4living reblogged your video: Jason Mraz - Dynamo of Volition

my favoritest songs in the whole entire universe.

oh yeah. it’s groovy. anyone can totally jam to that song.

lajosie replied to your post: this is how i mimic the sound of guitar with my mouth

I don’t do the guitar; I DO THE BASS! all “dung dung-dung-dung-duuuung!”

lmao~ omg. that is exactly what the bass sounds like! then the violin goes “eek eeeek eek”

mabayui replied to your video: SHINee - Love Like Oxygen Japanese version […

Not sure I like it :| I usually dislike Japanese remakes of Korean songs. Mostly b/c they sound kinda off and the pronunciation is… questionable. SME needs to stop recycling songs and give their artists something new to sing lol.

SME is such a troll. seriously. most of the songs they give their artists in the first place are songs they bought from other people then remake them. barely any songs are actually written. and then they go and make the japanese version. -.- and then when the japanese album comes out there are 2 new songs. the rest are remakes. llol~ fail.