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For my 4k Celebration @percywinchester27 asked: Can I have Dean trying to figure out how Facebook/ dating app or just any one of those things work? Pretty please? :)

Not entirely what you asked for but this is what entered my head ;)

You didn’t have the confidence to tell him straight up how you felt. You had dropped plenty of hints, or so you thought, but either he didn’t get it. That or he didn’t care.

Dean kept picking up girls in bars. He kept flirting with random chicks with you standing a few feet away, and you kept wishing it was you he led out of the bar with an arm around your waist. You were just another hunter - nothing like the girls he circled when you were out.

You hardly wore any make-up, and you didn’t own any fancy clothes. You weren’t what he wanted, but with one hard shove from Sam after he had figure out his brother was meddling with a dating app, you gave it one last try.

You took a deep breath and closed your eyes as you forwarded the first picture to him along with a contact request from Viper91 to Impala67.

It didn’t take Dean more than a few seconds to reply back. “Y/N? Do you know it’s me?”

You couldn’t help but smile and for a second. You considered messing with him, but decided you were done playing games. Instead, you took a picture of your naked legs peeking free of the bath bubbles,and before you had time to think you hit send.

“Join me, Dean.” You held your breath waiting for a reply that never came. Instead the door was pushed opened and closed behind the green eyes hunter.  

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The best way I can describe my thoughts on a human Bill…did you ever see that TNG episode where Q gets depowered and he’s basically this obnoxious baby that everyone has to go out of their way to take care of just to keep him alive? Like that, but way, way more unpredictable, violent and annoying.