2014 Update!

Alright! A brand new year that’ll be filled with awesome new content. Here’s what I’ve got in the works for the next couple of months.

Best Games of 2013: I’ve got my GOTY list ready to go, and just need to finish illustrating it. Bit late this year, but there are some standout titles. 2013 was a pretty great year for videogames. Expect some big surprises. 

Generica: I’ve been hard at work making my own homebrew setting for a D&D game. It started out as just a placeholder setting so I could run something that felt a little more ‘evergreen’ in terms of fantasy gaming tropes. Generica will include maps, monsters, and a house rules rulebook (complete with original art). 

Here’s some rough map notes…

Four In February: I’ll be participating in 4iF 2014 with four more games that’ve been in my backlog for way too long. Same as last year, I’ll be posting doodles, post-it notes, and animated gifs showing my progress as I try to finish four videogames in a month. 

Custom Character Sheet Commissions: Still accepting requests for custom character sheets. More will be posted this month, as I have a bunch left to finish. If you’d like your own, check out THIS LINK.