The Best Korean Style Fried Chicken in Town!

Believe me when I tell you that it’s the best Korean Style-Fried Chicken because it really is! Me and my friends have tried this a lot of times already since last year but never had the chance to blog about it since as soon as they hand the box to us we would quickly grab our own wing or drumstick and start savoring our piece.

So, when they invited me to review the place there wasn’t any second guessing and I quickly said yes. 

Basically 4fingers came from New York then brought to Singapore and now here in the Philippines. And yes, it’s still Korean Styled Fried Chicken because of the sauce and the marinades even though it didn’t came from South Korea like BonChon.

Their sauce is brushed in the chicken instead of the chicken being dipped in the sauce which would make it too saturated or too flavorful and sometimes too salty or over seasoned.

Their Chicken is Juicy in the inside and very crunchy on the outside. You also have a choice in your sauce. You can choose between Soy Garlic or Spicy.

And aside from their fried chicken they also have rocking best sandwiches like this one below, topped with spicy, sweet kimchi! 

Trying to be healthy? They serve some good salad too!!

and seafood

Go try them out! They currently have three stores in the Philippines. One in SM MoA, SM Aura and SM North Edsa.

1. 本周三只有废话, 连一滴苦水都没有哦! 大家都很好, 不错不错!

2. 话说成家买房养孩子真的是大家的ultimate goal吗? 为什么我从来都不想?

3. 终于吃到永远都在排长龙的#4fingers

4. 有人陪我回家的感觉真的超棒的!