An idol: says something genuinely abt supporting same gender attraction in public obviously nervous about the reaction be it they’re closeted or worried about the reaction in a non LGBT space where literally Anything could happen as a repercussion
The hetero shippers™ : he’s nervous bc of the relationship he has with his band member that I made up 😩😩😩💕💕

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  • Lup: hey, do you wanna hold-
  • Lucretia: hands? 🙌Please.🙏 I NEED those hands to write ✏✒📝non❎stop.🚫 Ambidextrous 👐 4lyfe 👏carpal 👏tunnel 👏is my nightmare😴😨😱 scenario💭✉📢 never📢 stop📢 writing📝📝📝 you might not know😟 my name 👥but I've certainly👻 ghost 👻written something you've read📗📘📙📚📔📒📑📓📕📖📰... The void 🌑fish 🐙🐳might eat👄👅 up.all your memories 🙈🙉🙊😿but I'll NEVER 4get that grind💯💯💯
Speaking of Boba Fett…

I know I know, why go there? Because I like it, deal with it. What I always hear about Boba Fett is how cool and badass he is …or how much of greedy basterd he’s proved to be. All true but what most intrigues me about this guy is that just like our unfortunate Chosen One; he was screwed more by the decidedly Good Guys. Boba Fett early life was anything but sweet, but he did have a father who loved him.

Who then gets killed, while he watch

“Jango is a villain, he had it coming!!” … sure, but,

That doesn’t erase nor excuse this. He was someone’s father too. This kid’s father. The most heart breaking thing here is that this kid was never given actual chance, as TCW unfolds.

I truly believed Windu was showing compassion here. But boy was I a fool. Should’ve paid attentions to what’s been said:

Boba Fett: I see now I’ve done terrible things. But you started when you murdered my father! I’ll never forgive you.

Mace Windu: Hm… Well, you’re going to have to. Take him away.

Boba wasn’t that far gone at this point. With the right care someone would have given this kid the right treatment that would’ve saved his future… but ofc that wasn’t the case.

Yeah, this kid is going to turn out just fine.

Mace is a very good Jedi you know that?

He “let go” with whatever minor guilt he had for this kid and left him in jail to get more fucked up.

Jedi logic, always the greatest.