Mission today was new memory card.  At Tesco they were selling 2GB one’s for a fiver.  Not too bad, but considering the wife paid £5 for her 4GB one, I followed her footsteps to Amazon.

Was very tempted by a 16GB one for £13, but figured wouldn’t really need anything with that capacity, so got a 4GB one for £4.58, which included postage.  Should be here sometime this week.

And, as you do whilst shopping online, I did a little browse and found a small bag for the Nikon.  Set me back £15 (including postage), and am really looking foward to it arriving.  It’s very compact, will only take the camera including lens, no extra pockets or anything.  However the size of it will hopefully encourage me to take the Nikon with me more.  I find it a little bit of a drab to carry around the large bag I currently got for it.  Will post pictures when it arrives.

Sony 4 GB Memory Stick ProDuo MSMT4G/2NQT (Black)

4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo MSX-media.Successor M4GS.Actual capability: about 3.66GB.Ideal for AVCHD. Mark MSMT4G is compact 2 Duo Memory Stick PRO media card is the perfect answer for storing and transferring excessive resolution video and pictures recorded on appropriate Handycam camcorders and Cyber-shot digital digicams. Designed for top pace and stellar storage capability, that is simply what the media sound you want to retailer your recollections and transferring them with no trouble.Sony 4 GB Memory Stick ProDuo MSMT4G/2NQT (Black)

Sapphire - Radeon HD6990 4GB Review

Sapphire - Radeon HD6990 4GB Review

The new graphics accelerator AMD Radeon HD 6990 is popular, and is used for playing computer games. Sapphire Technology has its own interpretation, two GPU card with 4 GB of GDDR5 memory frequency of 1250MHz (5.0GHz effective) representation began. Dual BIOS may have added a user operating frequency of 830MHz or 880MHz.SAPPHIRE technology of HP 510 battery HD 6000-series is a new collection to choose to bring a global current account - Sapphire HD GPU-6990.The two pairs of high-end Cayman xt as the HD6790 cards, but slightly smaller core and stream processors (3072 all of them) the frequency of the standard XT - 830MHz, 880MHz, compared with normal.

Slower memory. Is GDDR5 4GB (via 256-bit bus), the clock is 1250 MHz (effective from 5 GHz) instead of (5.5GHz effective) 1375 MHz, as well as in other recent North Island-based card, the Sapphire BIOS is the key and HD6990 is different from previous versions. The default position 1, it supports the default settings for 830MHz Core Clock 1.12 volts. Position 2 offers more core hours with 880MHz and voltage 1175 volts.So So far so good - but a step back ointment, the gray area of ​​product warranty by overclocking, but overclocking will be implemented a counter, so to install Dell xps m140 battery that may best to make it safe and leave the key only with respect to how the thing.

On top of the ticket is two 8-pin PCI-E connectors. Yes, these cards have some power to take over if you two outer wires inside may think - especially if you ignore the warning and the BIOS to him on the ground 880MHz.From HD6990 transmission designed 450 W high-performance went down, but uses. Although the work is faster, it is still 375 watts - just make sure the function of HP pavilion dv3000 battery switch. All this can only mean one thing - the heat we cooling.Keeping all this is really cool from a challenge, and AMD has to show “that the player so it does not matter how strong the fan to run cooler as a reference design terminals.

When it is heavy going, turn the fan, the almighty racket. This is the most powerful graphics card we have heard correctly time.Sapphire the AMD reference design, the only difference between this and the cooler, this card is a sticker on the front. It will be interesting to determine whether on the road to see the company make HD6990, so cool and peaceful efforts, his own projects cooler.The HD 6990 an unusual number of output I / O board as there is only one DVI inputs. The other four are the results of the mini-screen terminals, but the Sapphire HP pavilion dv8000 battery package is enough for the dongles and cables for the card, used by almost every opportunity, passive-DP Mini-to-DP cable, passive-DP Mini-to-SL-DVI and mini-DP to HDMI dongles.

It is also active in the DP-to-SL-DVI adapter and regular DVI to VGA adapter and a CrossFire bridge cables. In standby Eyefinity, HD6990 supports up to five scenes, but when the driver finally DisplayPort 1.2 interface can be daisy-chained DisplayPort 1.2 adds a follow each output.So DS is fast, so a simple answer? Yes, very. In fact, Sony vgp-bps13/B is very difficult to get a game or benchmark, the HD6990 without the bones there to find - even a very resolutions.Running Crysis Warhead is a resolution of 3840x1200, 4x anti-aliasing filter and 4x in the game all details on setting the highest level, the card is still managed a 50fps average frame rate to produce. DiRT 2 in the same resolution, it produces an average 102fps.Needless say it’s the fastest card we tested with the latest Futuremark 3DMark11 benchmark was 8727 rating in the test performance.

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