6/29/15             Spider of the Day

Infraorder Araneomorphae (True Spiders) No Taxon  (Entelegynes ) Family Thomisidae (Crab Spiders) Genus Xysticus (Ground Crab Spiders)

Another lawn mower tenant !

Pronunciation ZIS-ti-kuhs(1)Numbers 67 species in NA.(1) Size Females 5-10mm; males around 4mm. Identification Xysticus usually has a well defined dorsal stripe on the carapace:

Ozyptila and Xysticus are both distinguished from either Coriarachne or Bassaniana by the lateral profile of the carapace: as Lynette mentioned, in both Coriarachne and Bassaniana the carapace is roughly flat all the way from front to back. The side profile of the carapace for Ozyptila and Xysticus, on the other hand, will be higher near the front and will drop down near the back at around coxa three. Coriarachne and Bassaniana maintain roughly the same level height from front to back.

So, the order of things to check when separating Xysticus, Ozyptila, Coriarachne and Bassaniana is:

1) Check carapace flatness first, to separate Coriarachne and Bassaniana from Ozyptila or Xysticus

2) Then, check the ventral macrosetae on tibia I and femur I length/width ratio to separate Xysticus from Ozyptila.

Ozyptila: - no more than 2 pairs of ventral macrosetae on tibia I …. femur I length-to-width ratio is about 3:1

Xysticus: - 3 to 4 pairs of ventral macrosetae on tibia I …. femur I length-to-width ratio is about 4:1

Information from BugGuide


4minute fan challenge!  [1/3] quotes you love.

as the oldest unnie, i feel obligated to brag about my younger members. 4minute is really cool. even though they look imposing, they’re surprisingly gentle and innocent yet very skilled. although they look like [they’re] in their element as idols on stage and play hard, it’s only a part they play. their image off stage is a complete reversal.” -leader namji 


4minute fan challenge! [½] moments that made you laugh.

rather than supporting hyuna when they finally show up on her show, free month, 2yoon spend their time trying to convince us that the kim hyuna we’ve seen on the show is all a lie


4minute fan challenge[2/5] quotes you love

 “I’m still young and I’ve felt that I lacked experience many times, while singing, I had difficulties. During these times, the thing I liked to do the most lately is watching Twitter. I get to know the thoughts of many people that I don’t know. What they do in their everyday life, their love affairs, where they are going, this kind of things. Once in a while, I also post something and upload a picture, and the responses the people send are funny.” -Sohyun