So can someone tell me why everyone’s giving RWBY shit? I saw a post complaining that everyone is cis in the show? Chill there are LGBT people in the show but, surprise!, the show’s not actually about romantic relationships all the fucking time. I saw people complaining because of plot holes and I feel the need to point out that every goddamn story has plot holes. People are complaining about how Blake’s arc is filler and Yang’s PTSD vanished but do they realise that not only is time passing between each episodes but the entire thing has been planned out. We saw Yang for about five minutes; we don’t know what’s happening in the rest of her life and there’s been a good amount of time since she put the arm on and way sparring with her dad. Blake has just reunited with her parents oh, and guess what? She needs to spend time with them because she hasn’t seen them in years. People would complain if all of Blake’s arc was put into one episode too.
This fandom needs to take a step back and actually appreciate how much time goes not into animating the series but planning a goddamn story. Do they even realise how hard it is to create a world like Remnant; considering every little thing they have? But people just prefer to complain that there are no gay people in the show or that someone should be agender or trans. Instead of hating on the people who are pouring blood, sweat and tears into this work and really don’t need your goddamn abuse about little things, how about we sit back, chill the fuck out and enjoy something that Monty Oum basically planned by himself to show the world?
Is that too much to ask for?