I know 4nias have many complaints about CEO Hong regarding 4minute in general, and even more lately as it’s become clear that 4minute isn’t coming back this year, something which Hong promised us when Volume Up promos wrapped up. Even worse is that the rumors about B2ST making a comeback next month is getting louder and louder. So I thought that maybe I can do something about that a little bit.

Initially, I asked someone else to put those complaints in a well-thought out letter, but no swearing, since she has strong feelings about 4minute and how CUBE has treated them this year in particular. But since she wasn’t able to make one, I just did it myself on the spot. You can read the contents of the letter in the first photo.

I hope I covered most of the complaints other 4nias have regarding CEO Hong. I can’t speak and write Korean so I wrote my thoughts in English, which I think was better to emphasize that the discontent is from overseas 4nias, and not k4nias. Those who disagree about my feelings for CEO Hong regarding 4minute shouldn’t worry cause I just signed it with my name only.

Then as you can see, I left the letter on his office door, or what I think is his office. Not sure if he read it, let alone understand it. But I hope he at least received the letter.

Or maybe this post can go viral and reach him lol.

365 Reasons Why We Love Jiyoon

Hey guys. Just reblog this thread and add your reasons until hopefully we can reach 365!

1. She’s so Lovely - nationfairy

2. Jiyoon is talented, charismatic , i fall for her - nationfairy

3. I just love her, everything about her - nationfairy

4. Jiyoon is easy going , she can act like unnie, brother, anything you need, u can depend on her - nationfairy

5.  i love her aegyo - buing buing - nationfairy

6. She’s so cool - nationfairy

7. She’s so versatile and talented - 4MinuteGIFs


TA-DAM!!! Here it is, finally! I hope I did justice to all your efforts and art work with this book lol.

It isn’t too thick, about 26 pages + 4 pages of blank pages at the front and back. I just improvised the cover cause I was surprised that they could do such a dope thing so I hope everyone likes it. Finally, I added a cheesy message from Overseas 4Nias haha as the first page. 

365 Reasons Why We Love 4Minute

As the new year approaches (and 2Yoon debut coming soon), I want to make an exhaustive list of why we all love 4Minute - 365 to be exact, or one for each day of the year ^^. But that doesn’t mean you have to send only one reason for each day! You can send as many as you like. Then write them down in a small piece of paper and stuff them in a bottle. It should look something like this but better:

Hopefully, we can complete our list soon and maybe I can turn this into a project and send it to 4Minute. I also want to do a list for each member. So we’ll have:

1. 365 Reasons Why We Love 4Minute

2. 365 Reasons Why We Love Jihyun

3. 365 Reasons Why We Love Gayoon

4. 365 Reasons Why We Love Jiyoon

5. 365 Reasons Why We Love Hyuna

6. 365 Reasons Why We Love Sohyun

Just send me your answers through the Ask button and I will publish them. Of course I will include your name when I write it down on the piece of paper. I hope everybody sends in their messages soon ^^

Happy New Year to all!

Short Message for 4Minute: Translation Help Needed

So I’m planning to make the first page of the fan art book a short message for 4Minute. Anyone can help translate it to Korean? ^^ Thanks

Dear 4Minute,

Please accept this simple token of appreciation from 4nias around the world. Philippines, Indonesia, United States, Colombia, Brazil, Canada, Turkey, France, Egypt, Thailand, Australia. Name a country and there will always be a 4Minute fan there! It isn’t much but we poured our hearts into this. We hope you like it ^^ Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us. We will always be here to support you until forever. Please always stay strong, healthy and together. Until then, we will anticipate your return on stage. Fighting!


Overseas 4Nias everywhere

You can tweet me the translation too! Thanks.

Check Out This Hallyu8 Thread

Wow thanks to whoever started this thread!


I wanted to post the link to that thread just so I can clear some things up.

Firstly, someone referred to me as “that guy who makes GIFs mostly perverted of 4minute on tumblr” no comment… but added “Respect + a trillion up” so thanks lol.

And all the arguments regarding whether CEO Hong would understand my post, like I said, I deliberately wrote it in English to emphasize that the note and complaints are from overseas 4Nias. If Hong doesn’t understand a speck of English, how difficult would it be for him to get that note translated, that is, if he really cared about 4nias.

Also, someone noted that “If 4Minute isn’t making a profit.” The total physical sales for Volume Up album is 4Minute’s highest ever, and their still doing CFs, although not as much as before. So how can CUBE not make a profit? The only reason they didn’t win a mutizen during Volume Up promos is because they got shafted by Cheatstar (or Brave Brothers, depending on who you believe). 

People who want Jiyoon to have a solo project, I hear you. But I’m not sure if that would be the right move for 4Minute’s career at this point. Those who have followed Jiyoon’s in IS2 knows that she has all the talents to carve out a successful solo career, but is now the right time to push for that? The transition from kpop group member to solo artist is full of hardships and obstacles. Unless you belong to one of the top groups in Kpop like DBSK or Big Bang, solo projects are always going to be a high-risk move. Heck, even Hyuna, who is arguably more popular than 4Minute, hasn’t won a mutizen for her solo efforts, what more for Jiyoonie? Instead, I would like her to appear in varieties more, then when the time is right and her popularity increases a little, then maybe CUBE can finally launch her solo projects. But she’s doing a musical soon, so that’s a good start.

Thanks to everyone who appreciated this little project. I liked the discussion going on in that thread, especially the support for 4Minute. I guess we have similar feelings and complaints regarding CUBE’s broken promises for 4Minute and their fans.

I don’t think that building has any janitors though lol. Anyway, I’m planning a similar project as I might be going back to Korea in January. It’s a bit riskier for me (if I get caught lol). The plan is to ask for all 4nias to submit all of your complaints, messages, etc. and put them on post-its with your name/twitter or tumblr handle, then fill Hong’s door with all of those post-it notes. What do you guys think? Lol.