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Do you think that Patrick Chan will bring the 4F next season? His fans are suggesting that he would for sure and that he may include it in the SP, Isn't it a big risk for him to bring a new jump now?

According to Tom Z. blog, he is practicing it (then again, it’s Tom Z., I would take whatever he says with a grain of salt).

Hopefully, Tom Z. is helping him to have a better 4F than Zhou (shouldn’t be particularly hard).

As of putting it in a program or not… I’m sure Patrick will have a 2 quad SP next season. My bet would still be on 4S and 4T, but maybe he found his lost love with 4F (impossible to say, without having seen any video of it) and he will switch 4S out for it.

I think that, if he brings 4F, it may be more likely in FP. He didn’t skate any clean FP with 3 quads + 2 3A, so I’m not sure that trying a 4 quads + 2 3A with a new one is particularly smart, but I wouldn’t rule out a 4 quads + 1 3A if 4F is anywhere near being stable (or 3 different quads + 2 3A, but if I were Chan, I wouldn’t take out a 4T).

At the end of the day, a 4S+4T SP and a 4S + 2x4T + 2x3A FP is the content that brought to current Overall World Record. Others may try to bring more on the table, but to execute what you can at best is a solid strategy. Maybe better than trying to put on table something you don’t really have*.

*not saying Chan didn’t have 4F in him. As I said, not having seen it, it’s impossible for me to judge its state. 

Got recommended a few videos on YT of Nathan fans comparing his 4Flip and 4lutz with Shoma’s and complaining that Shoma doesn’t get called on pre-rotation and edge, plus gets similar GOEs (to Nathan).

But sure, it’s only the fanyus being crazy and jealous…