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Would you care to tell me what you use on your face to keep it from breaking out? I can't seem to find anything that works for me.

these 2 things have worked the best for me

1) african black soap

2) lush ocean salt cleanser

and don’t 4get to moisturize!!! for so long i just washed my face and didn’t moisturize after and i think that’s another reason why my skin was so bad lol (favorite is imperialis from lush)

ALSO whenever i’m out in the sun more my skin seems to be a lot healthier. so get lots of sun too :—) esp now since the weather is getting nicer. AND DON’T PICK YOUR FACE.


tfw it’s 2011-2012 and you’re so into Doctor Who you force your OM team’s sketch to be based around it. brings back some damn memories. thanks fournewtrees for actually having pictures of this beautiful event since i don’t know where else to find some easily AND for having stuck around to watch our performance B)

and a shoutout to benthicpressure for being HOMESTUCK GARBAGE wearing a fucking Hero of Time hoodie and therefore causing my homestuck ass to pick him out of the crowd and accost. many beautiful internet friendships were made that day

(ALSO fuck the kid dressed as the doctor in the left of the second picture my team’s performance was SO much better but they came in first and went to nationals and we came in third and didn’t :/)