The Best Korean Style Fried Chicken in Town!

Believe me when I tell you that it’s the best Korean Style-Fried Chicken because it really is! Me and my friends have tried this a lot of times already since last year but never had the chance to blog about it since as soon as they hand the box to us we would quickly grab our own wing or drumstick and start savoring our piece.

So, when they invited me to review the place there wasn’t any second guessing and I quickly said yes. 

Basically 4fingers came from New York then brought to Singapore and now here in the Philippines. And yes, it’s still Korean Styled Fried Chicken because of the sauce and the marinades even though it didn’t came from South Korea like BonChon.

Their sauce is brushed in the chicken instead of the chicken being dipped in the sauce which would make it too saturated or too flavorful and sometimes too salty or over seasoned.

Their Chicken is Juicy in the inside and very crunchy on the outside. You also have a choice in your sauce. You can choose between Soy Garlic or Spicy.

And aside from their fried chicken they also have rocking best sandwiches like this one below, topped with spicy, sweet kimchi! 

Trying to be healthy? They serve some good salad too!!

and seafood

Go try them out! They currently have three stores in the Philippines. One in SM MoA, SM Aura and SM North Edsa.


Hi! I finally got to try this other crispy chicken resto I’ve been seeing recently – 4Fingers Crispy Chicken! Last Thursday, I went there for lunch with Gel, who’s one of my closest friends.

I think 4Fingers is relatively new here in Manila. When I first saw their SM North Edsa branch, I immediately thought it was very much like Bon Chon Chicken. I can’t help but compare these crispy chicken restos with each other, so I was really curious about 4Fingers. I wanted to know how it fared against its competitors.

External image

Entering 4Fingers, I noticed they also use the popular red, black, and white palette. It’s not surprising that they chose red as their accent, since it stirs up a person’s appetite.

Ok, so aside from the color scheme and the food, the place isn’t very Bon Chon-y after all. 4Fingers has dimmer lights and a more urban feel. I’d say they did a good job projecting NYC subway stations, which was really their inspiration, through their interiors. They have walls doodled by Weewilldoodle to give that graffiti backdrop. I’m guessing it appeals most to teens and young adults.

External image

External image

Here’s the food!!!

External image

External image

Clockwise L-R: My Drumstick Rice Box, Kim Chi Coleslaw, Red Iced Tea, Gel’s Drumstick Rice Box.

Plus points for presentation! I was amused with their metal boxes, complete with the folding handle on the side. It was just a bit harder to get food from around the edges as compared to using a regular plate, but still. Cute. Baunan feel. Ha ha!

Their chicken was actually delicious, too. The soy garlic sauce was very nice with balanced flavor. Of course, it’s given that the chicken skin was really crispy. It took some time before Gel and I actually ate, because I had a lot of things to tell her, yet the chicken skin didn’t turn soggy. Although, the chicken itself could’ve been tastier, it was good. The meat was juicy and tender. I noticed they give a slightly bigger serving of chicken and rice than other crispy chicken restos I’ve tried, and I’m sure customers appreciate that.

The other star of the meal was the Kim Chi Coleslaw we had. Initially, only Gel placed an order of coleslaw, and she just let me taste hers. After 2 forkfuls from Gel’s cup, I had to excuse myself to order some more for myself. :D I’m not a big fan of Kim Chi, but I really enjoyed this one. I think it’s the addition of mayo that made me like this version a lot. In fact, I’m already hungry for some as I’m typing this…

Their red iced tea was ok. Nothing spectacular, just enough to quench your thirst. Next time I’ll probably try their green apple iced tea.

Overall, I enjoyed my 4Fingers experience. :) I’d definitely come here again with other friends, or probably my sister, or maybe Gel and Jess again. It’s student budget-friendly, especially now they have this student promo going on.

4Fingers (in each hand) curled, and thumbs up. :)