I’ve not been playin much overheck lately because The Anxiety but listen. I still love ham zone and old macdonald. never 4get

not pictured: hanzo standing on jesse’s feet bc he likes to feel tall. hanzo’s chicken feet are sharp, jesse is holding back tears in this image. (I forgot their height difference Eliminate me)


things that actually kill me: how monok/uma only really learns to understand love in a canon / mastermind jun/ko setting bc she’s #1 mom && he’s 100000% devoted to her & her goals & her cause

all the other masterminds are???? he doesn’t even care when (if/whatever) they die lmao it’s like?? bye felicia. don’t get me wrong he genuinely lurvs them too, but he doesn’t understand that bc no one could really mesh as well w/ him as someone like jun/ko does just bc her personality as mastermind is absolutely perfect for him. so au’s just get the angst end of the stick rip.

jun/ko dying has some kind of actual effect on him && gives him more drive / she leaves a positive impression on him

he doesn’t care what happens to other mastermind’s bc it’s kinda watered down to “welp, losing u is despair, bye fucker.” he wouldn’t even care if he caused their death

idk i’ve talked about this before in lengthier, more detailed headcanons abt how the mastermind’s death affects him && why jun/ko is different but i’m just

mono pls that’s #rude but also sad jfc…..