzad District of Afghanistan that has never seen coalition forces. The Marines were engaged in several firefights with insurgent forces during their movement through the area as part of Operation Western Gambit.

(Photo by Corporal Clayton Vonderahe, 27 November 2011.)

[And because there’s some confusion:

The italicized heading is a reference to the title of a song that was performed by U2, written primarily about Northern Ireland and Belfast, “where you can tell someone’s religion, political group, and income just by the name of their street.”

Have a video. -R]



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Celebrating thirty-three years of making China nervous.

[1] Royal Thai and Republic of Korea amphibious assault vehicles lay a smoke screen during an amphibious demonstration at Hat Yao Beach.

[2] A ROK Marine assists in securing the beachhead during the assault demonstration.

[3] U.S. Marine Cpl. Jacob Obrienflasch, left, and Sgt. David Wainright, stand in formation alongside Republic of Korea Marine Corps at Hat Yao Beach after conducting an amphibious demonstration during exercise Cobra Gold 2014. Cobra Gold, in its 33rd iteration, is designed to advance regional security in the Asia-Pacific region. The U.S. Marines are with 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, currently assigned to 4th Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division, III Marine Expeditionary Force under the unit deployment program.

(U.S. Navy photos by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Joy M. Kirch-Kelling, 14 FEB 2014.)

So this is what it looks like

Not too long from now, I’ll be taking the group currently known as “4 Mile Run” into Dog Den Studios to start getting their EP together. I’m awfully excited to work with these dudes and also, to do my first big project thats not electronically based. It’ll be a treat to record big ole heavy guitars and punky vocals. I hope I make something great with them. 

Also, I’ll be moving in with some other musicians to the East side of Nashville come the middle of July. Expect pics, insanity, flashing blue lights, and of course - a shit ton more music.  

I can’t wait to see what happens by the fall. 

Western Gambit valor.

Captain Ryan D. Schramel, the former commanding officer of Weapons Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, stands in front of a formation of Marines as Sgt. Maj. Gary T. Bow, the battalion sergeant major, reads Schramel’s award citation for the Bronze Star Medal with Combat “V” for valor during a ceremony at the 5th Marines Memorial Garden. (Photo by Sergeant Michael Cifuentes, 16 MAY 2013.)

Schramel, a native of Taylorsville, Calif., was awarded the Bronze Star for leading his company of Marines through multiple combat operations and engagements with insurgents in the Now Zad district of Helmand province, Afghanistan. During an operation dubbed Western Gambit, Schramel was directly responsible for the tactical employment of more than 350 Marines and Afghan soldiers and police through an insurgent infested area of the Now Zad district, resulting in the control of the area.

The operation was planned as a helicopter-borne assault, but foul weather cancelled all air support and the Marines resorted to ground movements exposing themselves to the unfamiliar terrain in the insurgent infested area. As the weather worsened with rain and the terrain accumulated mud and flooding, Schramel and his Marines pushed on. They reached the village of Khurghay where they were met with heavy resistance from the enemy. Insurgents manned multiple heavy machine gun positions that briefly suppressed the Marines’ mission. Undeterred from the weather elements and the enemy, Schramel rallied his Marines and maneuvered two of his platoons south of the village, encircling the enemy. He then directed a counterattack that crushed the entire enemy resistance in the area and controlled the village. The actions of the Marines and Afghan security forces resulted in the eventual establishment of an Afghan Uniformed Police post in Khurghay.

And they rode off into the sunset together, and lived happily ever after.

Marines with Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, patrol through the desert during the opening phase of Operation Double Check. Fox Company Marines, Afghan National Police and Afghan National Security Force personnel are currently operating in historically-troubled areas of southern Musa Qal’eh, such as Mosulmani, Khwajadad and Surkyan, which had no coalition presence prior to the start of the operation, 3 January.

(Photo by Corporal Tommy Bellegarde, 24 January 2012.)

Choose a direction, move decisively.

Marshall, Minn., native Lance Cpl. Ryan J. Merritt, the turret gunner for Truck Four of the mobile section with Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, watches his sector while providing security overwatch. Merritt, 19, and his fellow Marines in Fox Company’s mobile section have worked day and night during the opening weeks of Operation Double Check, which started 3 January.

(Photo by Corporal Tommy Bellegarde, 24 January 2012.)