The team here at m.a.m.a. earth loves to share letters and stories we get from our supporters.  We are always humbled that our work is resonating with others around the world and strive to continue to inspire others to be positive, grateful and loving.  Here is a short letter from a mom in Alabama:

“I think that what m.a.m.a. earth is doing is outstanding and amazing. My son Donavon is 11 years old and at 2 years of age he was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Marfan Syndrome. To look at him, he seems perfectly healthy, when in actuality, he’s not. His heart is the same size as an adult and due to this illness he will never be able to have a normal childhood. He has already had surgery due to this illness and also had a minor heart attack at the age of 9 that was brought on by throwing a football around with his uncle. He is a big fan of Bruno Mars which is how we discovered m.a.m.a. earth. It pains me so much to see him go through the things he does. He has been limited by his cardiologist to walking. No running, no jumping on the trampoline, no sports, not even riding a bicycle. So he spends his days in a swimming pool trying to strengthen his muscles, and on the computer playing video games and listening to and learning Bruno Mars songs. He also loves playing his guitars, he has an electric and acoustic.”

I asked what keeps Donavon thinking positively in the face of these health issues and he replied, “There’s always other things that I can do. I get a lot of encouragement from Bethany Hamilton – the girl who was attacked by a shark in Hawaii. My life is like hers. Having a disability doesn’t mean that you have to give up, but persevere at what you love doing.  Even though I can’t do the things that other boys my age can,  it’s ok because God made me special. He made me like I am so I can help others, like m.a.m.a. earth does.”

Thank you very much. And once again what m.a.m.a. earth is doing is amazing.  -From April McIntyre”

The team at m.a.m.a. earth thanks both of you for sharing your stories.  We all have our challenges, it’s how we face them that matters.

m.a.m.a. earth is all about using Art, Nature and Music to make a change for the better, locally and globally.  We started presenting charity concerts in 2007 with performers like Bruno Mars, Far East Movement, El Debarge and Common Kings.  Far East Movement dominated the Billboard charts for the last several years with hits like “Girls on the Dance Floor” and “G6″ and Common Kings have gone on to worldwide acclaim all over New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii and more with hits like “Alchoholic” and “Wade in Your Water” and of course, Bruno has gone on to be an international mega-star!

These charity events have raised money for women and children in Haiti, Japan, Sierra Leone and the list goes on.  We are so excited to announce our upcoming charity event at The Del Monte Speakeasy in Venice, CA on Saturday, September 29th, 2012.

The Del Monte Speakeasy was a tried and true speakeasy during prohibition, cleverly hidden underneath a grocery store above. patrons enjoyed entertainment and illegal hooch, smuggled through secret tunnels originating at the shore where boats  delivered the goods. At the present, The Del Monte Speakeasy is in the basement of Townhouse as a full-fledged live music venue that features the creme de la creme of live entertainment including live music, djs, comedy and burlesque. 

The Sept 29th event will feature live music and dj’s. There will also be food trucks and beautiful wearables by local artisans Fahmina and Violeta Villacorta.  Money raised will help fund m.a.m.a. earth’s continuing programs, classes and workshops for kids and adults that focus on our three pillars: art, music and nature.  We are humbled to have an opportunity to give a portion of proceeds to Project Haiti – bringing clean water and aquaponic systems to rural villages in Haiti. 

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Buy a “virtual ticket” and we’ll send you exclusive memorabilia from the night!


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The first Philippines chapter of m.a.m.a earth (in conjunction with Bruno Mars Philippines) recently had a gift giving party at the Mary Immaculate Children’s and Center Orphanage in the City of San Jose Del Monte Bulacan. Filipino Hooligans supported our efforts by buying specially made “m.a.m.a. earth Philippines” button pins during the Unorthodox Jukebox Album Launch that took place on December 15, 2012 at Odyssey Megamall. “Our efforts were successful because of the support of both m.a.m.a. earth and Bruno Mars Philippines,” says Alyssa Layug. ”As you can see from the smiling faces of the children, they were excited to celebrate Christmas with games, dancing, music and fun! We are very grateful for the overwhelming support and participation of our relatives, friends and to all the Filipino Hooligans.” ♥

Read more here: http://4mamaearth.org/sharing-love-in-the-philippines/

Thank you those who attended Sunday’s class on The Art of Urban Gardening. No matter who you are or what you’re into - we all eat! Thank you, Eugene Cooke, for your continued dedication and service to others.

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Cultivating beauty and abundance through artistic expression and sustainable food systems worldwide.

We all eat! Calling all students, parents, teachers, neighborhood & community organizers!

Whether you’re gardening in spaces large and small or just enjoying your weekly trip to the farmer’s market, there is a very real reason that growing food is getting so much attention these days.  The organic garden at the White House, Alice Waters’ work on “The Edible Schoolyard”, CNN headlines such as “Urban Farming is Like a Revolution”, “Urban Farms Renew Communities,” articles in magazines like Parenting, AARP, Yogi Times, LA Yoga – this subject is timely and important with plenty of interest from folks of all backgrounds.  Many of us are led here by health concerns, financial or social reasons but once we begin we become aware of the great web of life that we have always been surrounded by and are now actively participating in!

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 m.a.m.a. earth team-member, Eugene Cooke, is a father, a painter and an urban farmer who has designed and installed edible gardens with schools, churches, community gardens, large-scale urban farms and more in Los Angeles, Texas, Washington DC, Atlanta, Kenya and more.  Eugene is the first “papa” of m.a.m.a. earth and his work continues to grow and evolve.

ugene’s talks are brimming with helpful information about HOW to garden but more importantly – he reminds us WHY we tend the garden – to be grounded, to have a childlike sense of wonder about the world around us, to build community.  Planting as a service. Each talk is complete unto itself and each gathering is unique, informative and inspiring.

Eugene has presented classes, workshops and lectures at yoga studios, elementary schools, senior centers, eco-boutiques, teaching gardens and more!  Let m.a.m.a. earth help you transform YOUR community, neighborhood, school or faith-based institution by booking a class or series of classes with Eugene, contacting him for a phone or email consultation or buy the book that introduces Eugene’s beautiful philosophies and simple tools to Grow Where You Are!

Please email andrea@4mamaearth.org if you are interested in having Eugene speak at a home, school, faith-based institution, senior center, community garden, urban farm, wherever there are interested people!


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 “Grow Where You Are” by Eugene Cooke is an introduction to a view of urban agriculture that places us in the center of the living systems that are our local and global communities. In this book, Eugene explores the basics of community and urban gardening and the art of recognizing the potential for growing food in our urban areas. He introduces the concept of elemental and cosmic forces and combining them with our human intention and care. “Grow Where You Are” offers the conscious urban dweller an introduction to practices that will help inspire them to transform their surroundings and create local food security. Click HERE to purchase.

m.a.m.a. earth celebrates the many ways that we can make positive change in our communities around the world. As this week marks World Doula Week, we are celebrating the sentiment that it’s not just the making of babies, but the making of mothers that is the miracle of birth.

What is a doula? A Doula is a woman experienced in childbirth who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after childbirth. The purpose of World Doula Week  is to empower doulas all over the world to improve the physiological, social, emotional, and psychological health of women, newborns and families in birth and in the postpartum period. World Doula Week events are taking place all over the world this week, celebrating the benefits of the presence of doulas in birth and in the postpartum period.

Did you know that the presence of a doula at childbirth reduces the incidence of c-section, may shorten the length of labor, reduces epidural and analgesic requests, increases breastfeeding initiation and continuation, reduces the incidence of postpartum mood disorders and increases a mother’s satisfaction with her birth experience?

The fact that the United States has a higher ratio of maternal deaths than at least 40 other countries, even though it spends more money per capita for maternity care than any other is more than enough reason to champion empowered birth and support expanding women’s choices in how they give birth.  
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Javoni, a m.a.m.a. and Doula.

Since 2007, m.a.m.a. earth has been offering up easy ways for people to give to charitable causes and support issues that affect us all.

Enter stage left: Peaces of Love made by m.a.m.a. earth sister, artist, doula, designer and all around creative being, Javoni Karisma. (Fun fact: Javoni’s husband is Dwayne Dugger – the super-talented saxophonist in Bruno Mars’ band!) She produces these beautifully wearable kimono robes and if you order one now, a portion of proceeds will support Doulas of Love pay for a teen or single “low income” mother’s doula services.
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  Want to learn more? Do yourself a favor and pick up one or ALL of Ina May Gaskin’s books. Ina May is a world-renowned midwife and women’s advocate who Gaskin asserts that the way in which women become mothers is a women’s rights issue, and it is perhaps the act that most powerfully exhibits what it is to be instinctually human. Ina May is showing us how to trust women, value birth, and reconcile modern life with a process as old as our species.   Sending all of of our love to the midwives, doulas supporting mamas and babies around the world!


Food for Thought

The three pillars of m.a.m.a. earth are Art, Music and Nature. A big part of our mission has to do with food and food justice. The basic human right to have access to healthy food. Eugene Cooke, urban farmer, has helped with countless edible gardens around the country as well as Jamaica, Kenya and Tanzania. We’ve presented 70+ workshops in partnership with public, private and charter schools, community gardens, private homes, senior centers and more.

Our grandparents and parents had the formula. Intrinsic in each culture, and instilled through habit is the knowledge of using food to heal and console. It was the hot soup or strong toddy when a cold was coming on. Aloe vera and pumpkin seeds to expel intestinal worms. Oatmeal and milk baths for rashes. It’s found in the precise science of Native American Earth medicine to facilitate outdoor living. ‘Let your medicine be your food and your food be your medicine’ was a phrase coined in Egyptian history and mysticism by master Teacher and physician Imhotep. In that spirit we reclaim the power to heal ourselves, we put the power of nurturer and healer back in our hands.”

For this blog, we want to introduce you to Eugene’s wife, Jo’vonna Johnson. She heads up a project called MaituFoods. The philosophy behind it is teaching children the culture of food, from seed to table. Jo’vonna says, “At MaituFoods we teach our youth the power of self sustenance and nurturing through food and food education. Utilizing the tools of cooking and gardening we encourage children’s natural abilities to grow and learn in their environment by taking an active approach to their personal health.

As mothers, we are always thinking about food as we prepare meals for our families each and every day.  We love Jo’vonna’s view of food and music, too. “Consider how many memories are tailored with a certain song and the emotions evoked. The feelings elicited by food. A smell that draws you back to childhood or a favorite space and time in life. Food and music both possess the power to heal, to comfort and to transform our realities. They create and sustain environments. Nourish and develop our nations. We live by and through food and music.”

To see more of Jo’vonna’s writings, check out her BLOG.

Inspired to take action? Check out our fundraiser for Kadeisha Hilliard, a mother of 2 who is using natural methods (like juicing, high dose vitamin C & more) to heal herself from Stage 3 Breast Cancer.  In the last 6 weeks, we’ve raised over $6,000 to support Kadeisha as she responds to treatment and continues to work to build her immune and lymphatic systems.  Show your love and give what you can!

Join us at the Del Monte Speakeasy THIS Saturday for a night of soulful, spoken word and live music by
the one and only, Grammy-nominated, Sonja Marie.

Sonja Marie’s numerous poetry readings led her to a performance on the multi-platinum and Grammy nominated soundtrack “Waiting To Exhale”. She was included as one of the three writers featured on the album with her song, “And I Gave My Love To You”. Since then, she has shared her gifts with Whitney Houston, Teena Marie, and Cody Chesnutt, just to name a few. Sonja Marie has released two solo albums, “Black Album Vol. 1” and “Nativity Screams” available on iTunes.

Sonja Marie remains close to the groove with music that spins tasty jazz, hip-hop, funk, melodics and poetry.