Anime Expo 2016, Los Angeles, California - July 1-4

Location: Premium Section - Right Side: Booth: #5010

Semi-Hiatus Start: June 28th - July 6th, 2016 (Meaning all emails or shopping services will be delayed until we return).

Details: This year we are selling a ton of new merchandise since last year as we have expanded. We will have free gifts with every purchase regardless of the total amount like we did for FanimeCon 2016. 

We will also be selling exclusive grab bags with Yaoi 18+, Hentai 18+, Sports Anime, Pokemon Center, & Random. All bags will include high value items for a low price.  

For more exclusive goods and details of what we will be selling please stop by our booth at any time during the weekend, thank you!

Vaccinated Against Rabies 

Tintype photography by Libby Bulloff and Stephen Robinson

Format & Process: 5x7 Tintype; Wetplate Collodion
Camera: 1906 Century No. 4
Location: In the studio at ‘57 Biscayne, Seattle, WA
Date: July 2014

Henrietta’s Eye, Seattle, WA. All rights reserved.

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