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Time flies! It wasn’t that long ago i made my previous follow forever, and now here we are again, another huge milestone reached! And not even a year went by since i made this blog!

This one is kind of special to me, because i finally hit the follower count i dreamed of when i first started off! I saw other blogs and admired them for it, and now thanks to all of you wonderful people, i can call myself one of those blogs! Thank you so much for that. This gives me the feeling that i’m being heard, that i’m not just throwing content into the void but that there are people who actually care for what i write. And that encourages me. It’s not about the number, it’s about the feeling i get, to know that i’m not doing this for nothing.

I hope you don’t have to feel shy to talk to me anymore, though! I’d love more interaction with all of you! 

During this time, i’ve also gained some lovely mutuals, some of which i can call my friends on this site and i’m so happy to know you guys! 💕

Listed below under the cut are the blogs i follow myself and make my tumblr experience that much more enjoyable! Definitely go check them out, they’re all amazing! 

Happy holidays everyone! 🎄 ❄️

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I’d like to say thank you to everyone. I never expected to have nearly this many, but here we are! Here’s some cool blogs:
@aaox @akatskiski @alphastigma117 @alphaotaku @ama-neee @anime-scarves @anonment @a-precious-loli @basedkanbaru @bakemonokotori @barentzz @byzantine-love-machine @caskitsune @chitosenosebleeds @chino-is-the-order-a-hell-yeah @cute-girls-from-vns-anime-manga @daijoubou-jordesu @darkrai-10 @darkchunni @desubringer @elsa-granhirte @fiverainbows @fwjave @hakujiin @hanekawa-san @hai-yai-forces @hishiron @hiitagi @hiratzuka @ipscell @jacobtheslothone @jougasakis @jyoshikausei @kazuma-desu @kimiochi @literallytheworstblogger @literally-the-best-onii-chan @lolisarereligion @maddie-neko @mochi @moeitall @moekingdom @moepig @mujaya @narumeias @nge-nerv @nonono-zzz @nyaurl @official-megumin @officialprinzeugen @officiallylewd @officialyasen @ookazaki @pokieron @powertopsenpai @rem-zero @rinnekko @rorisama @shigatsuneko @shiintan @shinobukaka @shironomi @simplykasumi @sil-heart @sk8r-boy @sleepyidolmango-chan @soracell @spawn-senpai @struggler-king @sugoihentai @sugoihime @this-is-cthulhu-privilege @themorganiser @tippy-the-rabbit @tsunglasses @tsunderrated @vegetarianoptions @xdeyuix @xyzismywaifu @yuubarii @zsaber


Ayyyyy 4,000 followers !! I came back not too long ago and I already have another follower forever. I’m going to try to make more original content but this is all you have right now ! Don’t be offended if you’re not on this list please and I follow you.Here it is (bolded are mutuals) : 

scrubl0rdx3 || tachibana-marika || tsukigami || lolisenpai || yoshinosama || rathim || onoderabruhh || cutegirlsdoingcutethings || captaincrunchmakesmebleed || tsundere-dragon2 || tsunderealien || zsaber327 || ipscell || officialyasen || officiallylewd || kanyakiken || perks-of-being-chinese || anime-scarves || anime-scarves || fullblacknabot || ryou-chann || literallytheworstblogger || kv3dia || tippy-the-rabbit || darkrai-10 || tsunderrated (unfollow) || more-moe-more-problems || sugoihime (!!!) || tk-noodles || 3cchi || masterweeb

So many mutuals holy shit 

4K and thank you’s

I reached 4k this week which is unweaaalll and I figured it’s time to thank everyone who made the last two years amazing for me.  

@tradleytrash - Jenn! I feel like I’ve been following you forever! Thank you so much for being so nice to me from the start! It makes me sad when I see you go through some rough times but I’ve always been so awkward at approaching people so just know that I am here whenever you need somebody to talk to. Also I think I don’t say it often but I love your writing - I hope you always find the motivation to write amazing stuff.

@tradleyxo - Mary, my pretty aussie friend! Sometimes I feel like we’re one person bc we like the same things lmao but I’m really happy we started talking. You always crack me up with your reaction pics and I love freaking out over Brad with you! College is a bitch but I’m sure you’d slay it.

@vstradley - Arii I don’t even know what to say. Pretty sure the last few months would’ve been very dull for me if I hadn’t met you. Like 90% of the time you (and sam) are the reason why I’m laughing. Sorry if I annoy you all the time with pics of the boys lol I know you secretly love it anyway. You’re honestly amazing, your vids are A+++, you’re a really good friend and i love you so much. I’m really hoping and praying that you get to see the boys soon so you could have your way hug with tris! Hell elmo rise!

@smileforbradley - SAMMM. I love you. Seriously. Sometimes I feel like you’re the little sister I never had and I want to protect you at all times bc you’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met. You (and arii) are my #1 source for all pics of the boys and talking and laughing with you guys is the best part of my day. Don’t ever feel like you’re annoying me okay I actually love it when you tag me in everything! And I know you’ll meet and hug Brad soon enough. I feel it in my bones. (yes i just said that sshh)

Special mention blogs: If you’re not here I’m very sorry but I’m really lazy and my head is about to explode BUT I STILL LOVE YOU PLEASE DON’T FEEL BAD!!! (Also some changed urls and I have no idea where they are anymore)

@brads-lucky-pig @bradleyy @bradsradical @britishvamps @bradwillstyles @brads-bandana @bradlleysimpsons @condoraball @condoraatheexplorer @connorfuckingball @dietbronnor @forthevamps @homeforvampettes @jamiemcvey @justfourboys @notcalledconnor @peachybrad @polaroidconnor @princessbradley @that-british-boy-band @the-vamps-uk @thevampsfeels @vampstrash @veethevampette @yoursleepingheart

I made this blog in 2014 just to look for pics of the boys - I never expected to talk to anyone or even make some friends from different parts of the world. I was surprised at how welcoming and friendly everyone was in the tumblr vamps fandom back when I first started and it was the first time in a long time that I felt like I really belong somewhere. I think this is why I’ve always had a soft spot for new fans who send asks/requests or messages. I just want everyone to feel like this is a place where you belong, where everyone helps everyone out and where no one would judge you for being yourself. We’re all family here.

So if you’re new or you want to make friends, don’t hesitate to drop us a message/ask! 


Hugs from the other side of the world, Ash x


I have officially passed 4,000 followers ahead of schedule. Gaining 51 yesterday along, and am at a total of 4,025 followers. So here’s another follow forever, there will be 2 this week.

arrowhuntress, arthurdrvill, arrowarcher, blairwaldorves, bloodygifs, blairserenas, blair-essentials, blairwaldorfings, careforbesgifs, chair-obsessed, chuckandblairdaily, crooked-queen, chippedfangs, chucksqueen, chuckblairgifs, damnyouchuckbass, daniels-gillies, ericnorthamn, epic-delena, enzoline, edwestwikcs


fyeahgg, fyesarrow, fyesgossipgirl, fuckyeahsupernaturalgifs, featherdeann, fuckyeaharrowedits, fuckoffdanhumphrey, fuckyeahvampirediaries, ggbygossipgirl, ggirlsss, inlovewithchair, iheartleighted, ichooseyoustefan, iheartchuckandblair, itsphotoshop, jensenswhore


kolouring, krism23, kutchu, leightedwester, leightedlimosex, leightonmeesters, mindbodyscheme, maribells, megamitenchi, motherchuckerr, nobriens, nathanshales, natasharomanxffs, originalsdaily, oliversbow, ohmyklaus


pennbadgly, petermjs, purplebass, rewindreplayrewatch, smoakgifs, starlingcitygifs, stuartmary, the-oliverqueen, teamnaley, thatsmychuck, thehashtagfangirls, thedevilandthequeen


unbrokencolorings, varietyofwords, waldorfia, wonderlandwhimsical, waldorfpenthouse, yeahps

hey guys, im back again with a new and improved follow forever!!! I recently reached 3K followers and words can’t describe how thankful I am for each and everyone of you. I could never even imagine that I would reach such a big number in such a short amount of time. Thank you to all my amazing followers, mutuals, and blogs I follow for making tumblr such an entertaining place to be.  ♡  

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this is it, it happened during the night, I saw it when I could barely open my two eyes together while making myself some tea… I’ve reached my next hundred. 4k of people following that shitty blog run by the lame ass clownfish I am. really, I’m forever questionning the reasons why and I’m also so sorry for everything I may say in my tags, for how annoying I may be sometimes, and towards the people who started following me for a specific fandom when this blog is a mix of many different bands and stuff.
I’ll never be thankful enough, this is insane and I’ll always be amazed by it. whether we’re mutuals or not doesn’t matter, I’m grateful to each and every of you, but since this is a follow forever I’m just gonna share and mention the people I’m planing to keep seeing on my dash. I’ve promised myself I’d make my third ff once I’ll reach 4k so… here it is.

no real categories or order this time, I’m putting all blog kinds at once.
italic is for mutuals. bold is for favorite.

you can hover your url for a personal little message to you, ‘cause you deserve it, ‘cause you’re queen/king, ‘cause you rock and ‘cause your presence on my dash definitely makes it a lot greater. keep the perfect up buddy~

bomtoki ; chaegasm ; byetan ; nojimin ; wasabisoo ; caffeinatedfeminism ; sugmon ; snowmons ; nicosato ; kimjcngins ; zicosbae ; jihoongi ; simondope ; jomjjeoreo ; street-crush ; yngimn ; bxngster ; dok2gonzo ; yngguq ; onlyblockb ; babikims ; vivid-vvd ; seduce-me-with-satoori ; ukwno ; hugtae ; tabloworld ; korean-hip-hop ; 10won ; olltiboy ; ijustwannarhyme ; daesbulge ; nonkorean ; beenziontnt ; southkoreans ; aintyves ; undergroundkoreans ; pizzajpg ; jayseus ; huckleberryp ; koreanghetto ; z-co ; 2426-girl ; gangnamclique ; qaerin ; azianatic ; classifiedclover ; huckleberryb ; sugashu ; matoki-project ; woojihosbitch ; mino-sonq ; icejjzino ; hyosong ; mistyblueee ; b2st-nes ; buckw1lds ; bangjae ; trying-so-hard-will-kill-you ; hyundamla ; seung-whores ; yongguksfingers ; juno-faddyrobot ; xiuadore

I probably missed some but anyways I love you all and thank you, thank you for keeping up with me or just for running such awesome blogs. thank you, forever, always.

holy shit, 4k!!!!!!!!! thank you guys so so so much!! i honestly never thought i would get this many followers and i love you all tbh. ps than k u so much @shingekihowell for the awesome header ily.


























and ofc @danisnotonfire and @amazingphil

Hi guys :) So I recently hit 3.5k (holy shit) so I thought I’d put together a follow forever :)

(not in alphabetical order or any other order because I’m a lazy shit)

pizzaandmusicplease | peace-out-little-munchkins | troyeistheshit | icherishtronnor | oktronnor | crazytronnor | tronnorisrisk | tronsplayist | troyeble | tbfhtronnor | xox-happylittletronnor-xox | conniefrannie | acciotronnor | tronn-da-bon | ilysbtronnor | michael-punk-clifford | controyeversial | troyesivangel | tronnller | hellatronnor | itsthesocialmediaexpert | nerdfightingforawesome | infinite-youtubers | troyes-lip-ring | theegyptgame | youre-the-dan-to-my-phil | black-parade-girl | -youtube-obsessed-gleekywolfer | greyfarrell | bluesivan | jillyoakley | troyeboyish | creysandfeels | 50-shades-of-trxye | i-like-spaghetti-lets-go-fuck | kawaiidan | fathoming-the-stars | troyeoakdizzle | loveyoulester | whatstroyler | trxyesquiff | hpfan2013 | starryeyesandblurredlies | trxye-sivan-oakley | tronnor-though | shirtlesstroye | tylerbroakley | itmetroye | swiftlysivan | whoistroyeanyway

IRL Bae’s

sonnets-and-ink | hotpeopleandfunnythings | dinoduckqueen | porpoise-with-a-purpose | welcometothebadco | fragmentworld | theshippingdepartment | greentdm

The people who inspire me to be my best

amazingphil | benjpierce | connorfranta | danisnotonfire | troyesivan

Thank you all so much, and I hope you’re having a great day :)

Granny’s Flower Cart (CS Self-Promo Sunday #1)

Emma kept telling herself it wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t. It was in fact the exact opposite of a big deal. Granny’s Flower Cart had a lot of customers and more than a few of them were regulars. The fact that one of those regulars was amazingly attractive, a shameless flirt with a sexy accent and ocean blue eyes that she could drown in was not a big deal. And the fact that after five months of seeing him every Wednesday he was mysteriously absent wasn’t a big deal. It’s not like Emma had really noticed anyway.

4k| K| Tumblr | FF.net

4K Follow Forever

Idk tbh i reached 4k followers. Its been less than 5 months since I’ve been back on here and Im glad I came back and I know Im super inactive atm because I have exams, But I will be a lot more active soon. I just wanted to thank everyone who used to follow my old account that followed me again and also everyone new that has followed me. I love you all thank you so much again<3

@lunavlovegood ~ @persiius ~ @stveroqers ~ @stefansquad ~ @kysolobren ~ @pvedameron ~ @peodameron ~ @hcathledger ~ @harlayquinn ~ @perksofbeingafanboy ~ @baratheonrenly ~ @hermiunes ~ @tomshollande@raven-griffin ~ @noahshawl ~ @margaerys ~ @winoncryder ~ @iangullugher ~ @finncresta ~ @feliciitysnow ~ @elleymcminn ~ @dayenerystargaryen ~ @daniels-gillies ~ @blueskywalk ~ @bensolcs ~ @alayne-stone ~ @aaronwarner ~ @daenevys ~ @dobrevnina ~ @duvalemmas ~ @thelakewoodsix ~ @kieranwilcox ~ @mitzgerald ~ @audreynoah ~ @bitchcankeepasecret ~ @ororamonroe ~ @kendrasray ~ @boggarts ~ @eldorwand ~ @blackveilsociety ~ @raphaelsanteago ~ @winter-queens ~ @protectraphaelsantiago ~ @lydiamartinskie ~ @hedamontgomery ~ @futuremrsfitz ~ @drkhales ~ @lindzey-morgan ~ @kirayukimera ~ @sebstcns ~ @whodafuqisa ~ @shavsmitchell ~ @benzolicius ~ @mundanc ~ @zaysbabineaux ~ @shumsharry ~ @raphelsantiago ~ @malecsreign ~ @blackpanthsr ~ @scottmcsalvatore ~ @shayspieterse ~ @mikaelsinz ~ @youcancallmecaptaingally



Recently I hit 4,000 followers. You guys are absolutely the best. You like my selfies, reblog my gifs, and (sometimes) reply to my weird text posts. So I figured I’d do a follow forever since the last one I did is so outdated.

I’ve been on tumblr since 2010, so just a shoutout to those who have been with me since the early days aka the days before I knew how to use photoshop. Those were dark times. So thanks for that ♥

MY FRIENDS. To my IRL and online friends. You guys are what make this website worth it. Talking to you guys is the best part of my day and I wouldn’t be here without you.

thtyoumakemestrong, alexsharps​, ruthiemiles​, kylesharris​, aropippin, paternalpadfoot​, deanrreigns and petcrparker


MY MUTUALS. Whether we talk all the time or silently reblog each others stuff, you guys are the best. You make my blog look great. In no particular order.

missmaliatate, cheshireelims, christianborle, nevvsies, allison-dilaurentis, alihendriks, pcrrycox, keliohara, jon-groff, anabundanceofkatniss, rosamdpike, groff-sauce, thenicult, brandonuranowiitz, suttonlenorefosters, funhomewonbestmusical, cinderidiot, stuff-and-shenanigans, kyledean-massey, katherjneplumber, waldorfe, henrywinchestcr, roseqvrtz, twistedtheuntoldstory, jenniferdamianos, andreaharrlson, annaleighashford, sourpatchstarkids, laurawingfields, wilbertweed, kirstynhippe, faithbreaker, sunshinegold, nancydowns


ADMIRE FROM A FAR: These are the people I follow (that don’t follow me) and am too shy and intimidated to approach. One day maybe I’ll come and say hi.

charlottdilaurentis​, callietorres-ga, clairetempless​, smoaksolicitys​, addisonsmontgomery​, borginburks, mcbrilliant, raphunzels​, haleyjames, teddywestside​​, monica-geller​​, izzie-stevens​​, kevinmckidd, isobelstevenz​​, kepnerrrd​​, arthurdarvvill, gginnyweasley​, aubrieyplaza​​, wandas-maximoffs