• Me at 10pm:(Clicks something accidentally on Tumblr) No!!! Go back!!! I don't even know what/who this is!!!
  • Me at 11pm:Ok....this actually seems pretty cool. I kinda like this song/person/story/movie/etc
  • Me at 12am:I must find out more!!!!
  • Me at 4am:Crap....I'm in another fandom.
rush | playlist 2.

It’s the rush you get when you feel the rain on your skin, the rush of a busy city, the rush of a heart that’s fallen in love. Whatever place you discover your rush is by all means a sacred place, and this playlist may bring you that energizing rush you need to push through your day.
(Listen to the full playlist here)

1. Up and Down - EXID
Of course as one of the most popular upbeat kpop songs, I had to make it the first one on this playlist to start off with a bang.

2. Adore U - Seventeen
With cute lyrics and a fresh melody, I always turn to this song to pump me up before anything.

3. War of Hormone - BTS
I chose this song over Dope because I find WOH to be a song that won’t only get you moving, but smiling as well.

4. Bae Bae - Bigbang
I was addicted to this song within the first four seconds I ever heard, and still use it to get me hyped.

5. Are You Hungry? - EXID (Maknae Line)
This song is amazing! Both girls sing beautifully and although it may be a little weird or out there (especially the lyrics), it’s a fun song.

6. Spellbound - TVXQ
This song is great and the brass really adds to it.

7. Whatcha Doin’ Today - 4Minute
This song is so catchy and can lift a mood in seconds. I literally can’t listen to this song without dancing.

8. Ring My Bell - Girl’s Day
This song is hated by some, but I greatly disagree with those people. This song is super catchy and never fails to make me want to sing along.

9. DARE - Gorillaz
Gasp, an English song??? Regardless, the Gorillaz has always been one of my favorite bands since I was a child! This song is one of my all time favs.

10. Call Me Baby - EXO
What better way to end this list? This absolute bop is sure to have you feeling energized. 

The unrealistic body types forced on idols is fucking disgusting and the number 1 people to blame isn’t the companies it the fans. You literally go around shaming idols if they’re a healthy weight and calling them fat for not being size 0’s with abs and unrealistic proportions. The fans shame idols into eating disorders and then praise the results while shaming the methods, that they fucking encouraged. I’m so disgusted honestly.