If you ever feel bad for not finishing a project before moving onto another, remember 4Kids straight up killed Jaden Yuki off at the second to last episode of season 3 so they didn’t have to dub season 4 and could dub 5Ds instead (which they also didn’t finish).

new 4kids dub: osomatsu-san!

what kind of WHACKY adventures happen when you have not just one, not just two, but FIVE brothers?!?! join sextuplets Oliver, Kam, Carl, Ian, Josh, and Tomas as they search for employment, houses, and a general place in the world….. and maybe find some love on the way! uh-oh! but Tessa doesn’t know which brother to choose! what will they do?? join the Martin sextuplets in their silly stories!


It wouldn’t be a proper 4th of July without listening to the best version of the National Anthem.